Catching the Nuance

There’s a tempest twirling on the campus of Arizona State University. There a class focusing on the malignancy of white people (their public education subsidies excluded) drew some mild rebuke from certain quarters. This coming from those suffering a misaprehension that ‘anti-racism’ meant you couldn’t attack people for their race. The bigoted belief itself presenting another opportunity to studiously explain why being shot dead is not racist. The chore fell to ASU faculty associate and PhD student, Robert Poe, who held an impromptu campus “teach in.” During the course of this event Mr. Poe was indecorously accosted by right-wing extremists who inflated like bullfrogs at his reasonable recommendations for conflict resolution. That is to say, by murdering racists. Now one would imagine such an injunction would deliver a near-mortal dose of cognitive dissonance to progressive colleagues teaching racial demonization courses. But the liberal mind is a supple construct that easily eludes simple snares. And so when asked to reiterate that he explicitely advocates violence, Mr. Poe offered an unabashed YES! Here’s why that’s not a problem.

Did An Arizona University Try To Fire This Teacher After Pressure From Neo-Nazis?

Oh, I see. The parties in this skirmish are teachers v. nazis. So from the outset we are helpfully provided implicit guidance on which must be in the right. Hint: It’s the one braying for blood.


Robert Poe’s students at Arizona State University frantically contacted him last month to ask why he was no longer listed as an instructor on their class lists.

The students were given no notice, but Poe knew full well what was happening: ASU was trying to scrub away any public trace of his current position as a teacher.

Poe, who is a faculty associate and a PhD student at the university, had been drawn into the white freakout over a course the school was offering on “the problem of whiteness” in mid-February. Poe held an informal debate about the course, called a “teach-in,” that prompted white nationalist groups to launch email campaigns against him and the university.

Poe told TPM recently that he believes the university is aligning itself with those white nationalist groups by choosing to stay silent about those activists’ meddling on campus. Instead of coming to his defense, Poe said ASU’s administration has scrubbed his status as a teacher from the Internet and made overtures that it wanted him fired altogether.

NOT cool, bigots

NOT cool, bigots

Political correctness has truly run amok when an ink-spattered upstanding anarchist can’t even make milquetoast suggestions for racial eradication without cringing administrators seeking to distance themselves. Is there a Rich Lowry clone factory hidden in the desert arroyos?

“I advocate violence against racists who choose to politically mobilize,”…“I think we have decent historical precedent for that.”

Violence against racists who politically mobilize? I hardly think AIPAC is going to meekly accept another Shoah from the Poe. And La Raza and NAACP may have to also curtail certain political activities to come within the “not to be murdered” tolerances. Bob’s going to be a busy boy.

Do you have a moment to talk about racism?

Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about privilege?

Poe told TPM that leadership in ASU’s School of Social Transformation, where he is enrolled as a doctoral student, lobbied for him to keep his teaching job when university administration attempted to fire him. Poe described removing any public record of him teaching during the spring semester as a “compromise.”

“I don’t think that they’re worried about an ASU student speaking out,” he said. “But they are worried about an ASU faculty member speaking out.”

The ASU School of Social Transformation. I would have guessed him to be in cardiology, though engineering is close enough I suppose.

And yes, I can see where universities would have absolutely no cause to pry into student speech, though an actual faculty member can’t just walk around advocating violence against “nigg*rs.” There’s a subtle line that may not be crossed. And even Robert Poe knows it.

(Poe responding to a critic) Yeah, I fucking advocate violence against pieces of shit like you that advocate and celebrate that rich history.”

“The way that the National Youth Front argues it, they want to say, ‘Well, he’s committing violence against whites,'” Poe said. “The statement was very clear, it’s just that they don’t want to catch the nuance in it, which is racists who politically organize.”

It can not be stated more clearly. Poe is ONLY advocating the murder of those who vote. Get it through your fucking heads.

Abandon all hope bigots

Abandon all hope

It would be quite illustrative to note Poe’s reaction should his calls for violence be enthusiastically reciprocated in the absence of a large intervening state. And while invertebrates like him would never risk spilling their own hemolymph, it’s sobering to digest the mindset. There is a material cohort of SJWs 👯 who–if secure from potential harm–would put a bullet into the head of an innocent man (only if a political racist!). And sleep serenely afterwards in the glow of salutary accomplishment.

While depressingly morbid, I also think of how easily such bots could be re-routed. Anyone can be accused of raysis or privilege. Poor whites on the left slope of the bell curve have no wealth, no power, no representation, and no political or corporate patrons. And yet they serve as the ludicrous bete noir of liberal drones, who are programmed to attack the “inbred, trailer park, redneck, racists” practically on sight. Obviously there is little intellectual discernment to overcome. And so I wonder at the possibility, and likelihood, that canny operators will in the future direct attacks to a whole new class of enfranchised racists.

That just might impact a few learning environments.


9 thoughts on “Catching the Nuance

  1. Oopsie…you’re not supposed to give away the game like that. He’ll have to take a time out, but I’ll bet a stack of Federal Reserve Notes that he’ll be tenured somewhere in less than two years.

    These bipeds are a different species, saturated with lies and hatred, and possessing nothing truthful or beautiful. They’re brave only when the system threatens righteous responders with being thrown in a stinking cage, disarmed and outnumbered ten-to-one.

    So did you feel bad about what you did to the man?
    “Not too bad. He’s a white male. I’m a black jewish female.” The math is easy.

  2. Ugh, I just noticed the Spinoza. What a laughable poser. See, he’s reading Spinoza WHILE creating “beats”. Fairy.

    Oh Captain, my Captain! Whatever will the poor dears do without their Teacher?

    • I think it’s possible he could be more of a douche bag. A little facial hair would do the trick, unless he’s of the tribe…
      In that case he would simply be upstanding.

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