Adjö Sverige

History is replete with long winding paths. And to imagine that a particular cultural fashion has no precedent is probably akin to believing your grandparents didn’t have sex. There is very little the heavens haven’t seen. Yet even primed with that caution, it is difficult to digest the premise that there has ever been a people quite like the Swedes.

A people who can take justifiable pride in accomplishments far beyond their modest numbers. Pride in breaking a harsh northern clime into an oasis of prosperity and civility. Pride in producing women of an ethereal beauty. And pride in primly allowing them to be murdered and miscegenated out of existence. And it is this intensity of pride in their own national dissolution that may truly distinguish Swedes among all the Earth’s tribes. A position about which those who preceded them into extinction could not be coaxed to comment.

The notion occurred to me reading a compilation of recent headlines in that country of comely derangement. Let’s take a sample…

Swedish ships ready to save Mediterranean migrants

As thousands of people drown trying to reach Europe from North Africa, a Swedish shipping line is getting equipment ready to save migrants’ lives.

Swedish-owned ships have already rescued hundreds of people in the Mediterranean. Now the Wallenius company is to make sure all its ships around the world have blankets, food and other supplies that can be used during such emergency situations.

News agency TT writes that last year a Swedish ship owned by Stena already happened to save around 90 people off the coast of Libya. And also last year a Wallenius ship saved 200 people in another part of the Mediterranean.

Last year over 170,000 people made the dangerous crossing to Italy.

And why are Africans undertaking the dangerous crossing to Italy? Because empty skulls behind ice blue eyes have entirely wrecked the endeavor’s natural risk/reward profile. If the journey involved a high probability of death with success met only by stern deportation authorities, the number of (queue the requisite lachrymose score) refugee saints would approximate zero. But then whose moral vanity would be stroked by that practical approach? Much better to luxuriate in the frisson of self-righteousness than to preserve your own children’s future.

Sweden Democrats want to expel youth leaders

Since the Sweden democrats are the media acknowledged rightist party of many fars, one presumes only a heinous act indeed would trigger a purging. As Salon might tease its audience of intellectuals: “You won’t believe what they said next!”

In an interview with Swedish Television, Sweden Democrat Party group leader Mattias Karlsson confirmed that the party wants to expel the chairman and vice chairman of the youth wing, SDU.

Karlsson said there are several reasons why the two are being recommended for expulsion, including because they have collaborated with far-right parties abroad and because they have undermined the Sweden Democrat Party’s zero-tolerance policy on extremism.

Kasselstrand has also been accused of espousing race ideology online, while Hahne has been accused of using a members’ register in unlawful ways. Both have denied the accusations and have criticised the party leadership for not respecting internal democratic processes.

We can’t have members of the far-far right collaborating with parties of the far-far right. And “zero tolerance for extremism?” What can this possibly mean? The term is exclusively deployed as a particularist pejorative. There’s no objective contours to remain within. Ahh, perhaps this illuminates the offense: “accused of espousing race ideology online.” The ideology that race exists you mean? This is going to fall heavy upon your world-view Sweden Democrats, but the concept of ‘social constructs’ isn’t exactly embraced by your adversaries and colonists. But if youthful indiscretion led your junior officers to “use a member’s register in unlawful ways” well, you gotta take the rainbow flag as it unfurls.

County police commissioner disciplined over police’s so-called Roma register.

The illegal register – a database compiled by the Skåne police in southern Sweden – lists names and personal details of over 4,000 Roma people. It was exposed by newspaper Dagens Nyheter in 2013 and has been the subject of several investigations.

Several other officials whom the parliamentary ombudsman has criticised will be tried, too. Their cases are still under consideration and any potential review will be carried out by the police’s staff disciplinary board, news agency TT reports.

