Western Civilization in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

Wrong place at the wrong time. WPWT. I’ve noticed through close scrutiny of media reportage that being in the WPWT is a consistent element of the teen attack profile. Nearly every urban assault victim was foolishly in the wrong place at the wrong time. Conversely those in the right place or, alternately, right time typically avoid those unfortunate situations. As discussed previously in comments here, this correlation is highly analogous to that which faithfully predicts dire outcomes for goodboys who are:

✅ always smiling
✅ regularly attending church
✅ just getting their lives together
✅ contemplating university matriculation

Obviously, the safest lifestyle for these young men is one of sullen atheist recidivism. And for God’s sake stay away from the collegiate killing fields. My research has unearthed not a single instance of a person who followed these prescriptions having suffered premature demise.

Though returning to WPWT, the concept is easily extrapolated to the societal level. The French Haitians, Holodomor Ukrainians, Pied Noirs, and white Rhodesians have all found themselves randomly WPWT.

And if I may be permitted an indulgent aside, the Oxford dictionary helpfully defines the Holodomor as: No definition found. In comparison, the definition of Holocaust is:(the Holocaust) The mass murder of Jews under the German Nazi regime during the period 1941–45. More than 6 million European Jews, as well as members of other persecuted groups, such as gypsies and homosexuals, were murdered at concentration camps such as Auschwitz.

Plainly even terms can be subject to WPWT. And as such so can larger civilizations. There’s not really any cause or malign agency at work. And certainly no manifestation of man’s tribal warfare that simply ceased being a thing some few text books ago. You simply look around one moment and, as way leads on to way, notice that Stockholm has become Addis Ababa. Nothing to be vexed about. It was simply a city, like others in the west, that was WPWT. And so to the extent interest and energy allow, let’s review some other recent examples.


On June 1 of this year, certain provisions of the American Patriotard Act will expire barring reauthorization. One of these is Section 215, which grants the USG’s eye-tower authority to access a multitude of private phone records. The logic being, we must allow Mohamadeans into Dearborn so that we may surveil orthodontists in Topeka. Again we see how immigration drives THE ECONOMY. Senator Paul is staunchly opposed to reauthorization, as blacks are inveterate gabbers and Rand has pledged to abolish any law that disproportionally impacts them. It appears murder and rape statutes may also one day be WPWT.

Though other senators demur. Marco Rubio offered eternal support to the provision; so fulsome in fact one may wonder if he confused the legislation for a Salvadoran hedge trimmer. Mitch (who bitch) McConnell supports reauthorization saying “now is not the time to be considering legislation that takes away the exact tools we need to combat ISIL.” What Central Americans? We must halt the Iraqi invasion. From Tikrit to Toledo.

Though have you ever noticed how routinely “now is/is not the time” is deployed as preamble to pompous assertion? I’ve been using it to varying success with my wife.

Hey honey, how about you and me go to the bedroom and lay down some blues?

No, I still have a four-month-long headache.

I’m sorry baby, but you’re on the wrong side of history. Now is not the time to abandon our spermatozoon friends. Priapism finds no refuge in the foreplay of doubt.

I would imagine senate deliberations will be quite a bit less sincere than that exchange. And that’s too bad. Because a free, safe, and homogenous society able to speak privately is preferable to a seething cultural petri-dish and the heavy government apparatus required to keep its lid on. But that’s just the voice of extremism, and not one you’ll hear in the august chambers of the senate. I’m afraid your phone calls are going to continue being WPWT.


A NYT writer named Frank Bruni recently presented Christians with an offer they couldn’t refuse: renounce Christianity. Or at least renounce it to the point of palatability for bulimic homosexuals like Frank Bruni. See, gay nation can be quite reasonable if you just take a peek down its briefs. Some excerpts:

several prominent denominations have come to a new understanding of what the Bible does and doesn’t decree [That’s the funny thing about infallible deities. They often belatedly realize that homosexual agitators were right all along.]

Beliefs ossified over centuries aren’t easily shaken. [God has sat there for centuries with the same ossified beliefs. It’s not easy for him to come around to modern progressivism.]

But in the end, the continued view of gays, lesbians and bisexuals as sinners is a decision. It’s a choice. It prioritizes scattered passages of ancient texts over all that has been learned since. [We must hold God accountable for his bigotry. What are you going to do, follow some ridiculous ancient texts or enlightened poofs at the NYT?]

our debate about religious freedom should include a conversation about freeing religions and religious people from prejudices that they needn’t cling to and can indeed jettison [That’s quite considerate of him to offer such emancipation. Rev. Jones was also inclined toward freeing people from prejudicial lives.]

Religion is going to be the final holdout and most stubborn refuge for homophobia. It will give license to discrimination. [I’ll be issuing licenses long after the Presbyterians]

a 2014 survey by the Public Religion Research Institute showed that while 62 percent of white mainline Protestants favor same-sex marriages, only 38 percent of black Protestants, 35 percent of Hispanic Protestants and 28 percent of white evangelical Protestants do. [Would you care to guess which one of the three Bruni views as a problem?]

Creech and Mitchell Gold, a prominent furniture maker and gay philanthropist, founded an advocacy group, Faith in America, which aims to mitigate the damage done to L.G.B.T. people by what it calls “religion-based bigotry.” Gold told me that church leaders must be made “to take homosexuality off the sin list.”

That’s nice. The creator of the heavens is now communicating exclusively through gay furniture. Wait, what’s my futon whispering? Yes, I can clearly make out the words. God is telling me to hate with a holy righteousness. I just found religion. But if I’m the only one, then Christianity, like poor Raggot the gerbil, is WPWT.


On the presumption that Spain was suffering a surfeit of cultural tranquility, that country is expected to soon offer citizenship to 2.2 million jews. Like their long shadow, enhanced societal harmony is sure to follow. This action is only fathomable as an expression of the desire to compete with Sweden for most rapid national dissolution. And in that context, it was a brilliant parry. The Iberians will soon be able to draw from a deep reservoir of open borders agitation and anti-native agitprop. I very much doubt the Swedes can generate equally intense hatred endogenously, though they have a proud record of exceeding expectations in that regard. So bring your most tumescent Tikkun olam new Spanish jews. And when your host countrymen have had enough penetration, just tell them to yell “Armageddon!”

Until then, Spain just walked into the wrong place at the wrong time.


10 thoughts on “Western Civilization in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

  1. Ahh, the fable of the ducks and hens en espanol. Hooknoses and poofters come and go in cycles, but it’s never a sinusoidal timeline: always an infinite series of ascending exponential increases. There is always that one node where the value plummets back toward the x-axis. Of course, those interesting little bursts still baffle the various scientists and mathematicians in politics and journalism that prohibit their examination.

  2. “The logic being, we must allow Mohamadeans into Dearborn so that we may surveil orthodontists in Topeka.”

  3. Sorry, kind of off topic, but you might get some light relief from this indicator of the state of Western Civ in England’s green and pleasant land.

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