Consuming its Young

There’s some brackish water to swim through as one societal stage merges into the next. Though evidence accrues that the West has passed from the Decadent to Despicable. There is no better recent example than the English sacrificing their young peasant girls to the carnal plunder of predatory Pakis. And then systematically conceiling the atrocity. There are few more collective depravities than a society serving up its own children as tribute to the angels.

And though the ordeal of the OU fraternity rappers is nothing by degree, the roles are no different. Adults in positions of authority rolling the heads of the young, naive, and weak down the temple steps. And orgasmically tongue lolling at the gods’ approval.

After OU President Boren and multi-millionaire football coach Stoops linked arms in brave solidarity against a lone ostracized and terrified 20 year old, the young man was offered an opportunity to publicly prostrate himself. This in anticipation of coaxing forth any remaining droplets of succulent moral vanity for the shamans. To his parent’s shame, the boy gratefully accepted and was dispatched to kiss the ring and declare his fealty. I will to blacks be true and faithful and love all which they love and shun all which they shun.

If you can bear its obscene abjectness, the full mea culpa is below.


Thank you all for being here today. Even though I wish with all my heart today’s meeting was not necessary, I am deeply appreciative to the leaders that joined us. Thank you Senator Pittman for inviting me here today – for you are a blessing to me and my mom and dad. I can never thank you enough for the way you have embraced me and opened my eyes to things I had not seen before. [Eyes now very wide to black privilege one imagines]

Let me start by saying that I am sorry … deeply sorry. I am so sorry for the pain I have caused, and I want all of you to know that directly from me. Although not deserved, I ask for your forgiveness.

There are no excuses for my behavior. I never thought of myself as a racist. I never even considered the possibility. But the bottom line is that the words I said in the chant were mean, and hateful… and racist. I will be deeply sorry and deeply ashamed of what I have done for the rest of my life.

Some have wondered why I hadn’t spoken out publicly. The truth is I have had a mix of pain, shame, sorrow and fear over the consequences of my actions. I did not want to apologize to the press or to the whole country until I first came to apologize to those most directly impacted. [that being exactly no one]. So I decided it would be best to wait until the student and community leaders I met with today were back from Spring Break.

I think the best way to express the truth about who I am and what I feel is to read to you a letter that I sent to President Boren a few days after the bus ride. The words in that letter are all heart-felt words, and I thank President Boren for accepting my apology.

Yesterday, I was humbled by the fact that I had a chance to meet face to face with members of the football leadership team. They accepted my apology and together discussed steps we can take to make sure this never happens again.

Over the past week or so, I have met with a number of pastors and leaders in the community to seek understanding of the meaning behind the words I spoke on the bus. Meeting with a few people does not change what I did, but it has begun to change me, and my understanding of those hateful words. Without question, my words on that bus were disgusting and these words should never be repeated under any circumstance. [Except 27,000 times/hour on Wuuuuurl Staaaaar!!]

I am also upset and embarrassed that I failed to stand up as a leader and stop this chant. I now have a clearer understanding of what lives behind the words. From this point forward, I will be the leader I should have been on the bus and stand up against racism in any form. [AIPAC, this means YOU]

Now, before I take a couple of your questions, Let me just say this: All the apologies in the world won’t change what I have done. So I will spend the rest of my life trying to be a person who heals and brings people of all races together. That is what I hope and pray will come out of this.

It doesn’t require a florid imagination to conjure the horrendous impact of this boy’s song on so many lives. As just one instance, I know a harried African lady who came home after shining white men’s shoes all day in the airport to see this grainy video replayed on continuous loop from 14 news channels. The sound of that word heard aloud causing her to swoon on the spot. Only to revive later on a dirty kitchen floor wondering how it all could have come to this. Cradling her children, she began to plaintively wail: Dat white boy done said negro! How we gon git through this little Jamiroquai? How we spose to make it now?

I don’t have an answer for this woman. And I feel no contempt for the boy. That sentiment being reserved for the society that smugly shuttled him into the maw. A drunk kid singing a song on a private bus…brought to this pathetic spectacle. What more may be said than already has? Take it away Reverend.


16 thoughts on “Consuming its Young

  1. It’s fascinating (to an indifferent observer), how whites and blacks in America both maintain a studious pretense about their counterparts’ attitude and behavior. Both seemingly committed to the charade that the other is acting as themselves.

    And so pompous whites stand at podiums to pretend that blacks are grimly pious anti-racists, while blacks screech their interminable accusations of whites as crass, grasping, tribalists. Both sides admirably capable of maintaining this act with a straight face.

    Why I am not having this conversation in the comfort of my own head is an entirely separate topic.

    • And so pompous whites stand at podiums to pretend that blacks are grimly pious anti-racists, while blacks screech their interminable accusations of whites as crass, grasping, tribalists. Both sides admirably capable of maintaining this act with a straight face.

      Literal Kabuki theater.

