You Only Had to Listen

With attention still rooted on Baltimore’s black Tupperware party, I thought it interesting to note some of the demands for tribute, or euphemistically calls for ‘reconciliation,’ that have already begun to percolate up from the cinders.

Several politicians and popinjays have identified the root causes of the riots:

high unemployment, poor schools, police mistreatment, and other inferior living conditions for African Americans.

And as we all know, these inferior living conditions manifest out of the ether and can in no way be attributed to the population suffering them. Why are blacks always unemployed and shunted into bad schools? And each time they are bussed to a good school, it cruelly turns bad. It seems these malevolent inferior living conditions perpetually follow blacks like a slug’s mucus trail. It really is quite unacceptable. So what is the prescribed recourse for this iniquitous inequity? Here’s what’s been advanced presently:

Recommendations for addressing these problems include “emergency literacy and preschool programs, improved police-community ties, increased low-income housing, more job-training projects, upgraded health-care services, more efficient public transportation, and many more.”

That’s a cagey bill of particulars. I particularly like the open-ended conclusion: and MANY more. Never hamstring your ambitions, especially when they’re funded on someone else’s dime. Which reminds me, who exactly is obligated on these initiatives? Does generations of squandered uplift and upheaval extricate whites from further duty? What about the legions of white victims of black violence? You know, those ones you always see with bylines of “second generation survivor?” Do they also remain indebted? If so, what’s the tab for a white child whose father was murdered by #blacklivesmatter? May he at least apply for a discount on his Baltimore rebuilding bill? And for what is he needed anyway? Surely Mexicans and Muslims will eagerly fill the breach of black sponsorship.

Though as I write an embarrassing realization occurs. Those quoted passages weren’t about Baltimore at all, but rather the 1965 Watts riots. I don’t know how I could have become so confused, as they are totally different events. Alright, so let’s talk about the Baltimore riots for God’s sake.

Baltimore has changed demographically. The total population has remained fairly constant, but the black population has grown as the white population has shrunk. Black communities have sub-par housing, high rates of infant mortality, and more crime. They have also suffered disproportionately from the decline in Baltimore’s manufacturing sector. Black unemployment is more than double the national rate, and even higher in especially poor communities. Those who do have jobs are paid less and work in unsafe conditions.

How is that crime always seeks out blacks neighborhoods to roost? And can not sub-par housing be rectified through the labor of black carpenters and architects? How do whites go about obtaining housing at par? Does NASA’s gift shop clerk, Mr. Tyson, offer any cosmic theories?

At one point, a mob of white counter-rioters assembled near Patterson Park; they dispersed after National Guard troops prevented them from entering a black neighborhood.

Reprehensible and repugnant, both. This is likely the first you’ve heard of that open racism. It’s one thing to attack whites and their businesses, but to actually organize a defense is nazism I hope you don’t require reminding. We can at least draw faint comfort in knowing that some actions simply won’t be tolerated by the authorities.

Though I have apparently misquoted yet again. The above remarks were in reference to the 1968 Baltimore black riots. And that was completely different. In the 47 years since we’ve learned that diversity is a strength and marital consummation occurs via same-sex analingus. Which is an act that, not incidentally, whites are prone to conducting when blacks frequently find themselves injured in those quarters. I do wonder if it will ever dawn that the receipt of this tender oral salve is the whole point of their flailing. Blacks want pleasurable ministrations with no reciprocal commitment. They want white money with no whites. And there will be billions more soon wanting the same. That will make for exceptional tongue-fatigue in coming years if we are obliged to lend it.

Though perhaps I am completely mistaken as to the commodity they demand from us.







The Toilet Paper Insurgency: you only had to listen.


15 thoughts on “You Only Had to Listen

  1. Ha, I noticed that too in all the pics coming out of there. Is inflammatory bowel disease another affliction of the black man visited upon them by White colonialism?

  2. “At one point, a mob of white counter-rioters assembled near Patterson Park”

    I knew that this had to be from 1968. Whites in 1968 were in the process of being psychologically raped by the powers that be, but the process was still incomplete, and some residual instincts of self-defense and self-preservation remained. Just imagine the idea of a white “counter-riot” today! It’s literally unthinkable.

    Of course, any white with two brain cells to rub together got out of Baltimore after 1968, so there probably aren’t any whites left to counter-riot anyway…

    • I remember during the London riots in 2011, a small group of whites assembled, ready to go out and confront the thugs and looters. The police quickly arrived and penned them in like cattle, while the vibrant rioters continued unimpeded with their mayhem.

  3. TC, to your point it’s much less remarkable that whites don’t organize in defense than that they can’t even conceive of doing so. If blacks began public ISIS style executions of whites on a Baltimore street corner, we can be assured of two responses:

    Conservatives expressing grave concern about the injury to constitutional due process.

    And liberals hissing that conservatives are only complaining because the abattoir is black-run.

    As I’ve said before, few behaviors are actually unprecedented though modern whites must surely be pushing boundaries for psychotic emasculation.

  4. “Conservatives expressing grave concern about the injury to constitutional due process.”

    It’s funny how idealistic conservatives are sometimes. They think that if we all just play by the rules things will work themselves out. What they don’t realize, of course, is that the left sees the desire for fair play as a weakness to exploit. The left just wants to win, even if that means condemning their children to living in Blade Runner in the process.

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