Swords and Shields

So long, Baltimore. Watching yet another old liberal city choke on its virtue we are again vividly reminded that, unlike climate change, smoldering ruins aren’t exactly a social construct. And while decorum demands we never acknowledge what the diversity bonfire reveals, there remain some tangential observations for loose tongues to hazard.

Specifically, those indifferent to the matter must find it fascinating to watch American social and political dialogue migrate from the tangible to the wholly visceral. Facts, results, consequences, sensory inputs, things are simply eschewed as public matters of discussion. These replaced practically in total by the id, emotions and the competition of their intensity. Modern Sun Tzu would say: To feel most intensely about your position is to master your opponent. If present demonstrations prove definitive, we are actually devolving from the preeminence of our frontal lobe to creatures animated strictly by the limbic system. At the time the 100 billionth African proceeds from the assembly line, I presume most humanoids will feature only a brain stem residing in a cocoa-nut shell.

Though that will be unfrozen Zuckerberg’s issue to resolve. For today, the manifestations are plain enough. As debates have trended to being content-agnostic, society has politically fractured into the movement of the accusers and the one of deniers. This is the present relationship of liberals and conservatives. And it goes far to explain the latter’s consistent defeats.

Liberals have a single plank platform: accusations. The “of what” is as irrelevant as it is capricious. Review what is almost certainly an already stale sample:


Most of these terms were obviously contrived by children aimlessly appending suffixes to random words. Look for the scourge of maudlinism soon enough. Though in times of cultural virility, such inanities born of overabundant leisure would be regarded as no more than the clucking of barnyard fowl. But now unserious men feign to take them very seriously indeed.

And taking empty accusations seriously imbues them with power and begets more empty accusations still.   It’s not so difficult to understand the lewd appeal, even for maladapting whites. Because when a young person is baptized into liberalism they are not choosing a raft of policy positions, they are choosing a role. The role of accuser. And when compared to the squirming perpetual discomfort of conservative denying, the disparity in psychic gratification is enormous. Who wants to squat behind a shield to absorb a lifetime of kaleidoscopic accusations? Much better to savor the sweet aggression of whaling away sword in hand. Even more pleasant for the accusers is the belief they will never suffer vigorous counterattack.  This is not their role, after all.  And bravery blossoms in the assurance of victory.  That this victory will prove highly flammable for their children is just an issue for bad people to deny ever considering. The fact is accusing feels good. How there remain conservatives at all is only by victory of obstinance over vanity.

Though I’m going to offer a tip to conservatives worth even more than its cost. You don’t have to play this fool’s role. You don’t have to be the cuckold in the corner muttering “I’m not racist” as your civilization gets impaled before your eyes. Renounce it entirely. You don’t owe the courtesy of a denial to liberal script kiddies. Ignore them, mock them, or talk past them as if their isms were the barking of your neighbor’s beagle. Tell them to go to hell if you tell them anything. And most importantly unless the President is propositioning you for homosex, never begin a sentence with “I’m not.” If you think that will cease the accusations, you’ve lost before you begin.

And people that gullible would be much happier reading National Review.


13 thoughts on “Swords and Shields

  1. “I accuse them of being faggots.”

    What you mean people who read National Review? Probably not most of them – those who write for it, though…

  2. Specifically, those indifferent to the matter must find it fascinating to watch American social and political dialogue migrate from the tangible to the wholly visceral. Facts, results, consequences, sensory inputs, things are simply eschewed as public matters of discussion.

    Yes, it’s all rather bizarre watching from afar. I believe for Judeo-Americans it’s important that your downtrodden black man is provided space to destroy.

    Good thing The Old Negro Space Programme was dismantled by government fiat otherwise all our satellites too would be destroyed.

  3. I enjoyed myself for a bit yesterday with a purported conservative at Amren, who was kneeling before the altar of attention-whore black (but I repeat myself) Jayman ( “a good guy”). She (why did I know this, even before she admitted to singing to her cat?) found my comment (devoid of crudity but filled with forbidden Latin root words like miscegenation and mulatto) “dripping” with hate. But she assured me, she’s a believer in HBD and a reader of Steve Sailer.

    I could not have crafted a better example of what Vox Day has labeled entryism, moderates firing at their own side, NABALT, and women ruin everything had I tried. Yet this morning, reading the piss-poor comments at what pass for most alt-right websites, I couldn’t muster the energy to even comment on it. Thank you, Porter, for NOT being Amren or Steve Sailer, and for allowing me the privilege of commentingi here.

  4. It’s amazing how many things we believe that arise from unexamined premises. Take racism: everyone agrees that it’s, like, the most evil thing ever. But no one (least of all conservatives) stops to ask one very simple question: Why? Why is racism the most evil thing ever?

    The few honest liberals I’ve met (I know, I know, my credibility just jumped the shark) admit that while different races may have different abilities, we shouldn’t talk about it because it’s counterproductive – what does telling people they’re stupid accomplish besides increasing racial tension?

    Fair enough, I say. Noble lies have their place in human life. But then the question becomes: Why is it so important that different races live together? Why must society be turned upside down to reach this goal? Nobody knows.

  5. Sheila, your contributions are always welcome here.

    Jack, I agree. So many of our pieties would simply be incomprehensible to a man plucked from another era.

    Just so I understand correctly: the worst thing you can possibly do is prefer your own people over others, but only if you’re white?

    That’s correct.

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  7. Also, visit websites frequented by inner-city thugs and drop useful tips on how to spot white liberals. We don’t want sweet little Shantavius getting shot because he tried knockout game on an NRA member!

    E.g. “Coexist” = “Go ahead and carjack me; I don’t have a gun, and I understand that you’re robbing (and possibly raping and killing) me only because those greedy racist Rethuglicans won’t pay you a living wage.” (How do you say that in Ebonics?)

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