Deutschland Unter Alles

We leave certain principles ambiguous with an infelicitous frequency. Here’s one example: what is the fundamental purpose of a national leader? To advance the interests of their people? To create conditions for them to prosper and flourish? To guard against invasion? To publicly recall inspirational legends around which to rally? Don’t be a goddamn imbecile.

You may have some notion of leadership’s more exalted tasks, and certainly I do as well. Though those impressions are in diametric opposition with the perspective of current western executives. A cohort who plainly believes their most solemn duty is to demoralize, dispossess, and ultimately dissolve their own nations (while gilding personal yachts in the process). This being a very eccentric interpretation of a leader’s responsibility to their people.

I was reflecting on this question of “for what do you lead?” upon scanning a piece about Chancellor Merkel’s recent remarks at Dachau. There she peremptorily declared a Thousand Year Reich of German Debasement and Abnegation. It’s quite an ambitious statement.

DACHAU, Germany (Reuters) – Germans will never forget the “unfathomable horrors” that the Nazis inflicted at the death camps, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Sunday at a ceremony marking the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp near Munich.

“There were unfathomable horrors everywhere,” said Merkel, who in 2013 became the first German leader to visit Dachau. “They all admonish us to never forget. No, we will never forget. We’ll not forget for the sake of the victims, for our own sake, and for the sake of future generations.”

“These camps keep our memories alive, despite all the adversity out there,” Merkel said. “There are unfortunately incidents again and again such as the theft of the Dachau gate last year that are disturbing.”

In a recent opinion poll, some 42 percent of Germans said they want to draw a line under an intense focus on the Nazi past in German media.

Frau Merkel’s message is clear: You must never forget you are evil and unworthy of clear conscience. As you must never remember the valor of your fathers or aspirations of your sons. And this is our choice for leadership throughout the west.

Whom the gods would destroy, they first make liberal.

Though note 42 percent of Germans don’t want their children and unborn posterity hounded to perdition. Do they believe their lives bear some higher calling than constructing Israeli submarines? Do they hold greater hopes for their children than as Turkish janissaries? For whom does Bavaria exist if not Africans? It is a macabre realization that only a minority think to ponder such questions. I find it increasingly plausible that freedom is a fleeting and unnatural state of human existence. So many seem to subconsciously yearn for the shackles.

And while the notion of a perpetually prostrate Germany is offputting to many of us, you may be assured it is hardly so to others. One of those is Josef Schuster, a German physician who proclaims that it is a “moral duty” for Germany to absorb a limitless infusion of human flotsam because of his country’s “barbaric history.” Never Forget the Camp of the Saints. And though it is purely incidental to his position on immigration I’m sure, Mr. Schuster is the President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany.

Germany has brought so much misery to the world. We owe so much to so many countries. We’re the last country that can turn back refugees.

Hey there’s that ‘we’ word. We, we, we. I notice Tim Wise uses it as well. As in, We whites really need to die, tick tock. Well since Tim, Josef, and all of us are now familial WEs, there exists the latitude to converse in comfortable candor.

And so I’ll just let thoughts find expression: Boys it looks like the igsay is upsay.

Israel is telling African refugees to accept a £2,000 cash offer and a one-way ticket out of the country or face an indefinite stay in a desert prison. The Eritrean and Sudanese migrants have been sent letters giving them 30 days to accept the offer of the cash and a ticket home or to another African country. Last month, a statement from the interior ministry’s population and immigration authority said Israel would identify qualifying migrants who cannot return home, inform them of their proposed ‘safe third-party’ destination and pay for their plane ticket and hotel there. Although the third-party countries were not named, media and some charities said they are Rwanda and Uganda.

The Washington Post has reported that the first of 45,000 refugees have received an offer of the cash as well as the one-way ticket. The location of the alternative – a stay in prison – has been revealed as Saharonim prison.

The letter reads: ‘Money will be given to you at the airport in a secure manner. When you arrive at the third country, people will receive you at the airport and give you information about life in the country and other important information.’ The Washington Post said Israeli officials do not tell the refugees where they will be going until they are given their plane ticket on the day.

Last month’s statement from interior ministry read: ‘An infiltrator who agrees to this procedure will begin the preparations for leaving, an infiltrator who refuses will face a hearing following which it will be decided whether they will be imprisoned.’

Interior Minister Gilad Erdan said the measure would ‘encourage infiltrators to leave Israel in a safe and dignified way, and will be an effective tool to upholding our commitment to return life to normal in Israel’.

However, international rights groups protested against the plans, claiming Rwanda and Uganda are not safe and that migrants who arrive there are stripped of their cash and documents.

Israel – a state built by refugees – has previously offered cash stipends to African migrants in return for them leaving the Jewish state. Last year, Israel began sending of African migrants to Uganda – giving them a one-way ticket and a stipend.

The interior ministry said that since last year, 1,500 migrants ‘wilfully left to a third country, in addition to 7,000 who left for their country of origin’.

While Israel is trying to rid itself of African refugees, Jewish emigration is still being encouraged. Earlier this year, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: ‘To the Jews of Europe and to the Jews of the world I say that Israel is waiting for you with open arms.’

Did you catch that Josef? Israel – a state built by refugees? I think we have a problem. You will recall when we concocted the whole ‘Nation of Immigrants’ schlock in America. On a lark you even suggested ‘Nation of Genitals’ (everybody has them!) instead, but more sober minds prevailed. Well apparently there is some emerging confusion about that concept applying to us as well. And that isn’t going to be kosher. So if you would, be a loyal German and get on the phone with Merkel and explain to that dumb broad how much anti-semitism we’re going to discover if the words ‘Nation of Refugees’ ever pass her pasty lips.

It just seems as though we have to explain the principles of leadership to everyone.


9 thoughts on “Deutschland Unter Alles

  1. The U.S. government must encourage infiltrators to leave the United States in a safe and dignified way.

  2. Perhaps ironically, Dachau is not considered to have been a death camp.

    It is interesting that the only death camps ended up in Soviet territory following the war.

  3. “Hellstorm” – reduced a proud nation to slaves of the Bolsheviks. The insane hate of the Chosen waits for us if we let them. We are only still useful as cannon fodder in their eternal war against the Christian Faith.

  4. “Rise up you have nothing to lose but your chains”. I visited Germany several years ago and was struck by the thought that that the country was suffering from racial genocide, hardly having not seen that many Germans. On German TV we heard about the worries of the terrifying low German birthrate. Isn’t it strange that the British have more sympathy for the plight of Germans, than they do for themselves. This is clearly due to them having lived under the Zionist jackboot since 1945. It is time the Motherland and Fatherland united. Not within the EU, or bound by Jew run organisations but by our blood tie.

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