Rabbits Dig Deep Holes

I’ll offer a qualifier that applies to all stories going forward. My ability to discern parody from genuine liberal intent is modest. So if items reported here as the latter are revealed as the former, we’ll shrug and move on.

So with that preamble dispensed, how does the following image strike you?


Blandly obvious?
Impossible to refute?
A statement of innocuous and ecumenical principle?

Well no. What follows are responses offered by various residents of Bridgeport Connecticut to the proposition that the lives of white people hold any moral value.

✅local officials denounce
✅deeply concerned
✅racial ugliness
✅outrageous statement
✅a number of organizations in meetings to respond
✅police on the lookout

The depth of this spiritual burrow is something no succeeding African or mestizo population will be moved to examine. Though surely it will attract the intrigue of alien anthropologists if our archives are translatable. Though in the immediate term I’ll just say to those who already know and those who will never listen: this sort of pious moral exsanguination will pay bitter dividends for the 1.3 children of these people. To openly aver that your own white life bears zero value, and by logical extrapolation nothing lost in its expiration, is to place-set immensely painful consequences. I am certain that none of the speakers comprehend that swarthy sub-100IQ readers do not appreciate the unspoken subtleties embedded in their denunciations.

What liberals in Connecticut are saying: We don’t want any mention of white interests because doing so will upset the DOJ(sic) along with local blacks and mexicans (whom we strive to live very far away from). We want them to be as conscientiously anti-racist as we purport to be. Hopefully the boneheads can take the hint from our overly conspicuous displays–it’s important for maintaining Good Schools.

What blacks hear them saying: We are worthy of your contempt. Our lives hold no more value to us than you. Attack us at will.

It is when such undercurrents of cultural cross-communications are mistranslated that hurt feelings abound. And that’s a matter the good citizens of Bridgeport will one day find more unsettling than even a leaflet.


3 thoughts on “Rabbits Dig Deep Holes

  1. It’s interesting to note that the selectman tries to purport that the statement that “# white lives matter”, actually means that black lives don’t. That it is ” extra” marginalizing Of minorities, as they call in the usual suspects like the clergy to respond as to is what our appropriate point of view should
    be. But of course being totally segregated from the diversity they inflict on others, they have no idea why white lives might matter, as you get mugged, raped, and murdered out of existence. Here’s hoping that they, or a member of their family get to experience it sooner rather that later in the harshest possible way.

  2. Despite the tenor of some of the responses, I think it’s important not to get carried away here. It’s not as if they want to exterminate all whites or something. The work camps will even cinemas and badminton courts.

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