A Dissident is Here

I don’t customarily succumb to the carby temptation of copy pasta. You visit here for original content baked in the black bowels of Hate. Though I’m going to stray from tradition to feature a post from The BotB. My own comments will follow in conclusion.

The Rise of a Dissident Party

I predict this will happen. It will be bigger and stronger than previous third parties. The Dissident Party will swear no allegiance to the current Narrative pabulum. It will have almost as little in common with Republicans as it does with Democrats. It will spare no space in the tent for pussies whose first instinct is to bend over and take it up the pooper. It will be unabashedly RealTalk, but its best politicians will need to be silver-tongued devils who know how to triangulate from samizdat hatefact warriors pushing the Overton Window into Genghis territory.

The Dissident Party will have four planks, spelled out effectively by commenter JohnnyWalker123 at Steve Sailer’s:

There are 3-4 major issues that Americans should fight on.

1. Immigration. There needs to be a permanent end to immigration to the US. Immigration lowers wages, erodes American culture, and creates a low-trust society.

2. Oligarchization. Our media and govt are controlled by a few very wealthy oligarchs. The masses of America need to use a variety of tactics (raising taxes on the wealthy, financial regulation, forming labor unions, stopping immigration, protective trade barriers, tariffs, effective usage of anti-trust laws, forming pro-worker third parties, creating alternative media) to break the power of the oligarchs. This is our country, not theirs.

3. “Deep State.” The military-industrial complex, intelligence agencies, and a variety of organizations and individuals constitute the Deep State. From the JFK assassination onward, they’ve been too well entrenched. They’ve become particularly powerful since 9/11. My view is that this Deep State is eroding democracy, freedom, and privacy. It’s also bankrupting us through parasitism and promoting policies not favorable to the national interest. There need to be limits placed on their power.

4. Traditional norms. Traditional norms with respect to family, religion, masculinity, marriage, race, and cultural/national identity. This is an issue of lesser importance, but I think that many of this country’s problems could be solved through strengthening through bringing back some of these ideas. Traditional American culture is actually fairly moderate by global standards, so a partial return to traditionalism could be beneficial without being repressive.

I don’t see fighting for HBD to be nearly that important. The reason is that even if we proved our HBD principles were right tomorrow, that might lead to policies that aren’t especially favorable to us. For example, let’s say we prove NAMs have lower IQs than whites. What’s the consequence of that? I could see our elites pushing for large scale immigration of Chinese and Indians (as is the case in Australia, Canada, NZ), which is not in our interest.

Proving HBD principles correct could also legitimize oligarchization and Jewish domination of our country. After all, if Jews and oligarchs are smarter than the average white, isn’t it best to put power in their hands? Shouldn’t the masses trust their “cognitive elites”?

Most common sense policies don’t even need a HBD-based rationalization. For example, we can justify cutting immigration by appealing to a wage depression argument. On an issue like ferility, we can justify aggressive family planning for less educated, lower income women (“1 and done” as Steve Sailer said) on the basis of wanting these women to invest in themselves. Non-HBD explanations work effectively and are probably more palatable to the public too.

Repeat after me:

1. Immigration
2. Oligarchization
3. Surveillance State
4. Return to timeless norms

These are the four digestible, media-ready Dissident Party planks. Get the branding and the message down before delving into the details. This practice helps clarify the mind and gird the spirit.


A 20-year immigration moratorium, of legal and illegal migrants. When the borders are once again partly opened, immigrants from NW Europe are to be favored, followed by Immigrants from East and South Europe. The rest of the world may contribute a few percent, tops. A little seasoning can be good for the stew. Note: A LITTLE.


Strip wealthy oligarchs of their power over policy and the composition of the nation’s citizens. Tariffs, big tax increases on the 0.1%, improved government oversight of their backroom dealings, very high minimum wages, and laws designed to limit the ability of the super wealthy to lobby for cheap labor.

