Readers have undoubtedly been advised of today’s shootings in Ferguson, MO. Two officers were perforated outside the police department in the course of another typically peaceful protest. One man was hit in the face, the other the shoulder, with neither wound expected to be mortal. Though still the country must now endure another evening fraught with anxiety over whether that city’s fractious white population will again explode with murder and arson. Here is one article on the situation.

And the fact that that humor doesn’t even qualify as wry makes all the difference. The yowling african mob, euphemistically ‘protestors,’ knows there will be no infuriated opposition to their street courts. Eric Holder knows no conservative geldings will stridently challenge his innumerate calumnies, nor torches and pitchforks appear in his driveway. The media knows its bald racial incitement won’t incur a cost. No, the only ones in anguish tonight are two innocent men with new piercings in face and back.

There’s not a particularly rich vein of insight to mine in this story: Black tribalist AG concocts raysis report, duplicitous media dessiminates and enflames, white officials are customarily defenestrated, while blacks remain in a wholesale state of subsidized apoplexy. The end.

Though there were a couple of angles I found interesting.

Authorities believe the shots came from a handgun fired about 120 yards away. There were no suspects in custody.

Have you ever hit a target with a handgun from 120 yards? If shooting at a brontosaurus I might believe a “yes” reply. But I might still be skeptical. I realize it can be done, and perhaps even with some consistency by a practiced marksman. Though I will simply counsel readers not to invest a great deal of confidence in the effort. Furthermore I wonder how many shots were fired. It says a video captured the sounds of only two. Perhaps four dozen magazines were consumed as officers maintained formation in a shooting gallery parade, like ducks in a carnival water gun game. Though that would have been quite accommodating to the shooter’s legitimate racial grievances. So only two shots fired? Both hits from 120 yards with a handgun? I thought Jack Ruby took care of Oswald.

Based on where the officers were standing and the trajectory of the bullets, the shots appeared to be aimed directed(sic) at the police, (St. Louis Co. Police Chief) Belmar said.

This is why he is a professional crime solver and you are not. In one area there was a group of police. In another, a group of EBTs screaming Fuck da police! After careful deployment of his pocket protractor and gazing down upon two prone screaming men bathing in pools of their own blood, the police chief was able to scientifically deduce that shots appeared to be directed at the police. That’s nice work.

Asked whether the gunman played any part in the protest, Belmar said he was “very confident that whoever did this was there for the wrong reasons.”

That’s probably the conclusion I would have reached as well. Even as a distant civilian, I feel nearly certain that whoever shot the two police officers didn’t do so for the right reasons. I mean there are perfectly appropriate reasons for shooting cops, we may infer from the chief’s remarks. But those standards appear not to have been achieved here. This Belmar is a formidable lawman.

U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill urged “healing and reform,” calling the shooting a “criminal act that jeopardized the lives of police officers and protesters both.”

Right. Healing and reform. Certainly the Senatress can find two men unpleasantly engaged in the former this evening. But only the FSM knows what this babbling bimbette could possibly mean by urging “reform.” Though one imagines it will involve many white apologies.

But finally we do receive at least some courageously honest observations from our high elected officials. Honesty about Holder? The Protestors? The reality and implications of black crime? Don’t be idiotic, what safe condescension exists in that? No, it was A criminal act that jeopardized lives. Shooting at police is a criminal act that jeopardizes lives, QE fucking D. Thanks for those incisive remarks, Claire. Vote McCaskill for those times you’re just not sure.

And so Ferguson whites have been dispossessed, sheared for taxes, jettisoned from their jobs, denigrated, spit at, and now fired upon. That’s a lot they have to apologize for.


8 thoughts on “Ferguson

  1. “So only two shots fired? Both hits from 120 yards with a handgun?”….and they were apparently fired in rapid succession. While this isn’t impossible, it is extremely unlikely and a bit lucky(assuming you consider hitting two police officers advantageous). I’m not suggesting a conspiracy theory, more probable would be the inept investigation determining the origin of shots fired; it is likely they were fired from much closer range than indicated in the article. It isn’t at all uncommon to see yards mistaken for feet by hurried reporters either. I’ll also wager brass lying about near the Ferguson Police Dept. does not a rare find make. In the unlikely event the facts presented are accurate, this will limit the pool of potential suspects to IPSC Grandmasters or recent Missouri lottery winners.

    I do fear for the safety of random blacks as I’ve uncovered a picture of whites in Ferguson gearing up for a retaliatory reckoning.

    • I agree with your speculation that wildly erroneous distance estimates are more likely than two consecutive amazing shots from the sideways ghetto grip.

  2. “Vote McCaskill for those times you’re just not sure.”

    The way McCaskill got reelected was nothing short of impressive. Devious, but impressive. As a Democrat who supported Obama’s health care program, McCaskill was slated to lose, and lose big time to any Republican who ran against her… except Todd Akin.Though her primary ads, she quite literally got Akin elected as the Republican nominee, knowing that she had a silver bullet with which to take him down. She ran ads that Akin was “too conservative for Missouri,” implying that she feared an Akin win. A little reverse psychology got the proles to throw all their support behind him. Once he won, out came the big guns. The video with his rape comments was conveniently released, two-minutes hate was dutifully performed, Akin stubbornly refused to step-down because God told him so, and the rest is history. A stone-cold, cunning woman if there ever was one.

    Strangely enough, while Akin’s rape comments were stupid, I never thought they were bad enough to keep him from office. But the herd mentality of the entire Missouri population kicked in, spurred on by the relentless droning of the media, and Akin received a lot of hate wholly disproportionate to what he said.

    It was bizarre to witness.

  3. “white officials are customarily defenestrated”

    Administration’s vocabulary deserves its own seat on the UN Security Council. Only the second time I’ve ever seen this word used. This was the other, and it’s not even clear this guy knows what it means:

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  5. Even if they confused yards with feet, that would still be two shots from a handgun, both hitting the target, from 40 yards. From a member of a frenzied mob baying for blood, that seems questionable.

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