Rhetoric’s Butterfly Effect

Commenter Jack Bolling adds an entry in modernity’s burgeoning catalogue of #QuestionsNOTasked.

Why is it so important that different races live together? Why must society be turned upside down to reach this goal? Nobody knows.

Why must the different races of man cohabitate? An unfamiliar observer would pose this question with no small amount of incredulity. Incredulous that the increasingly acute pain from this arrangement only bolsters society’s determination to suffer it in greater degree. Diversity is driving a rusty nail into your palm, and pushing harder as it becomes excruciating.

From the perspective of the left the exertion seems little more than base racial warfare. A vanishing few liberals still cling to antiquated principle, though most have become quite comfortable in their eliminationist candor. In contrast, the right seems to be animated mostly by enlightenment mythologizing. Admired men once penned soaring prose for situational consumption very unlike our own. That every rhetorical flourish may not be applicable in contemporary scenarios they never conceived remains a concept resolutely unexamined. If all men are actually not created equal, as senses obstinately suggest, then we shouldn’t feel obligated to continue the pretense. No matter how aesthetically pleasing, florid fictions will always be a poor basis for society.

Mr. Jefferson could have written more honestly: All men are created to pursue their own group interests at the expense of those not of their group. Though I think it would have offered less visceral appeal in agitating against King George, alas.

And because liberals want white society replaced and conservatives want to believe otherwise, the West exclusively must therefore endure racial cohabitation. Segregation or separation being inconceivable as affronts to both political factions. This inevitably resulting in white police officers attempting to enforce western customs on increasingly large and fractious African populations. Populations not particularly inclined to aid whites in maintaining grand illusions. Just keep the wealth transfer funnel open and GTFO. I’m not sure how much more plainly blacks can articulate their position.

And in light of our determination not to comprehend the demand, given its obvious conflict with mainstream racial fantasies, we may anticipate continuing conflagrations in another long hot American summer. One aspect of this will be blacks increasingly murdering white cops who breach their perceived borders. Here’s one example that will generate no gnashing of teeth in the left’s dank hovels.

A Queens ex-con was arraigned on attempted-murder charges Sunday after allegedly shooting an undercover NYPD cop in the head, leaving him clinging to life. Suspect Demetrius Blackwell, who appeared in Queens Criminal Court in a torn prison jumpsuit — his legs shackled and his hands cuffed behind his back — did not enter a plea and was held without bail.

The plainclothes officer he is accused of shooting, Brian Moore, 25, took a turn for the worse early Sunday after surgery to relieve pressure on his brain, and distraught family members were rushing to his side, sources said. Moore is the fifth NYPD officer to be shot in as many months.

“It is a painful day for all of us,” said Mayor de Blasio, who also spoke at the hospital Saturday. “He is a brave young man,” the mayor said of Moore.

A fellow officer who knows Moore fumed, “This is the city we live in today.
“Innocent cops keep getting shot for no reason.’’

You may be assured De Blasio is so distraught he immediately phoned Hashim Nzinga seeking solace from the grief. And innocent cops are not getting shot for no reason. They are getting shot because all men are created different. They are getting shot because the flapping wings of enlightenment convention blew Brian Moore into a hostile community that does not accept his presence. They are getting shot because reality will not accommodate our rhetoric. But mostly they are getting shot because the elites are not on the business end of Demetrius Blackwell.


12 thoughts on “Rhetoric’s Butterfly Effect

  1. I don’t think “all men are created equal” means what you think. The French and American Revolutions were revolutions against hereditary titles and offices. Your son would have a certain set of legal rights; a Lord’s son would have a different set of legal rights. For example, nobles were allowed to bear arms in Europe, commoners not. People were much more deferential to armed men. The aristocracy did nothing to deserve their exalted status.

    No American revolutionary thought all men were equal in smarts, work ethic, propensity to obey the law, etc. In fact all the revolutions of the 1850’s were revolutions by a sort of newly empowered bourgeois against the old hereditary order. It wasn’t until Jacksonian Democracy (in America) that anyone thought the common man could take part in affairs of state and politics. Of course Marx put a new spin on revolution.

  2. Maybe this is how people will wake up. A couple of dozen more cities go up in flames, police refuse to risk their lives in the futile exercise of trying to control it, and even private security personnel decide it’s not worth the money they’re paid to protect the rich, so they follow the police and bail out. One can only hope.

    • race war is part of the planned totalitarian state. national police force already here aka DHS. dissident roundup shortly after the internet goes down. after reading what the jews did to german civilians after wwII (see Hellstorm) might want to not have a german/ eastern european sounding name.

    • over 150 riots occured during the summer of 1967. few woke up. ferguson and baltimore arn’t going to wake anymore up. amerika hit the snooze button long ago. best to let it die in its sleep.

  3. The only problem is the rioters are NEVER within 20 clicks of the gated communities the elites inhabit. It’s no coincidence that when judges or state legislatures drop halfway houses or section 8 projects in the suburbs it’s always in working class neighborhoods. Theirs never require diversity, just you white middle class racists and your children. One the economy collapses and there are no more carrots being handed out by the government, the levee will break and the brown tide will spill out into our neighborhoods, Not theirs.

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  5. “Why is it so important that different races live together?” An example of the controlling logic of our times would go like this: Children who are raised in white neighborhoods do better in school therefore we need to bring black families into white neighborhood so that their children too will do better in school. Forget the fact that this logic is ridiculously flawed on multiple levels. Forget the fact that this isn’t even logic at all. This line of thinking actually passes for policy consideration in America 2015.

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