Surveillance State

We’re living in Big Brother’s world, just as Orwell described. I continue to be amazed that the average American isn’t more incensed than he appears to be by the constant surveillance. Bottom line: It needs to end. No more marketing firms collecting reams of personal data. No more Facebook shenanigans. No government snoops reading your late night pervy sexts to plate number three. Triple layered encryption should be the default condition for all consumer electronics, built right into the firmware. Eyes in the sky should be ripped from their street corner perches. I don’t want to live in a surveillance state; I want to live in a cohesive society with high trust levels that obviates the need for mass surveillance.

Timeless Norms

Roll back gay marriage. Cremate the rotting corpse of feminism. Send the race equalists scurrying into dank hovels licking their wounds. The Gods of the Copybook Headings wasn’t just a snazzy riff on cultural decay; it was a guide to the Good Life. Press the point that individual rights will wilt without societal norms to scaffold them. If none of this is possible, seriously consider the option of splitting America into regional powers.

I’ll have more on the coming Dissident Party in future posts. For now, the clarion call…

This is what separate countries are for.


Last first. It’s not a concept that readily permeates those in frantic pursuit of SJ, but separate countries are an ingenious concept. Within which is found latitude to fashion the brownish-yellow, climate conscious, transocracy of our fondest desires. All of this good work occurring free from bigot viscosity. Libs, it really is a matter of taking “yes” for an answer.

Incidentally, this was the purpose of Federalism within the constitutional framework. It’s a shame the 10th Amendment was written in invisible ink. An even bigger one that our judiciary hasn’t inadvertently unearthed it amidst all their assiduous penumbra excavations. Though the point of that mythical provision was for states to serve the distinct dispositions of their own citizenry rather than the foaming convulsions of those vicariously aggrieved. For any who prefer their clarions aphoristic: Living among those you like is better than living among those you loathe.

As for the list above, it’s good. And while most platforms only suffer by addition, there are some aspects to sharpen in the forge. A few of these I’ve mentioned before.

The immigration moratorium is critical, though insufficient. Our children are already minorities in America. Thus man’s eternal conflict for land, power, and resources is assured. War, expulsion, or Hutu dance parties are it’s likely expression. And so repatriation and revocation of birthright citizenship at some timeframe in arrears must be considered. The camel is fully in the tent. Saying “no more camels” doesn’t entirely assuage your concern.

Public Charge
And as an easy first win, agitate loudly for reinstatement of the “public charge” doctrine. The notion that we import millions of immediate teat sucklers is offensive to everyone. Well, everyone who pays the bills that is. The public charge doctrine held that any immigrant must be wholly self-sufficient and not a burdensome “charge” of the public. It’s rational, it’s right, it has precedent, and it would be wildly popular if put to a vote (so make sure you keep that idea well blanketed, Jeb).

Freedom of Association
Every human being craves this for themselves while being just as hungry to deny it for others. Though of course what we most covet is the freedom to not associate. And no man is truly off his knees without it.

Dramatically cut financial incentives for underclass fecundity. Especially negative taxation provisions like the earned income tax credit. Match this with crushing taxation on the super-rich, and robust domestic worker protections. Ease the burden on the middle class and offer substantial inducements to family formation. Here’s another aphorism: dysgenics is hell.

Foreign Affairs
End foreign entanglements. Slash foreign aid, yes including to our closest ally. Dramatically reduce America’s global archipelago of military bases and consider the exotic theory that our armed forces exist to protect us.

The AQ (Adelson Question)
Creatures such as Adelson and Soros would never be permitted influence in a vertical society. Banning political advertisements outright is a topic worthy of serious discussion. If he couldn’t finance campaign ads, the taste of Sheldon’s feet would quickly turn sour on the tongue.

I’ll leave other ideas to those inclined. Though the sentiment is sound. Let dissent find its tribune.


23 thoughts on “A Dissident is Here

  1. Freedom of association is vital. That’s why its abolition was one of the first steps taken to destroy America, in the Fifties and Sixties. Seeing that they could no longer get away from blacks, many whites decided all they could do was help them to behave better by spending more of their taxes on them, encouraged by politicians who assured them there was no alternative. And so began six decades of Stockholm Syndrome, so far with no end in sight.

  2. “Banning political advertisements outright is a topic worthy of serious discussion.”

