She’ll Be Comin Round the Mountain When She Comes

The duration an elephant can balance on a teeter-totter is finite. That has always been my thought observing the friction between racist! and the law. Something uniformly accepted as the summit of wickedness isn’t forever going to evade formal sanction. Or barring that, won’t retain its talismanic powers over the population. The pachyderm is going to eventually fall to one side. Either racism (white only, natch) is going to become illegal or it is going to be jettisoned as state religion. The current accomodation of ‘Tis the foulest deed but First Amendment alas is a tiring act, I assure you.

And so where is the beast leaning? These polls give some indication.




These are fairly gruesome figures for anyone who prefers America to maintain at least a nose over the toilet lip.  A few of my initial reactions:

*  A plurality of respondents (and majority of democrats) are sanguine about removing 1A protections.  This, by the way, does not indicate any position on something called “hate speech.”  Rather it reveals a calculation that sufficient brown proxy votes and resulting institutional control have been achieved to extinguish your speech within such a regime, while leaving their own uninhibited.  And an enemy that can’t speak is one that typically doesn’t stand.

* Blacks aren’t particularly perceptive, though they also don’t wrap their heads in towels and swear to never see a thing. And the fact that they tacitly comprehend the effective sweep of “hate speech” enforcement is reflected in their alacrity for the prospective laws. I’ll offer three individuals below and you can speculate on whom Holder/Lynch would more readily prosecute.




* Republicans remain customarily oblivious. They do oppose ridiculous hate speech, but only by 10 points. When even a glimmer of animal awareness would alert them to the snare it represents. Though most are probably firing into their own right flank: They’re the haters, not me!. And when that buffer has been dissolved, who resides on the fringe of tolerance then? Yes you, moron. They are even worse on hate crime expansion, though who knows how many are enlisted in the Bruce Jenner Brigade. So perhaps the hierarchical tranny elevation represents a position born of intimacy.

Regardless I will be very surprised if racism isn’t outlawed. Sheldon will command republicans to sit on their thumbs, and a supreme court with one more grisly crone will concur. And no matter how many layers of ghost shirts the fanbois don, that will be that.

And no mute piece of paper will have a word to say on the matter.


13 thoughts on “She’ll Be Comin Round the Mountain When She Comes

    • Kirk described the suspects to police, and they were in search of the three teenage males on Monday afternoon, who were seen walking in the direction of East High School after the attack.

      Can you describe your assailants?

      Yes, teens.

      Right, that’s an age range. But what did they look like?

      They were walking in the direction of East High School.

      That’s nice, I’m sure they’ve maintained a linear trajectory. But what did they look like?

      One had on a red jacket.

      Etc ad infinitum. The Chinese are going to derive great amusement from our descent into cultural psychosis.

    • Another great example of how everything the Left does is completely unprincipled. Why mention age if you don’t mention race? The special rules regarding race are always unprincipled and are completely arbitrary unless understood in the context of a war waged by one race against another.

    • That they aren’t entirely immune to the environment foisted on others is a notion the rich will comprehend at varying levels of discomfort.

  1. “Implied hate speech” will be the next step, with burden of proof on the accused. In Canada not long ago the prosecutor hired a linguistic analyst to snatch a hate-speech case from the jaws of reasonable doubt.

  2. No one has argued here to the contrary, though the longer one considers the trajectory of Wise Latina jurisprudence the more risible becomes the notion that free speech will remain vertical. Penumbras lurk for every expedient. If you doubt one can be located for hate speech, try searching for where the constitution enshrines abortion. Something called “gay marriage” will be discovered in a heretofore hidden vein, and a prohibition on “racism” following that.

    Words on a piece of paper will not protect you.

    By the way, when did Congress last declare war? It must have been a very peaceful 73 years.

  3. When anti-Semitism becomes a capital offense, they will have successfully recreated what they set out to build – a new Soviet Union.

    Almost there now.

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    These have been my thoughts for some time. Folks, we must use our freedom of speech while we still can. Now is the time to speak up, for in the near future, you may not be able to – without being sent to the gulag.

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