Emotions in Oz

If one bore a purely academic perspective, the alchemy and incantations of the modern petri-dish West would be fascinating to observe. If having no stake in the outcome, one would hope for sufficient longevity simply to watch the implosion. A spectator untrammeled by moral restrictions might yearn for a spectacular denouement to one of history’s most scrupulously preposterous social experiments. Leftist totalitarianism, perhaps in a reprised Red Terror. Wars within and between states. Mass ethnic cleansings. Tears and blood merging in brackish estuaries so broad it would take a pontoon to cross. That’s good times, and great entertainment. Much more so than inert homogeneity at any rate.

Though there might just as well be a less piquant conclusion. A bland unwinding of western civilization into scarcity, favelas, rolling brown-outs, and a vanishing number of whites to absorb the blame for it all. An unremarkable blur of ambient violence and decay culminating finally with the third world coming to roost in the ashes of the first. Boooring.

But there’s one feature of whatever resolution awaits that will be anything but boring. And that is the fratricidal intra-white conflict that is accumulating great pressure barely below the surface. As discussed previously in these pages, non-whites in heterogeneous societies largely police the behavior of out-groups. Whites, in contrast, focus almost exclusively on in-group regulation. This is why absolutely ubiquitous non-white racism does not penetrate the liberal carapace. It’s an issue that’s simply outside-of-scope. And one horribly gauche to even notice. Of course whites inclined to remain on Earth a while longer are equally vexed at their liberal fellows who are too tolerant to tolerate their own posterity.

Sadly, resignedly, these will be the opposing factions in the last war that matters. And despite the diligent labors of your host, our side suffers a sizable deficit of one of any conflict’s most precious resources: Hate. Liberals may not believe in God, but they do believe in devils…you. We mock, while they loathe. The distinction is not immaterial. When the right is offended it pens florid blog ripostes. The left goes into the streets. They destroy careers and shutter small businesses. They make threats. They promise fire and mention home addresses. They concede nothing, including the humanity of their opposition. They are not magnanimous in victory, but seething in defeat. They are on the side of the Angels. And they have so much hate, half of it goes to waste.

At least that’s what flitted through my mind upon reading this piece on the war in the Oz theater.

MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) — Thousands of anti-Islam and anti-racism protesters clashed in angry rallies around Australia on Saturday.

The most violent clash was in Melbourne, Australia’s second-largest city, where police struggled to separate 3,000 opposing demonstrators.

The Victoria state ambulance service treated four people, three for minor injuries from assaults…

Police arrested two men and a woman in the fracas in Melbourne’s downtown Federation Square, Victoria Police spokeswoman Belinda Batty said.

Reclaim Australia, a community group, organized rallies in 16 cities and towns around Australia against Islamic extremism, the “Islamization” of Australian society, Islamic Sharia law and the Halal-certification of most meats sold in Australia.

The protesters condemned the cost of the certification for a Muslim minority that is less than 3 percent of the Australian population as a “Halal tax” on the nation.

They were shouted down with anti-racism slogans by left-wing groups including No Room for Racism, Socialist Alliance and Socialist Alternative.

No Room for Racism? Seems as though that organization finds sufficient floor space for the racism of AJC, La Raza, NAACP, et al. Sorry, out-of scope.

Reclaim Australia protester Rhonda Cashmore said their protest was not about racism.

“Most here are happy to have immigrants who want to come and fit in,” she said. “We’re protesting against immigrants who don’t want to follow our laws.”

This is abject submission signaling. And everyone understands the meaning. It is conceding their own core position while mewling to be left some remaining scraps from hopefully gracious victors. Stop hoping. And stop groveling. Stop qualifying. And stop retreating.

By comparison, have you heard an Indiana leftist say “I’m happy for the fine citizens of Indiana (who are always right and just) to do business with whomever they wish. We would just like them to be considerate of others on days when they feel like it. That’s all. Please?”

Rival protester Gerard Morel said he opposed the anti-Islam rally because his grandfather had been victimized by Nazis during World War II.

Victimized by nazis! That’s why white Australians must be dispossessed. It’s remarkable how much victimization the nazis were able to accomplish. Now they even victimized the enemy soldiers who were trying to kill them on the battlefield. I shudder to think that one of these German war-bigots may have even shot at Gerard Morel’s grand pappy during a particularly hateful assault. I hope he took the matter up in Geneva. Perhaps the biggest victimizers were the thousands of women and children in Dresden, who used their blond heads to pierce the outer casings of allied incendiary devices, causing them to rupture throughout the city in a painful pogrom of ordnance.

Though Mr. Morel is about as good faith as the left gets. Retrieve some historical artifact from a grab-bag and hold it aloft. Whatever emerges is why Australia must now fill with aliens. And if that doesn’t bolster your psyche with hate, then pack up and go home. You’re already dead, mate.


16 thoughts on “Emotions in Oz

    • Agreed. The Aussies are to be applauded for leaving the couch. Though they’re seeding their defeat with what they mistakenly consider obgligatory We’re not! language.

      But it’s Martel at Tours compared to the humiliation of Indiana.

  1. Exactly… whites in the US are scared to “say” no, let alone do anything. And the bloated, over ripe middle won’t even realize anything is happening until they drag them from in front of their TV sets…

  2. There’s been a fair bit of subversive retaliation here in Oz since the Sydney siege incident. Pig carcasses at proposed mosque sites, “unprovoked” assaults, and a general chilling of the atmosphere for muzzies. Most weekends in the state capitols muslim groups hold an open invitation bbq, no burkhas in view, waving Aussie flags etc. I’ve heard they’ll even cook pork chops. Melbourne and Sydney are the only places with antifa etc in any real numbers, and only then because of the big universities. The rest of Anglo-Australia knows implicitly that muzzies and diversity in general are no good. But no political leaders to articulate that without pandering to the lefy, a la Pauline Hanson.

  3. So, 1 out of 1000 said that it was not about racism.I’m sure most of the other 999 people said nothing to the media as individuals. That just proves there are nice polite people who object to the genocide of themselves and their kin. I would wager that more than one of those 999 others said something like “fuck off” when asked by one of those who wants them dead about what they were protesting.
    I support Rhonda, she got off the couch. Besides, it’s going to take more than just ignoring the haters or telling them we hate them too. They will have to be engaged at some point if you know what I mean.

    • Right. Rhonda’s the only one who ever said “I’m not racist, I love me some assimilating immigrants.” Who knows where she even got the idea?

  4. If theres a race war, why should I fight for SWPLs who call me white trash?

    -Your Friendly Catcalling Construction Worker

    • So you will fight for your fellow construction workers?

      -Your friendly White blue collar worker from California.

  5. We have a local militant atheist who circulates in Republican circles. He cheerfully talks about christers on their knees begging the Sky Ghost for a magic trick – End Abortion, Protect the Country, Put Tolerance in The Hearts of Misguided People, etc.

    No scare quotes, because he’s right. That’s what these people are doing. They don’t realize that God has answered your prayers when the opportunity to get get off your knees and act presents itself.

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