Rubio Owns Adelson

I was thinking today how fortunate to not be placed in a position of such acute civic embarrassment. To not suffer the humiliation and outrage of watching one’s leaders genuflect before the imperious masters of a hostile tribe. Frankly, we jewish people have every cause to be livid. If the husk of your Christian soul bears a lingering trace of humanity, you will read this with tender empathy.

Before Iowa and New Hampshire, GOP candidates are competing in the Sheldon Adelson primary, and some will travel to his posh Venetian hotel in Las Vegas this weekend in hopes of winning it. But one candidate — Marco Rubio — has emerged as the clear front-runner, according to nearly a half-dozen sources close to the multibillionaire casino mogul.

In recent weeks, Adelson, who spent $100 million on the 2012 campaign and could easily match that figure in 2016, has told friends that he views the Florida senator, whose hawkish defense views and unwavering support for Israel align with his own, as a fresh face who is “the future of the Republican Party.” He has also said that Rubio’s Cuban heritage and youth would give the party a strong opportunity to expand its brand and win the White House.

It is to weep. Time and again jews are played by these gentile manipulators. Doddering old fools like Adelson donate millions…centimillions! Cycle after cycle. And for what? Only to see the American border snap tighter than a shiksa’s legs. To add further insult, GOP jackals use the threat of purloined US aid to pry open Israel so wide the bastards now openly crow of a minority Jewish population there. And does anyone in the mainstream media highlight this little discrepancy? Of course not.

Now we observe in macabre amazement as this cagey Cuban Rubio plays beleaguered Sheldon like a bongo drum. More of his millions in hard-gambled cash incinerated, only to watch Jewish boys dying in the Baja peninsula just to keep Mexicans out of California. It’s insane! And now they want the IDF to wipe Honduras off the map if another single train passes the 25th parallel. I suppose these imbecilic Jewish oligarchs are just going to keep sponsoring the same republicans who take their money and laugh in their face. Though that would require them to actually stand at face level. And our financiers are far too concerned with completing their oral ministrations for that impertinence. Hell, even penning this lament will place me on the “Hate Watch” of some odious anti-Semitic hypocrites. And what will wealthy jews say in my defense? “Anti-gentilic!” That’s what. Madness blossoms in modernity.

Since entering the Senate in 2011, Rubio has met privately with the mogul on a half-dozen occasions. In recent months, he‘s been calling Adelson about once every two weeks, providing him with meticulous updates on his nascent campaign. During a recent trip to New York City, Rubio took time out of his busy schedule to speak by phone with the megadonor.

Why can’t he just leave Sheldon in peace? Pestering a senile old man day and night, for nothing but a scam. He gets our gold, we get his shaft. You don’t see Rubio harassing some white waitress in Iowa or an accountant in Tucson. He leaves them alone while our people are subjected to hours of Spanglish browbeating. Meticulous updates on his campaign? More like, “Hand over the loot, ya nasty yid!” And with absolutely nothing requited, that’s exactly what Sheldon does. You’d think he could at least negotiate a 20 mile gap in America’s 100ft, razor-topped, machine gun mounted southern border wall that was supposed to go to Israel. But it’s like the thought never even occurs.

This weekend, at his Venetian hotel, Adelson will preside over the Republican Jewish Coalition’s spring meeting, a key cattle call for presidential aspirants. In attendance will be a group of well-heeled Jewish Republican donors, many of whom see Adelson, who serves on the RJC’s board of directors, as a leader. Ari Fleischer, who was a press secretary in the George W. Bush White House and is also active with the group, said most people in the coalition supported either Bush, Walker or Rubio.

“I think there are many people at the RJC who are going to be influential in the primary,” he said. “A lot of the people who aren’t behind a candidate yet, including me, are shopping.”

Listen to that: Shopping for a candidate. Like sheep in search of a shear. How excruciating it is to imagine the obsequiousness on display at the Jewish republican donors meeting. Successful men, captains of industry, all arrayed in a chorus line to dance for their gentile masters. Take my money! No mine! It’s enough to bake a matzo ball on my forehead. Ahh but what does it matter? In this world, what the WASPs want the WASPs get. I guess we’ll just keep being the ones who pay for it all.


6 thoughts on “Rubio Owns Adelson

  1. Kind of off topic, but the GOP has a new recruit. He tells CNN that he “believes in the Constitution”. But as a commenter on Isteve says, he doesn’t believe in his own constitution.

  2. I have no idea what “believes in the constitution” means. Believes that it exists? That it should be vaguely followed to the extent no liberal interest groups are offended?

    Regardless, I hope Jenner doesn’t toss his severed penis into the trash. Maybe it can be sown onto his dickless party.

    • That’s a common misconception. It’s even less appealing than that. (Trigger warning. No, really.)

      Actually only the testicles are thrown away. The penis is split lengthwise from the bottom to about an inch from the tip, then most of the length is tucked under the neo-labia majora. The scrotum then is pushed inward to form the neo-vagina.

  3. ‘Last year, one of the major figures at the meeting was former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who has recently fallen out of favor with Adelson and other Jewish conservatives over his embrace of former Secretary of State James Baker. Baker is seen as hostile to Israel and recently addressed the far-left group J Street.’


    I read in one of Woodward’s doorstops once that when W. told ‘poppy’ he was going to run for president H.W. immediately organised a meeting with the man who he regarded as the best advisor in American politics. So soon W. was discussing politics and fighter jets (both former pilots) with Saudi prince Bandar.

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