The Future Always Arrives Early

And the future knocks first on the tarmac. Being processed through a large American hub airport is to peer through a cultural periscope. The view is grainy and often obstructed, though large approaching objects are unmistakable.

Though that’s a conclusion, the story begins hours earlier.

Upon being deposited at the airport by an (invariably) yellowed sclera african-african cab driver, one enters the lobby to a cacophonous babel that is eerily redolent of cicadas. This is the telltale sound of diversity: an insect swarm. Travelers are then obliged to muscle for rank amidst the jostling horde that surges toward the ticket counter. My own position eventually resolved behind an elderly white man and a young asian couple.

The former was called to attention by an obese airline mullato. The two commenced what eventually became an acrimonious parley. I could not discern the quarrel’s content but the customer became plainly exasperated after some time. Eventually I heard him demand “Where is customer service?!” A query the ptosis-eyed agent responded to with a vague finger point of supreme indifference.

And as he shuffled away visibly muttering I imagined vacating my position to provide a reply.

“Oh there won’t be any ‘customer service’ here. That was scuttled in 1965 and buried in 2008. It was over when your generation decided to build a frankenstein society around some contrived novelty called anti-racism. It was over every time you voted for some unctuous shit liberal. And whenever you thought cheap labor would benefit THECONOMY. Customer service was left to rot when you coveted entitlements over your children’s future. And what will you do when governments of the oppressed come to notice the obvious who/whom of social security and Medicare? Ask not for whom young colonists pay dotage care; they pay not for thee. So go ahead and write-off customer service along with most of western life’s other amenities. And stop your bitching. You think the pleasure of not being racist was going to come cheap?”

But alas I remained rooted to hard won territory and watched him merge into the human potpourri. The asian couple then took up positions. Some interminable time later they were received by a squat central american female that I will just colloquially refer to as “Mexican.” What followed was a magnificent display of the American debacle.

The Asians at first began fondling the check-in kiosk as the Mexican attendant stared ahead vacantly. A very long time later it was apparent the infernal device had not regurgitated whatever Red Chinese propaganda they had anticipated. Attempting to gain the mexican’s attention…

Ahh bing, bong, click, clack, ching?

Rigoberta Menchu behind the counter maintained an implacable bovine placidity.

goo goo minh chi ho?

By this point, the fugue state was starting to break and our indigenous ticket agent wound to life.

Eeeez Dees su bee-yate-ay?

The asians stared bewildered. They pointed at the kiosk. The Mexican mimicked the gesture. No one moved. They pointed at their ticket. The Mexican pointed to the security check. Increasingly flummoxed they pointed vaguely skyward, as if to indicate the general trajectory they wished to travel. The Mexican glanced up with furrowed brow before finally offering another wan “eeeez deees” that only trailed off into silence. After several more minutes of frog staring, the asians resumed a forlorn scratching at the recalcitrant kiosk.

I eventually began to suspect a ruse. This pantomime had been in progress now since the Pleistocene. People were moving all around me like water around a stone. Time seemed to move forward and backward simultaneously. The hour hand racing across the clock face as the minute hand lumbered in the opposite direction. Was this tree here when I got into line, or has it matured in the interim? Would my cadaver maintain an erect posture post rigor mortis?

chiang kai-shek

The Chinese nationalist?

Eeeeez deees…

The monotony was now louder in my ears than the droning cicadas. This couldn’t be real. Where was that fucker Peter Funt? He had to be lurking behind some potted plant chortling at the set-up. They were going to hold me here till I broke. I turned to a swarthy arab on my left dressed in a Rodney Dangerfield ensemble from Caddy Shack.

You’re in on it too, aren’t you?


I looked away with contempt at his feigned confusion. How much longer would this hellish production continue? I began to prioritize my remaining time on Earth as the show went on…

Eeeez Deees….?

Bok Choy!

Suddenly a white woman in an airline uniform waddled into view. She was so fat I absently mused at how her subcutaneous blubber must swirl in bands like the rings of Neptune. Stepping past the brown Nobel prize winner she mounted the kiosk without a word, and with fingers the size of caulk guns proceeded to pound the machine into submission. I didn’t see it relinquish any additional documentation, but the asians were apparently assuaged and left the queue to presumably follow their finger pointing dreams.

And while candid camera remained concealed, a few notions were illuminated. Multiculturalism is anti-culturalism. It is a contraction of culture by bitter necessity. There was no ‘celebration’ of differences in that microcosm. Instead just the wretched tedium of dealing with those with whom you share no language, culture, custom, or genetic similarities. It is like donning a duck suit just to walk across your own house. Multiculturalism is misery. And that is, of course, why peoples outside the broken West reject it for themselves. But jews didn’t want white countries, and white liberals didn’t want to worship a jew. And so we have amerinds and asians staring at each other over the husk of western civilization while seeing only this:

Ack! Ack! Ack!