    • You know, it really is funny how real reality and pretend reality are often exact opposites. I’m reminded of Proust where the nouveau riche and the landed aristocracy intermarry for the most tacky reasons imaginable – the nouveau riche are desperate for the genuine status that only an old family name can provide, the landed aristocracy is up to its eyeballs in debt – but of course anyone who points this out is labelled as hopelessly tacky and unsuited for polite society. It seems that there are some truths which are simply too true to be… true?

      Of course, Proust didn’t know how good he had it – there were no Knockout Games, Gentle Giants, or ubiquitous teens and youths in those days. I don’t even think the phrase “Dindu Nuffin” existed during the Belle Epoque, though I can’t be sure.

      • It seems that there are some truths which are simply too true to be… true?

        There is romance in lies. While the truth is merely gauche.

    • “Both seemingly committed to the charade that the other is acting as themselves. And so pompous whites stand at podiums to pretend that blacks are grimly pious anti-racists, while blacks screech their interminable accusations of whites as crass, grasping, tribalists. Both sides admirably capable of maintaining this act with a straight face.”

      YES! This is absolutely spot on.

      There’s a funny pattern about whites. They make a unique moral advancement (e.g., recognize women have rights, that slavery is wrong, etc.). Then, they review their history and agonize over their ancestors’ failure to live up to this new moral standard which whites created. They then conclude that whites are uniquely evil. So for example, American slavery becomes the original sin of all white people and only white people, despite it being practiced worldwide by many people (including Africans, Arans, and Latinos). A better way of viewing American slavery is that it was ended by the Civil War, which is the only time in world history I can think of where people of race fought for the benefit of another race.

  2. That student’s recantation is too depressing – I stopped reading after the first sentence. The grovelling of a defendant at a Stalinist show trial has nothing on this. I do think you’re right in blaming the older generation, sacrificing its young.

    • I think Stalinist show trial captures it well. The defendants would express contrition in the most excessive terms, while confessing to every imagined offense. And the uniform result? Execution.

    • Well whites have no self-respect so it’s not surprising that we’ve sunk to this level. After all we’re the race who pioneered the art of putting corporate profits on a pedestal far beyond any extinct deity’s wildest dreams.

      HYPO: Your ancestors build a country from scratch with the intention of passing it on to their descendants – ie, you. (Do you really think Yankee soldiers were fighting for a lower corporate tax rate?) Do you…

      1) Carry on your proud national tradition

      2) Flush it all down the toilet so the shareholders of OmniGlobalGroup can save a few dollars on payroll

      (Digression: I had a – highly self-loathing – Indian roommate in college who admitted that many companies are now opting to hire one expensive white programmer over 10 cheap Indian/Chinese ones because it was actually cheaper to hire one expensive guy than 10 cheap ones + 3 expensive guys to correct all their mistakes. But I digress.)

      Dostoevsky once said that the greatest trick the devil ever pulled is convincing the world he doesn’t exist. I think the greatest trick Big Business ever pulled was convincing the world that the oh-so-humanitarian left isn’t a horde of useful idiots at best, and corporate-controlled shills at worst.

      • Some whites had and have self respect. Some could see the future, and tried to warn the masses (Lindberg, Ford).

        I think it’s more accurate to say that Bernays provided the method of harnessing critical mass of low-ish IQ whites to tear the whole structure apart.

        The TV could have been, and should have been, the greatest gift to monkey-see-monkey-do mankind, by efficiently showing that which should be emulated. There were artists who know how to use the medium to lift ordinary men, and to inspire them to reach beyond their own meager imaginations.

        Now? Well, they imitate, all right. Blue-eyed “rapper” Stitches (brick in yo’ face), part of this website’s photo gallery, is a fine example, and Chilean-style death squads seem like righteous angels. Just don’t dis-reSPECK a guy like stitches.

        Up is Down.

    • There is no Great Stagnation!

      Seriously, do these “entrepeneurs” just live off grant money and pump-and-dump gizmo companies?

  3. Can’t agree with you on this one. The non-existent leaders of whites aren’t sacrificing white young by delivering them up to these spectacles of self-abasement; they’re sacrificing them by failing–as they’ve been failing for a hundred and fifty years now–to separate the races. White flourishing does not consist of the chanting of cruel doggerel behind closed or not-so-closed doors; I feel sorry for this (not-especially-white-looking) kid who got caught trying to fit in by indulging in that. If there were a real white man in America–or actually, anywhere on Earth–he’d have stood up and said exactly that: “We white elders do nothing to secure our kind a place to live and flourish; we encourage–or at least, ignore–cheap racial viciousness like this instead; then, when the kid’s at the microphone and voicing his mea culpa, we’re nowhere to be found.”

    Be a white man–or be silent.

  4. And what is it with bakers these days? When they’re not ruining homosexuals’ weddings, they’re hurting Africans’ feelings – and we all know there’s nothing worse than that. Fortunately, the French courts are on the case.

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