The Meanness of the Mean

One of the leper’s bells of the left is its ostentatious displays of umbrage at the obvious. That an observation may be as mundane as it is incontrovertible can hardly be cause for bland consent. For even the most insipid can brim with bias–the inanimate a vessel of malice. Even things of so little agency as numbers may spirit offense. Addition and division goose-stepping in a statistical Kristallnacht. Here, let me just show you.

Historian David Starkey in astonishing attack on ‘victim status’ of Muslims, disabled people and other ethnic minorities – and says women are only of average intelligence

Astonishing. That will ably serve our needs. We’ve ground up the sod here defending ethnic “minorities” from attack. And so readers may select from our catalogue at random, if that’s their fancy. Tonight, we are impelled by astonishment to take up the calumny of this innumerate charlatan, Starkey.

And I find it very, very sad the sway there is now this perpetual procession of people – group after group – wanting to assume the status of victim. It’s catastrophic.’

Starkey, who said he was ‘born quite seriously disabled’, added people with physical and mental disabilities should not be portrayed as victims.

And he claimed fears of Islamophobia were victimising Muslims, making them ‘therefore somehow privileged and exempt’.

That’s all very droll and we categorically reject the insinuation of so-called perpetual victim processions. But did he just actually say…

The outspoken 70-year-old said evidence suggested women tended to be of average intelligence…

Outspoken? I’d say he’s transgressed well beyond that jejune euphemism. This is bald misogyny. I hardly think he could be more hateful to women if he used their ovaries as a pocket square. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Below are some highly aggrieved ladies commenting on the article:

Old git!!!! Thanks I’m female, run my own business full time, as well as caring for my family and multi-task on average 16 hours a day – David you wouldn’t last a week if you were female. You might be academic but you are too thick and unfit to survive if there was a zombie apocalypse (I know zombies aren’t real, just using this as a scenario example).

I’m a woman – IQ is 138 – I have a PHD. My women friends and family are very intelligent too. Most women also have much more social intelligence than men!

My IQ is 135 average and I’m a 100% genuine female 38E so stuff you Starkey

I disagree that intelligence is limited by gender.

His arrogance is surpassed only by his naivety.

Apart from the bit about women’s intelligence, he’s about right.

What ‘evidence’ has shown that women are of AVERAGE intelligence? As an historian he knows that women have not been entitled to an education. However, given the opportunity, many have proved that they are extremely intelligent. Elizabeth 1st was exceptionally intelligent. Does he ever look at school and university results? Or the fact that the top NASA scientist is a woman?

Did you know the average self-reported IQ of Internet commenters is 167? Granted that’s eight standard deviations below Ron Unz, yet still a remarkably potent cohort. So it’s striking that so few were able to discern the extremely fine grain of Starkey’s point: On average, women are quite average. And though certainly a grave offense, when considered within the emotional shelter of a group, the notion begins to seem less exotic. His point, accessible one imagines even for those chained to 135 IQs, is that female intelligence congregates closer to the mean. Whereas the male dispersion is comparatively flatter. Not that this observation doesn’t still warrant outrage by a blizzard of breasted snowflakes who ARE ALL DEFINITELY NOT AVERAGE!

Though a world where all women are above average is unfortunately not our active ingredient in this piece. It is rather that the The Narrative must not be questioned and offense doesn’t run uphill. Men and women are equal in every way, and no mean is man enough to say otherwise. Those intemperate averages that do so may expect a battery of liberal peltasts promptly forming ranks. And this is the state of the modern Western mind: gasping at the plain.

Wait till they hear about medians.


11 thoughts on “The Meanness of the Mean

  1. Starkey seems to be one of those guys who have been conferred with immunity from having their lives ruined for stating the obvious. What he’s saying is only what anyone with common sense can easily see, but others have been left unemployed and unemployable for saying a lot less. Maybe his being gay and disabled has something to do with it. In August 2011, as marauding savages terrified London, he had the temerity to say that Enoch Powell’s famous prophecy was right, prompting petitions from all the usual suspects to destroy him. He couldn’t have known in advance that his comments wouldn’t ruin his career, so he deserves some respect for his courage.

    • I agree, though he’s old and enjoys accommodating penises and so has some measure of defensive shielding. Also, note how he frames his “astonishing attacks.”

      victimising Muslims, making them ‘therefore somehow privileged and exempt’.

      Do you see now? They’re terribly victimized by being privileged and exempt from societal standards of behavior. Not so much that they’d give a moment’s thought to leaving, understand. Of the left’s broad radius of destruction, for some reason I’m as galled by this as any other. Not even this desiccated poof may speak forthrightly. Criticizing the dispossession and diminution of Britain’s native people must actually be presented as a defense of her alien colonists. And you’ll be wondering soon enough how to prevent the victimization of blacks that occurs when white bodies absorb their knife thrusts.

      Damn the marionettes of the left and their puppet masters to hell.

  2. LOL He’s spot on about everything. For god’s sake, why does every woman have to be personally affronted by his comment – he’s not speaking about YOU individually. Means and averages, anyone? And I LOVE how EVERYONE on all these sites all the time is like “My IQ is about 145, but I’m out of work right now” or like the above comments LOL “My IQ is 135 and I’m a 38D — you are not big tits, you’re tops around a 91 or 92. Bullshit artists. BTW, I’m a woman and my IQ is 188…..

  3. The Larry Summers imbroglio always makes me laugh as I visualize Harvard’s female staff shrieking, fainting, and dashing away wailing as he spewed his vile statistics from the podium that fateful afternoon. Days later, he ceded his jew male position of power to some jew lesbians (women with men’s brains) and hobbled back to Wall Street to roughly square his compensation (not doing anything ingenuous, mind you). He just zipped his lips and let that gravy train, the jewish party line of Equality, roll on.

    • Yes, there’s one group who need rarely fear the consequences of being honest.

      It drives me crazy to see the way people frame their timid wish to avert genocide as a concern for the well-being of other races. If any white politician does voice concern about Third World immigration, he usually cites the fear that it may lead to an “increase in racism and support for Far Right parties”, which is as good as saying “steady on there, you’re boiling that frog a bit too fast”.

      We have to turn to pre-brainwashed children for a bit of refreshing candour.

      • That was delightful: “to get all the foreigners out.” May that young man grow up lean and hard. Did you see the groveling UKIP response? The boy has simply been “drinking in propaganda” from rival parties. We wouldn’t dream of a single Paki decamping, heavens no. Put the matter entirely out of mind and focus on how to deal with the recalcitrant racism of our young.

  4. I always get a kick out of how the Mail writes for the social conservative and yet embroiders it’s stories with the tabloid dreck that passes for English culture these days. The comment threads are like the twitching of a dead body.

  5. As an aside, I’ve been flouncing about on Twitter. It’s a bit more interactive than blogging, which periodically takes on the air of cemetery maintenance. Though I have immediately noticed deleterious effects from the format’s native limitations. It would be no surprise to learn I have actually become marginally dumber (in 140 character increments) since beginning to toy with the service. Writing only in quips begets thinking only in kind. Though being a 207IQ woman grants significant cognitive fodder before deterioration reaches the point of say Mike Anissimov.

    So relevant to nothing…but couldn’t fit it in a tweet.

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