Wait what?

If possessed of a more forgiving nature, I’d perhaps feel some inchoate sympathy for blacks like Jamie Foxx. Yet I am not, and so do not. Regardless though, it’s going to be quite amusing to observe the tectonic plates of American victimhood shift beneath their clay feet.

We all know of one group perched at such lofty moral altitude that they essentially reside above America’s identity hierarchy. Our only notice of their presence being a rain of droppings from the clouds. Though for those on the mortal plane, blacks have been the apex victim for living memory. They stride imperiously, knockout-gaming all other competitors to the throne. Their machine gun accusations of raysis landing like a hail of thunderbolts. But as a result of no competition, they have grown sloppy and complacent. No longer adapted to life on the Serengeti without charity pallets. And the homosex hyenas have noticed.

The iHeartRadio Music Awards got off to a bumpy start Sunday night, as host Jamie Foxx went after Bruce Jenner — and his alleged transition into a woman — in his opening monologue.

“We have some groundbreaking performances here, too, tonight. We got Bruce Jenner, who will be here doing some musical performances. He’s doing a his-and-her duet all by himself.”

“Look,” Foxx added. “I’m just busting your balls while I still can.”

Say it to my facelift, bitch

Say it to my facelift, bitch

Of course, his comments did not go over well with viewers at home.

They went over particularly poorly in this home, as we continue struggling to comprehend what an “iHeartRadio Music Award” might be. Though no doubt hundreds of millions others gnashed their teeth in bitter indignation. This over banal quips about some infinitesimal sliver of self-mutilating men in pumps and pant suits. Or at least that’s what Foxx probably told himself in whatever manner his nimble mind could articulate. Yet what it didn’t tell him was the most critical element of all: TRANSPHOBIA!!

Wait, what? You can’t envictimate me. I’m black

Too late for apologies, bigot.

Jamie Foxx made some awful jokes about Bruce Jenner and now people are effing PISSED: cosm.ag/6013NZrb pic.twitter.com/iAkqucy71n

Jamie Foxx Criticized as Transphobic for Mocking Bruce Jenner at iHeartRadio (Video) thr.cm/Dn85f6 pic.twitter.com/p6J5MaDKqR

I’m actually appalled by Jamie Foxx’s comments about Bruce Jenner at the beg of the show. IMO, that’s just something you don’t make fun of.

Jamie Foxx disrespecting Bruce Jenner’s transition(which may or may not be real) is not okay. what was said was disrespectful and disgusting

Totally unacceptable for the @iHeartRadio awards and Jamie Foxx to poke fun of Bruce Jenner for his gender change. SICKENING!

Jamie Foxx making jokes about Bruce Jenner being transgendered was absolutely rude. NOT. FUNNY. AT. ALL.

Jamie Foxx’s transphobic jokes at the iHeartRadio about Bruce Jenner were gross, glad they didn’t garner much laughs

Jamie Foxx just made a terrible, disgusting joke about Bruce Jenner’s rumored transition on this trash awards show.

Oh yay, Jamie Foxx with the a few grossly transphobic Bruce Jenner jokes. Great way to kick off the #iHeartAwards. Blecch.

The comment Jamie foxx just made about Bruce Jenner pissed me off beyond belief

Let’s take inventory…
✅ appalling
✅ disgusting
✅ sickening
✅ unacceptable

It’s fortunate Jamie Foxx didn’t sing his remarks on a fraternity bus in Oklahoma. Though there are a couple of terms conspicuous in their absence. Presumably ‘repugnant’ and ‘reprehensible’ are reserved exclusively for raysis. And while this yawn isn’t even a trifle in a teapot, it does represent budding competition in the field. Historically, this criticism would have been met by a potent return volley of slaveryjimcrowapartheidharriettubmantusckegeeselma. But I noticed hardly a word of it. The ground is subtly shifting. Let’s hope blacks aren’t too transphobic about it.


7 thoughts on “Wait what?

  1. ” it’s going to be quite amusing to observe the tectonic plates of American victimhood shift beneath their clay feet.” Blacks are in for a surprise in the not to distant future as the tectonic plates shift under the increasing Hispanic voter base. All of the Hispanics I’ve every known, everyone from Cubans to Mexicans, can’t stand blacks and they carry no guilt burden about slavery. In the next few decades, as the Hispanic voter base explodes, my hunch is it’s going to be trouble for blacks who might very well lose their EBT cards. Which will be quite amusing to watch.

    • I agree that seems very likely. I knew a person that attended a large southern California high school of even thirds white, mex, and black. He said the whites basically kept their heads down and maintained polite (perhaps more accurate to say submissive) relations with the other two groups. But that the blacks and browns viscerally hated one another, and would launch savage gang assaults, particularly if one of their females were prodded impertinently.

      Of course defending his females is one of man’s fundamental chores on Earth. Though we’ve substituted that out for not being racist. Which model will prove to be more reproductively adaptive is not much in doubt.

  2. “We all know of one group perched at such lofty moral altitude that they essentially reside above America’s identity hierarchy. Our only notice of their presence being a rain of droppings from the clouds.”

    That’s top-notch.

  3. Steamin’ Willie Beamen has been rumored to be a downlow brother himself. I don’t really buy the ‘I am rubber, you are glue’ method of gaydar, but in this case it could fit.

    In 1994, the goofy white guy from the urban sketch comedy show ‘In Living Color’ got his big break with a lead role in the summer blockbuster ‘Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.’ I remember guffawing in the theater at this instant classic – risque fun for teens of all ages. The big punchline of this movie was that the bitchy police chief was actually a ram in ewe’s clothing. You should have seen all the faces Jim Carrey made as he wretched for minutes on end at the revelation that he had kissed a cross-dressing man (sex change operations were still too fringe to be considered). Finkel is Einhorn! What a mark of shame!

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