Trials! Of native Swedish officials for the high felony of keeping a record of their town’s infestation of grifting gypsies. And they’d have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those meddling media kids. I’d give the list makers The Chair myself. And put gypsies in charge of the town entirely. Today it’s only a list of names, tomorrow addresses and liscense plate numbers. Before you know it Sweden will resemble the Hell of an American circuit clerk’s office.

Local government language courses in Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) vary in range and quality, depending on location, according to Swedish Radio News.

You know, it’s really quite inconsiderate when you colonize a country and the natives haven’t even the courtesy to speak your language. When examples of such Hate arise, all we can hope for is the grace of a taxpayer subsidized program to teach the Swedish language…in Sweden. And to think I grew up in an epoch so quaint that not a single neighbor spoke fluent Arabic.

In total, only 20 to 30 percent of Sweden’s municipalities offer academic and vocational SFI classes, reports Swedish Radio News. This is despite the fact that this type of Swedish language education has been shown to produce better results and increase participants’ ability to quickly enter working life in comparison with conventional SFI.

In Greater Stockholm, 80 percent of municipalities offer SFI tailored to graduates and over 60 percent provide SFI with vocational training, including doctors, entrepreneurs, craftsmen and engineers. In several counties, including Jämtland, Kalmar and Norrbotten, there are few or no such training courses.

Pierre Badlisi from Syria has studied SFI for engineers in Stockholm and got a job after only a few months on his course.

“They say that it’s better an the usual SFI schools and through this course I got my new job and it was good for me. I am thankful,” he tells Swedish Radio News.

It’s gratifying to hear that Mr. Badlisi from Syria can now ululate in the native tongue. I’m sure there were no actual Swedish engineers available for his position. Or at least none with their own prayer mats.

Neo-Nazis disrupt High School Holocaust lecture

Oh my goodness.

One of the audience at the Holocaust reading at Peder Skrivares High School said that five or six men came into the auditorium about half an hour into the lecture on Monday night.

“Two had bomber jackets and one had a shaved head. They stomped in line, at exactly the same distance apart. They sat down at the front and one of them turned around and photographed the audience,” the anonymous member of the audience told Halland Nyheter.

The lecturer, the 88-year-old Jewish writer and Holocaust survivor, Mietek Grocher, reportedly continued as if nothing had happened.

The school’s headteacher, Martin Augustsson…called the police

I’m not sure I know what a holocaust reading is, but stop being a jackass for one moment and imagine yourself in that situation. You’ve just settled in for a nice reading of something or another when suddenly a few men walk in, sit down, and take a photograph. If that’s not already horrifying enough, one of them was bald and TWO wore jackets. You act like a hard ass on the Internet, but let’s see your reaction when that shit goes down in real life. Who knows if these nazis made any lists during their photography session. Did the police even think to ask?

(There is a) Need for more legal (migrant) routes to Europe

On Monday, the EU Foreign Ministers presented a ten point action plan to address the refugee situation in the Mediterranean.

“We welcome that the ten point action plan encourages greater solidarity amongst EU states, and believe that some of the proposals will help to alleviate pressure on those member states that receive the majority of the migrants that come across the mediterranean,” Karolina Lindholm Billing, deputy head of UNHCR in northern Europe, told Radio Sweden.

The UNHCR is also joining those calling for more legal entry channels for refugees trying to get to Europe. Increased resettlement quotas, a broader and smoother running family reunification programme and more student visas to young educated people fleeing from for example Syria could be among those, says Karolina Lindholm Billing.

Mirroring a debate in Europe, some parties in Sweden are pushing for allowing refugees to apply for asylum at Swedish embassies around the world. But the bigger parties are more hesitant about this.

“No country can be expected to take on board all the propsalas but all countries need to do something. If everyone does something i think it will look a lot better than it does today,” she said.

No, it’s actually not going to look a lot better. Africa has over a billion at its disposal to disgorge. A figure doubling by the generation (a topic we will take up in the next post). Your preening little Nordic nation has something on the order of eight million ethnic Swedes to absorb them. Is math a subject Scandinavians are no longer taught? Regardless, more resettlement quotas, more 18 member family chain migrations, and more visas. If they all come here legally, then none will perish in route. And Africa’s northern sea will no longer be the Mediterranean, but the Baltic.