    This would involve dismantling NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, Cumulus, Clear Channel, and all of America’s major newspapers. Considering how all of these root for the financial industry’s horses in every race, a ban on all political advertisements, if we’re including de facto paid endorsements along with the overt campaign commercials, this project would ultimately require the full-scale nationalization of the media.

  3. Make dual citizenship illegal. In fact, make it a felony. Anyone feeling a need to self-identify with a hyphen is NOT an American, in other words there are no minorities with minority privilege.

  4. @icareviews – the media is already being de facto dismantled by the Internet. Who watches “the news” at this point? Repeal the judge-imposed ‘actual malice’ standards by which they operate and scale back (or repeal outright) IP laws, and they will be dismantled some more.

    Also – my dulcet spin for ‘freedom of association’ is ‘safe harbors,’ as in allowing people their safe harbors into which they can withdraw, and interact or not in the marketplace to the extent they choose.

  5. The first requirement of the dissident party should be total honesty about whose interests they represent – no ingratiating themselves their enemies. Standing athwart history yelling “I’m not homophobic!” won’t do.

    • Of all the extraordinary ideas presented above and below, nothing would sooner sink the entire endeavor than a failure to follow Rob’s simple dictate.

  6. “Dramatically cut financial incentives for underclass fecundity. Especially negative taxation provisions like the earned income tax credit. Match this with crushing taxation on the super-rich….”

    I think the best way is Jim Bowery’s way: a basic subsistence income paid to all adults (citizen’s dividends). Since you get it whether you work or not, you lose none of the income if you decide to work. So there’s no penalty for working. Of course, if you want children, you’ll have to do something to bring in more money.

    Bowery suggests funding this with a property tax on centralized wealth. Sounds good to me,

  7. The window of opportunity is closing… given the demographic transformation underway… I’d say theres another decade at best to pull this off.

    Any quick attempt to fix things will spark another civil war.

  8. Education would be a great populist wedge. Parents of all stripes are under tremendous pressure–financial, emotional, whatever–to turn their kids into scholars when it’s clear many of them would be better off with some practical job training. I think there’s a platform waiting to be grabbed there: “Your kid is not an idiot because he wants to work with his hands instead of sit around and analyze Young Adult Holocaust Memoir 547. We’re going to make it easy for him to learn what he needs to know.” I think a lot of SWPLs would breathe a big (albeit maybe secret) sigh of relief over a big, visible push for destigmatizing manual labor and indeed supporting it.

    Likewise, framing the immigration issue in terms of YOUR KIDS makes it much more palatable: Why are schools bursting? Why is there no money to go around? Why are they cancelling MUH ARTS CLASSES? and so on.

    And, underlying all that, simple incentivizing of normal family structures–huge tax breaks for people with people who own homes and have children, punitive rates for people who don’t.

  9. Don’t forget about taxes. If we implement some sort of Flat Tax, with NO CREDITS OR EXEMPTIONS, that will disincentivize the 1% from hiding assets or finagling their money somehow. Some sort of sliding scale – you make more, you are taxed more (can’t believe I’m saying that), so the Soros’s and Adelson’s of the world can’t do their talking with their wallet……….as easier. As much as I hate taxes, a flat tax makes so much sense, and a candidate hopping aboard, with these other platforms, could really spark something.

  10. Good comments.

    ICR: Nationalization of the media would be a root and branch approach. And as a result-oriented expedient perhaps even positive. If the media were turned over to a bureaucracy headed by Eric Holder the propaganda would be no less hostile, but much dumber/more blatant, and thus less effective. But that’s not necessary to address the AQ. Ban political adds, which obviously have zero correlation with producing informed voters, and Adelson becomes nothing more than a fat old zionist who’s now impotent in more ways than one. Though this does involve trade-offs I haven’t mentioned, and deciding the greater imperative is what debates are for.

    Helena: Agree completely. You get one country. Flood it and drown, no bolt-holes.

    AG: Safe harbors would be a fascinating doctrine if the petri-dish couldn’t be drained and there were principals actually interested in ameliorating the ills of our co-habitation. I don’t know if it’s what you had in mind, but I envision zones of general “public accommodation” such as in downtown areas. And then lots of satellite “community zones” where “civil rights” surrenders to free association. But that’s just micro federalism, and if it could ever be brought to bear why not a version more holistic?