Ack! Ack! Ack!

And that’s your future America. Go to hell, Funt.


26 thoughts on “The Future Always Arrives Early

  1. I always wondered what the the emerging demographic of non-whites brought up to hate “old white people” by young liberal whites would do in the future to pay for the social security and medicare. Will they be voting for candidates that will take taxes from them to pay for the now elderly evil old white people that brought up that generation to hate them?

    I’m looking forward to the day when young Jose and Shaniqua are voting to get the taxes that liberal, and now elderly, social justice warriors Chad and Hayden thought would be going to them.

    Karma is a bitch.

  2. The Future always belongs to someone else’s future, until you run out of future. The Byzantine strip around that pond between Europe and Northern Africa could continue forever, until it couldn’t. The Austro-Hungarian Empire, the French monarchy, the American Confederacy, the Third Reich, the Soviet Union; all of them viable, serious enterprises in their day. Something will happen, a tipping point will be reached, and in retrospect, everyone will be looking at it and saying, what were they thinking?

  3. You need to be cheered up.

    What is the most anti-semitic movie ever made?

    Some would say “They Live”. Rowdy Roddy Piper finds magic sunglasses that enable him to see who is, and who is not, a Jew. The nature of our society becomes very clear, very fast, but when Piper tries to awaken a friend his reward is a brutal back-alley brawl.

    Others would point to “Cinderella”. Her Jewish step-family can steal her cash, but they’ll never have her class. Or her small nose.

    But the real winner is “March of the Wooden Soldiers”.

    More like “March of Wotan’s Soldiers”, if you ask me!

    Barnaby, the Jew, desires young Aryan woman BoPeep. Her heart belongs to Aryan man TomTom, but Barbaby’s lust for shiksa flesh is tenacious. First, Barbaby-the-bankster ensnares BoPeep’s family in debt. Then, Barbaby-the-social-justice-warrior tries to destroy TomTom with false accusations. Finally, open-borders-Barnaby pulls a 1965 and unleashes a horde of Boogey-men to destroy Toyland.

    At every step he is thwarted by the first White advocates, Laurel and Hardy. Ordered to serve The Economy by building trinkets (600 hundred toy soldiers, each one foot tall), the man with the mustache instead prepares for The Day by crafting warriors (100 wooden soldiers, each six feet tall). These grim Myrmidons with chiseled features and hearts of oak are scorned as useless – until they save Toyland.

  4. What, no turbans or headscarves spotted at your local airport? Lucky you.

    Porter, I thought you might be interested in this British poll of voting intentions by religion, taken just before the election. The religious group most likely to vote Labour? Muslims, at 73%. Least likely? Jews, at 29.9%. Think about that for a second: the Muslims really wanted to see the Jew Ed Miliband become prime minister, while the vast majority of Jews didn’t.

    The poll lists 15 religious categories and 5 political options (Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, UKIP and ‘other’). I think some religious groups with relatively high numbers in the ‘other’ political category, like Presbyterians and Reformed, are largely found in the Celtic Fringe, where the big four parties aren’t so dominant. I’ve added the totals of the Conservatives and UKIP so we can identify general centre-right political preferences by religion.

    Anglican – 57.6%
    Roman Catholic – 42.4%
    Presbyterian/Church of Scotland – 32.2%
    Methodist – 50.5%
    Baptist – 48.2%
    United Reform Church – 34.7%
    Free Presbyterian – 39.1%
    Brethren – 46.2%
    Judaism – 57.9%
    Hinduism – 37.1%
    Islam – 15.7%
    Sikhism – 21.3%
    Buddhism – 38.2%
    Other – 35%
    None – 39.1%

    So the most rightwing religious group in the UK are … wait for it … the Jews! Even more so than the Anglicans, the heart and soul of the English people. Of course this is a very recent phenomenon, as Jews were some of the staunchest Labourites over the last century. But with the exponential growth of the Muslim population — the most leftwing religious group in the UK — the Jews have been muscled out of their longtime political home.

    The same thing has happened in Canada and France, and in Australia too I believe. As Muslims and other anti-Jewish Third Worlders have flooded into these countries (largely facilitated and cheered on by Organized Jewry), and as homegrown Cultural Marxists (originally a Jewish political movement) have taken up the cause of fanatical anti-Zionism, Jews have been made to feel unwelcome on the political Left.

