The Rocky Road from Dublin

I reap societal solace from the few arable patches where it still may be cultivated. One of these, somewhat ironically, is my own failure to appreciate the malleability of the human mind. If you had offered me a wager 100 years ago that communist jews would concoct a word from whole cloth, and the West would rend itself to shreds attempting to prove it is not this made-up word I would be a very poor old man today.

Of course that is just the lead element of a program to disassemble the most successful civilization in history down to the molecular level. Though as mentioned, failing to conceive its disintegration yesterday leaves me skeptical of my capacity to predict a resurgence tomorrow. And that provides the thin gruel of hope.

Unfortunately the recent vote in Ireland did little to bolster the meal. This referendum for something called “gay marriage” was quite a bit more substantial than mere state-sanctioned sodomy. The results (one source cited 61 yes to 37 no) spoke emphatically of the left’s success in paving society there. Very few “yes” voters were BLTs themselves or in any even indirect manner traumatized by their inability to obtain paper certificates. Rather this was almost entirely a platform vote. A vote to deliciously align oneself with the accusers rather than deniers.

And though few things are sweeter than feeling one’s accusations popularly validated, the results portend poorly for the children not yet able to experience the thrill. Because a so-called marriage between homosexers isn’t at all the concluding act of this production. There are many more orgasmic accusations to level, and what appears to be a large majority on that island ready to do so. A society that won’t distinguish between sexes isn’t going to distinguish between races. One that finger paints its face in rainbows and blithely jettisons foundational cornerstones is not one prone to profound ruminations on nation and state.

A 61/37 population is going to be little inclined toward reflecting on its liberalism until prompted by future Irish Taoiseach Yahya Jammeh and his then majority population. How ironic if the deposed principles of western civilization were reinstituted by its replacement population. Of course that would be nothing more than wearing the clothes found in another man’s house and of no consequence to us. Yet still, the realization of having self-sacrificed for a promptly discarded platform would surely be galling to liberals gawking up from hell.

But in the meantime, Brits and Swedes face a daunting challenger coming around the turn. Who will be the first to fully dissolve their nation? Irish eyes are smiling.



8 thoughts on “The Rocky Road from Dublin

  1. A most depressing day. I tried to get some consolation from the fact that my home county was the one that returned a majority No vote. The race to destruction is dizzying. Less than twenty years ago, divorce was still illegal here. Homosexual acts were illegal until 1993, and were only then made legal because the European Court of Human Rights ruled that they had to be.

    • I feel your pain, my friend. It’s times like these when I draw blogging inspiration from legendary prohibitionist and semi-irishman Shane Macgowan:

      A man’s ambition must indeed be small
      To write his name upon a shit house wall
      But before I die I’ll add my regal scrawl
      To show the world we’re left with sweet fuck all

      • Sea Shanty. From their Red Roses for Me debut. For any who havent heard the early Pogues, pick up that and their second album Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash (prophetic, these Irish boys). The two are timeless.

      • I dug it out of my cd collection to listen to on the drive to work. Streams Of Whiskey, Dark Streets Of London etc. Not a weak track amongst them. It had been too long. Thanks.

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