    Also, as the board’s legal counsel I’ll submit for your consideration the need to dramatically reduce the scope of judicial review. If it were retained at all, I would limit it only as an undelegatable privilige of the Supreme Court. How many conservative state initiatives voted on by millions of citizens have been scuttled because some shit in a bed sheet simply said “Nope.”

    Ben: I like the idea in principle, though obviously a large cohort of the left flank would simply blow their check on day 1 and spend the rest of the month starving on the street. But that’s an issue in the weeds. As a populist wedge, it might gain real traction.

    BA: I’m sure you’ve seen it discussed plenty elsewhere, but making student debts fully dischargeable would incentivize the educational institutions themselves into forcing those decisions onto the market. SJW jr may want to study white patriarchal oppression, but who’s going to fund the endeavor only to see him graduate nine years later and promptly renounce the debt in a filing? Education loans for trade schools start looking much better at that point.

  11. Banning political advertising . .. Your blog is a political advertisement. It costs money and it advocates certain policies which benefits certain politicians and hinders others. Your time and effort is also an in kind purchase of influence.

    • One of the differences between humans and computers is that we aren’t obliged to take every position to its cosmic conclusion.

      You take the measures that offer an effective result.

      • People truly desire freedom for themselves and not so much for everyone else. If I earn an honest dollar and want to spend it attacking or supporting a candidate for public office, that is my business. Advertising is not some sort of magical mind control device. If it were, no poorly funded small company would ever vanquish a rich rival. IBM had much more money to spend on advertising and sales than Apple Computer. Walmart was tiny when Sears was in hundreds of towns. Remember that laws are enforced by an Attorney General. If a Progressive was suspected of illegal political advertising there would be a long investigation right to after election day. You are not going to advocate voiding a national election. If a libertarian is suspected of illegal political advertising the case might be brought immediately without even calling a grand jury.

      • Advertising is not some sort of magical mind control device.

        Your conception of “magic” is wholly irrelevant. What matters is that advertising works. It works consistently across the spectrum. And it is his ability to sponsor advertising that gives Adelson control over the republican party.

  12. In re Oligarchization:
    Don’t forget the foundations that fund much of it, e.g. spend itself out of existence in 10 years or be confiscated.

  13. I would require that every legislative bill have its language subject to public review for 7-10 days before it can be voted on. Any modification during that time begins anew the public review period.

    The senate speaker, on submitting a bill for public review, must certify under criminal penalty that the copy presented is a verbatim copy of the bill to be voted on.

    Any discovery, after the bill is voted into law, that the bill submitted for public review differs from that voted on, renders the law null and void.

  14. The only dissident here is the White man singing his heart out.

    If only all White men would bust it out and sing , sing SING!

    No more Manny, no more NFL, no more NBA and Andrew Bogut.

    There ain’t not use in wasting tears, only you’ve got the thing, you, YOU, and your sister.

    • Eldest daughter gone out for a date at Hoyts with some brown eyed boy. He’s probably passing his hands all over her short skirt and taking his chances as the lights dim.

      I didn’t do anything to pass her up for dross such as this.

      I did more than anything and brought her up right yet I gotta pass her up into this fallen world. With shit stains, Lebanese, I repeat myself, there is no way some brown eyed fucker is gonna fuck my girl, but I have barely little say in it, save a confrontation at some point.

      And what do I do when the confrontation comes?

      Some dark skinned filth on my doorstep asking to take out my girl? Not even asking…just taking.

      I have to steel myself and exercise to go on the offensive against the dregs that successive presbyterians and anglicans have foisted upon me and mine all in the name of their pagan god. None of them even go to their rat-hole “churches” anymore yet they assume we must conform to their notions of right and good because they assume we are like them, all on account of their racism, that we are White and we think alike.

      I have taught my kids that their manners does not equate to morals, and each and every one of them are desperate to fuck you over like they fucked over their own kind. If they showed no love for their own kin expect even less for you.

      Yet I do have Faith that they will find Love in this jumped up zombie infested, immoral, evil, world.

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