    The Jews are Dr Frankenstein and the modern Left is the monster they created and which seeks to destroy them. So they are retreating to the Right and seeking protection from the same white Christian conservatives whom they once so despised. This is yet to happen in the US because of the size, wealth and power of the Jewish community compared to the smaller and much poorer and weaker Muslim population. But, and I know this is hard for many on the racialist right to believe, it will eventually happen in the US too. It’s only a matter of time.

    • Jeppo, I have no doubt your forecast of a jewish political migration (Aliyah?) is accurate. Over the course of the Obama administration, the American jewish Dem/Rep dispersion has decreased from 3/1 to 2/1.

      But I disagree that this represents a shift in their collective philosophy or retreat into the protective arms of white christian conservatives. Rather I see it simply as a pivot from one vehicle to another in the eternal drive for maximizing “what’s good for the Jews.”

      Tell me which scenario you view as more likely:

      A) Jews enter heretofore vaguely conservative political parties and deploy their wealth and influence to advance the causes of conservatism.


      B) Jews enter heretofore vaguely conservative political parties and deploy their wealth and influence to purge conservative members and jettison former philosophies in order to remake party priorities to those most aligned with Jewish interests.

      You probably can guess which I would wager upon.

      By the way, Here’s the always excellent GuessedWorker on the British elections.

      My own succinct take: eventually a people must choose to live. No others will force it upon them. Britain still isn’t ready to make the choice.

      • Past experience tells us that B will be the outcome. A party is but a vehicle, as you say. All it takes is for Sheldon to start reaching for his back pocket for party leaders to do a 180 on anything you care to mention, and they’ll dump anyone who suggests sticking to principles. The American religious conservative movement is very pro-Israel anyway. In fact, that seems the one position they’re determined to hold on to.

      • B) Jews enter heretofore vaguely conservative political parties and deploy their wealth and influence to purge conservative members and jettison former philosophies in order to remake party priorities to those most aligned with Jewish interests.

        This. I’m not under any illusion that Jews will ever be our friends or embrace our principles after their political aliyah from left to right. They will be as self-serving as ever, with the doctrine of “Is it good for the Jews?” as the basis of their morality.

        But I think this ongoing shift in Jewish political allegiances is completely flying under the radar in alt-right circles, at least in the US. They are widely assumed to be a permanent and monolithic bloc of leftists. Well, in Canada, France and the UK they’re not, not anymore anyway.

        This defection of the Jews can only hurt the political left in the long run. They’re losing their chief financial backers and the brains behind the entire leftoid operation. And since the primary organizing principle of the modern left is anti-whitism, that can only be good for us.

        Jews may never become our friends, but in the future I would expect them to be less determined enemies.

      • Jews may never become our friends, but in the future I would expect them to be less determined enemies.

        And that alone would be worth its weight in Gold(steins).

      • This is true. While I may find it entertaining to see Britain through the Dalrymple, The Daily Mail and Hitchens, it turns out that central to this election was a squabble over the proper division of spoils. That is, in the past year, the Scots have said no, we don’t want independence, but, if you don’t mind terribly, we would be happy holding the Exchequer to ransom by way of an SNP coalition with Labour .

        Well, tough, the English irate payer awarded Cameron the freedom to bring in EVEL, to much garment rending from SNP and the Guardian, darkly warning of fanning the flames of Scottish nationalism.

        Separation is revolutionary; revolutions are the province of the young. There are far too many Scots who have the house paid for and the time in Costa del Sol arranged. Flame fanning will have to wait.

        To a Canadian eye, this is a spin-off to a dog eared sitcom.

  5. The Happy Tumblr linked to this piece highlighting the quote below:

    You think the pleasure of not being racist was going to come cheap?

    The principle wasn’t prominently featured above, though it’s remarkable the depth to which the West has become a civilization of ersatz Raj Chettys.

    Here is a thing society must do.

    But what is the cost to society of doing it?

    Only a hater would ask.

    It sometimes occurs that only grinding privation and reversion to antique modes of tribal warfare would be sufficient to reorient western minds at ground level.

    Jeppo: I may do a piece on the British election. If not I’ll come back to your comment here.

    • Whites may start to fight back when it dawns on them that every other race on earth is looking out for its own interests, and will sacrifice whites for them if needs be.

      • Rob, I think that notion may represent the victory of hope over experience. Many observers in this space have simply ceased mentioning hypocrisies, as the subject has been cudgeled for years to no effect. I still do so for the simple reason that it is precisely this which sowed my own inchoate Hate many years ago.

        To blithely absorb accusations of racism from overtly racist antagonists is an affront to our sensibilities, though plainly not to millions of others. This malleability of the human mind is not beyond our own capacity to utilize. If our side became the accusers, it would all turn very quickly.

  6. But I think this ongoing shift in Jewish political allegiances is completely flying under the radar in alt-right circles, at least in the US.

