A Niggardly Pursuit of Happiness

A brief post tonight as I am presently consumed in reflective ennui at the unbearable whiteness of indie music. This particular racial grievance being unearthed by a Noah Berlatski, who is of an ethnicity few will find startling. This is how deep the left has deforested civilization. They have actually reached the point of snivelling about a surfeit of whites in a small musical sub-genre. The fact that the Tikkun trail must now burrow so deeply into the societal underbrush before alighting upon receding glades of hate is quite instructive.

Though there is something equally primal that animates these malicious musical preferences: happiness. Human beings, and perhaps even Noah Berlatski, congregate to shared cultural markers. There is an innate visceral pleasure in social schooling activities among like kind. One that far transcends the nominal entertainment function. People do not mass at Indie concerts or NASCAR events solely for music or motor sports. Those are mere props. Instead, like horse races and golf tournaments, these are social phenomena of shared implicit whiteness. And it is this ancient yearning for like companionship that truly caresses the soul. Whether most attendees would deny this to the bottom of their anti-racist bonafides is of no consequence to its effect. That effect is happiness. And its arrival does not require directions from the conscious mind.

Would you like to know what is an even more abundant source of happiness than implicit racial identification? That would be explicit racial identification.

Racial identity tied to happiness, study finds

EAST LANSING, Mich. — Black people who identify more strongly with their racial identity are generally happier, according to a study led by psychology researchers at Michigan State University.

The study, funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, appears in the current issue of Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, a research journal published by the American Psychological Association.

“This is the first empirical study we know of that shows a relationship between racial identity and happiness,” said Stevie C.Y. Yap, doctoral candidate in psychology at MSU and lead researcher on the project.

Previous research has found a relationship between racial identity and favorable outcomes such as self-esteem, Yap said, but none has made the link with happiness.

For the study, the researchers surveyed black adults in Michigan. The results suggest the more the participants identified with being black – or the more being black was an important part of who they are – the more happy they were with life as a whole, Yap said.

The study also explored the reasons behind the connection. Yap said it may be fueled by a sense of belongingness – that is, blacks with a strong sense of racial identity may feel more connected to their racial group, which in turn makes them happy.

This sense of belongingness is especially important for happiness in women, Yap said.

I see. So we learn that a strong sense of racial belonging, that is to say in-group solidarity, is a key component to overall life satisfaction. This as opposed to the well documented joy of being a deracinated me-man. Who could have predicted that? Perhaps not Mr. Yap, who was so niggardly in the scope of his research, he limited it strictly to blacks. Is it that the academy has other esoteric terms it prefers for racial belonging in different contexts? I’m not sure, though here’s one you may have some passing familiarity with: RACIST!!!

But my question for our researcher is this: what may whites extrapolate from these findings?

Absolutely NOTHING

Absolutely NOTHING

Happiness is a finite resource. And the more of it accrued by one group, the less subsequently available for Noah Berlatski. This is why Indie concerts require more Pakistanis and why blacks are so niggardly with racial solidarity. What we have, they do not. So don’t delay your next exhalation awaiting expansion of the ‘racial belonging’ hypothesis.

Which brings us back to the trailhead. I have spoken before of the despicably chichi elite inclination to toss young people into societal shredders so they may preen in the blood. This being an example no less contemptible. Human beings need a sense of belonging. Not to a patch of dirt, or a flag, or some scantily applied ideals. But to a people. A people of their own. And the young most of all. That we excise our children’s native spirit in industrial propaganda mills is one our most egregious ignominies. We demand they denounce their fathers and preemptively betray their sons. We explain their past is black and their future brown. We offer no acceptable affiliations of their own people. The absence of which drives many to outright madness and eventual alien metamorphosis.

It’s all something for which our posterity–if it exists–will shower our graves in urine. Though the present needs a new declaration: life, liberty, and the pursuit of our own happiness.


21 thoughts on “A Niggardly Pursuit of Happiness

    • Then again, turn that flapjack-face over after a half an hour and see what’s left with regard to objective non-racist commentary.

  1. Imagine that, people like to associate with their own kind and derive happiness from that. Oops, there goes the diversity paradigm. Oh well, in another study it was found water is wet.

  2. Blacks demand policing only by blacks.

    On Monday, a press conference was held in north St. Louis calling on the creation of the Black Community Control of Police Commission, an oversight board made up of African-Americans that would “assume full responsibility and authority for policing in the black community.”

    What may members of the white community extrapolate from this? Absolutely nothing.

  3. To be clear: My position is that “Jewish privilege” doesn’t exist and is indeed an anti-Semitic concept.

    What may we extrapolate from this? Absolutely nothing.

    • What got me was the ADL-keyboard-warrior prompted apology by the author for her initial piece, lest any chosen person take the points as mildly offensive to their superiority – or lack thereof considering the ameloriating article decrying yet again the perma-victim status. barry o must have some chosen blood

      • It really is quite amusing to those who can maintain emotional distance.

        Jews dindu nuffin.

        Are you actually implying that jews could have possibly dun sumfin?

        Of course not, I apologize for my borderline anti-semitic insensitivity.

  4. Jared Taylor, in defending Matthew Heimbach’s white student union movement in a university appearance, was assailed by a young black person’s allegation that whites only ever congregate to kill. Taylor nonchalantly replied that a person could take in a symphony and see any number of whites assembled for purposes other than lynching blacks.

    • Redundant. Why don’t they just combine feminism, pornography, nepotism, the financial swindle, and statism in pursuit of same, and call it “Jewish Culture”.

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