Most who have perished were vexed by the prospect. The Swedes will go yearning. But until then…









Here’s looking at you, kid.


8 thoughts on “Adjö Sverige

  1. The Swedes might seem self-hating at first glance, but deep down I think they are probably the most supremacist nation on Earth.

    They rightfully believe that not only are they are smarter, stronger, taller, blonder, more athletic, more honest, more cooperative, harder working, better smelling, kinder and waaaaaay better looking than the rest of humankind, but that their moral superiority over the rest of us practically renders them a separate (and better) species.

    So when they see a bunch of sad sacks from Somalia or Syria trying to flee their god-awful native lands, they naturally feel huge pangs of guilt. How come we are so fantastically amazing while these people are so utterly pathetic in every way, they think. It’s not fair!

    The Swedes have a collective sense of noblesse oblige on steroids, so they want to share their good fortune with as many of these lesser mortals as possible. And they are so confident in their inherent superiority that they reckon that no amount of Third World riff-raff invading their country can ever tarnish the awesomeness that is modern-day Sweden.

    When they see some random non-Nordic subhumans in need, their highly attuned compassion gene kicks into overdrive. Swedes figure that, sure, these people are dirt-poor, stupid, ugly, weak, superstitious, lazy and they smell bad, but by inviting them to live in Sweden (THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD) we can at least partially alleviate their lameness.

    And by encouraging these wogs to impregnate their Swedish wives and sisters, they are helping to ensure their dusky progeny will be more Swedish, and hence, less disgusting. From the Swedish point of view that’s a win-win. They can assert their moral superiority, and the wogs can improve themselves with an infusion of Swedish übermenschen blood.

    Swedes = moral nazis

    • Jeppo, there’s probably some of that percolating in the sub-conscious. Though as pure speculation to intent, I suspect there’s also substantial sacrificial messiah complex.

      We are so good, so noble, so righteous that we hang our country on this cross of multiculturalism for the world to gasp in wonder.

      • At the risk of sounding pretentious, my theory is that Sweden’s attitude has a lot to do with their own success. When the migrant crisis started, I recall reading a Portuguese guy on Twitter saying, “well, for once it is better to be poor”. When you are in a real crisis, like Greece, for instance, you harden considerably (hence, Golden Dawn). If you are living in a country with no unemployment and general well-being, you feel more generous. I doubt those piss-poor Swedes that went to America over a hundred years ago would experience any pity for foreigners. They had enough with their own misery.

        And I suspect there is a lot of that moral superiority that oppej refers to. Northern Europeans tend to overintellectualize and overregulate things, particularly social interaction. In the late 19th century you had scientific racism and eugenics, now you have all this celebration of diversity. There is a drive for careful social planning that connects both phenomena. In Southern Europe the attitude is different. People didn’t obsess over race back in 1900, and they do not obsess over racism now. Being poorer makes you have other priorities, and less of a guilty conscience.

        By the way, just found the blog over Sailer’s Twitter. Reading a bit.

  2. Along those lines of the Swedish as closet supremacists, it isn’t widely known but Sweden had an official eugenics program going for generations, including compulsory sterilization.

    Perhaps in attempting to breed out all anti-social behaviors they inadvertently went too far, selecting for the kind of extreme outgroup-altruism that Swedes are now notorious for… Just an idle thought.

    • It’s certainly possible. When you start running experiments like that, there’s no guarantee that you’re going to get what you want. I doubt if all those kumbaya socialist kibbutz-loving Zionists envisioned anything like the Israel of Bibi Netanyahu, but that’s what they got…

    • You are onto something here, I think. In fact I reckon that the West as a whole has over-selected for obedience and docility.

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