    Oops, looks like I spoke too soon. Steve Sailer and his commenters are definitely noticing.

    One of the commenters links to an apropos article in the Jerusalem Post.

    When we grew up in England of the 1960s and 1970s, the majority of the country’s Jews voted for the Labour Party. This was the party that represented Jewish values of welfare and social responsibility. It was also the party which stood up for minorities, ethnic groups and immigrants.

    It was almost unheard of for members of the Jewish community to vote for the Conservatives, while smaller groups may have voted for the Liberal (now Liberal Democrat) Party because of their support for liberal values in the widest possible sense.

    But if a recent poll of The Jewish Chronicle is to be believed, it appears that, for the first time in British political history, a majority of British Jews will vote for the Conservative Party of David Cameron in this week’s national elections, turning their backs on the first ever Jewish candidate to run on behalf of the Labour Party, Ed Miliband. [snip]

    But the main reason for the apparent shift of the Jewish vote to Cameron in even greater numbers than before is the perception of Cameron as a strongly pro-Israel prime minister. Miliband is associated with a more critical position regarding Israel, a position which is now common among left-wing parties throughout Europe, and he has recently made strong statements concerning Israel’s policies in the West Bank and vis a vis the Palestinians, while Cameron has remained silent. [snip]

    Finally, but by no means least, the large immigration of Muslim groups during the past two decades, many of whom do not necessarily seek to integrate into wider British society through the acceptance of Western democratic norms, along with the fact that these groups are in many cases radically anti-Israel, have distanced the Jewish community from a carte blanche support of all other ethnic and national minorities. The Jewish immigrant experience is vastly different to that of the recent Muslim experience, most of whom are represented in Labour-dominated constituencies.

    • This guy compared the situation to Fantasia rather than Frankenstein, though the out-of-control golem theme is the same. Ultimately the question will be whether any meaningful elements of the right survive their jewish infusion.

  7. “the fugue state”

    Breaking Bad reference?

    I work for a public service with multiple locations in my city, one of which is disproportionately staffed by a cross-section of the diverse. Oddly, this particular location seems to occasion more than its share of complaints from 60-ish people whose lives don’t matter and who have told me that this place is a “zoo” and that the staff there are stupid, incompetent, and don’t speak English. Of course, as the surrounding community increasingly mirrors the staff at that location, those English-deficient functionaries will be the ones advanced into management positions. And this is only a minor microcosm of a process transpiring on a macro scale. Pretty scary to think that this process is changing the face of other, less disposable industries in precisely the same color schemes.

  8. I’ve never seen Breaking Bad–keep hearing I should watch it.

    Though as you note, at some point gravity’s remorseless grip will tug at the “customer service” of those other less disposable industries.

    And as our posterity huddles singing dirges in the dark, we can be sure they will recall our anti-racism with appreciation.

  9. “But jews didn’t want white countries, and white liberals didn’t want to worship a jew. And so we have amerinds and asians staring at each other over the husk of western civilization”

    The Ancient Greeks and Romans failed in dealing with the Jewish Question and we still pay price for it today, Nietzche opinion is that Rome lost the War to Judea.

    Its like the movie Matrix, humanity lost the War to machines long time ago and most of people are plugged into the ilusion.

    • I literally laugh out loud every time I come across the “Christianity is a Jewish conspiracy” arguments. It sort of makes sense in a paranoid schizophrenic kind of way – Jesus was a Jew and Jews always have ulterior motives, right? – until you remember that white people had self respect before WWII.

      People forget that eugenics was a LIBERAL idea before WWII. It was conservative Christians who didn’t want to play God by managing the population from the top down. Then Hitler came along and everything he espoused – like eugenics and racial supremacy – became permanently tainted in the eyes of white elites.

      Jews certainly haven’t helped the Western cause, but to call them the originators of our malaise is to succumb to the fairy tale that a world without non whites would be a world without white self destruction.

      But we invented putting moral preening above morality, we invented valuing other people’s children over our own, we invented putting the welfare state above posterity, and because we alone invented these perversions of the natural order, we alone are paying for our sins.

  10. I’ve never seen Breaking Bad–keep hearing I should watch it.

    Me, too, so I stole a couple of copyright infringements and watched the first two episodes.

    Don’t bother.

    • Bother. It’s worth it – and, dare I say, relevant. The two lead characters’ names, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, point to their greater racial resonance beyond themselves, and the series has some disturbing things to say about the trajectory of the white race. Whether or not this is merely more Jewish triumphalism will be for each viewer to decide.

  11. I read this piece on my phone while passing through Heathrow last Saturday. Hardly an English face to be seen among the airport staff, half the security personnel wearing hijabs, it feels more third-world than Mexico, honestly.

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