The Environmental Big Bang Theory

A few questions to begin.

How does a person, an institution, or society define its operational spheres? What constitutes your home environment? Your work environment? Your learning environment?

Apparently none of these are any more circumscribed within traditionally understood boundaries. They are instead perpetually pushing outward creating new space in the wake. This novel Big Bang Theory of operational environments rests at the core of a recent decision to expel two University of Oklahoma fraternity members for “creating a hostile learning environment for others.” Since the theory represents the decision’s bedrock, and this is a public university, surely we can expect some exploration of its contours.

The most fundamental of which being cartography defining the borders of the University of Oklahoma’s ‘learning environment.’ Secondarily, defendants would seem entitled to an explanation of how these parameters were breached by their singing on a private bus. Resulting discussion could dispense with undue flattery to principle and proceed directly to the two forces that always animate such announcements: who and whom. But that seems a bit garish for nuanced men of letters. And so after concluding his flamboyant display of moral peacocking, it would be gratifying to hear a slightly more sober treatment of the matter from OU President David Boren.

So what is the OU ‘learning environment?’ The classroom experience would seem to capture much of it. So was an acapella rendition of the baleful tune performed just prior to a Tuesday morning HON 2970 SEX AND LOVE IN AFRICAN HISTORY class? No? Does one person’s learning environment extend beyond their own personal time and space? If Joe is receiving antibiotics in the infirmary, has his ‘learning environment’ suffered a hostile sortie by singers on the soccer field?

Perhaps so. Rumors do propagate and Joe is quite sensitive to them. But going further still, does one person’s learning environment project even into the private sphere of another? This is quite an exciting advancement in our understanding of the universe, if so. Here is how it would work in theory: If Joe was in a classroom absorbing a pleasant OU lecture on white privilege while Steve was in a bedroom of his campus apartment listening to a rap song on his red Beats headphones, he might verbally articulate the following actual lyrics:

shot the motherfucker back
Right out the ass son
For nigg*rs don’t know how to act
What the deal son
I shot the motherfucker back
No doubt son
For nigg*rs don’t know how to act

According to the Environmental Big Bang Theory, Joe’s ‘learning environment’ continually expands in a 360 degree arc from his person at 186,000 miles/second until striking Racist. In this case, that celestial object being Steve’s caterwauling within the presumed privacy of his own sonic sphere. And so even though consciously unaware of the incursion, the integrity of Joe’s ‘learning environment’ has been compromised by the enunciation of these (as President Boren described) “threatening racist” lyrics. Steve should be expelled at a minimum, with at least some consideration given to state-sponsored electrocution.

Though some moderates within the university demur.  They say Joe’s ‘learning environment’ has not suffered irreparable harm until Steve’s singing of rap songs were actually heard by another human being. This being a wing of the if ‘nigg*r’ is said in the woods with no one there to hear it, does it make a sound? school of academic thought. Of course that someone hearing wouldn’t necessarilly need to be Joe. According to this line of reasoning, if even Mike heard Steve singing rap songs, then Joe’s environment has been punctured. Others claim that actual documentary evidence must exist for the transgression to have impacted the space-time continuum. Thus if Steve records himself singing rap songs and uploads the clip to World Star Hip Hop, then Joe has been injured. Although it is not entirely clear if the wound is altered by whether the publication occurs by Steve’s own hand or ocurs surreptitiously without his awareness–I.e. if Mike recorded Steve singing rap songs and uploaded the clip to WSHH without Steve’s permission. In this exotic scenario, Steve would have egregiously harmed Joe without either party’s actual knowledge. And to think some say science isn’t fascinating.

Though this shouldn’t be the purview of mere bloggers who have themselves fatally pierced the OU learning environment with opinions published on the Internet. Rather it is the responsibility of the OU President and his physics faculty to clearly articulate how this theory works and the myriad ways it may be applied.

Though while awaiting that erudite explanation I sought to obtain more earthy opinions from those who have themselves suffered most by the Songs on a Bus album tour. The consensus at WSHH was soundly behind the administration’s prompt disciplinary action. More than a few liberally deploying racial slurs and expressing a desire to assault members of the offending fraternity–actions with unknown learning environment impacts.

Though one comment in particular captured the outrage of hearing the Nigg*r word perfectly.

Im not shocked by this. Too be honest this shit is just a regular Monday to white people! They didn’t just start this!

The commenter’s name: DatDeathRowNigga187

And the universe expands with serene indifference.


18 thoughts on “The Environmental Big Bang Theory

  1. Alas, there was a post up here… before “Big Bang Theory,” after “What Does it Matter.” Leisurely I came back to it in anticipation… now it’s gone.

    • Gealgh, I didn’t feel like the post came together particularly well. I had thought to re-write it, but set to this latest one instead. I may bring the old one back out.

  2. It’s gratifying to note that the trend toward ever more frenetic white self-flagellation shows no sign of receding. The fugitive singers from Oklahoma have been identified. Said loving parents:

    (He) “is a good boy, but what we saw in those videos is disgusting.” The Pettits apologized “to the entire African-American community (and) University of Oklahoma student body and administration.”

    “he made a horrible mistake, and will live with the consequences forever.”

    He sang a fucking song among friends on a privately-chartered bus, you hysterical lemmings. Now fling yourselves off a cliff and squeal apologies till you hear the plop. I see why there is such contempt for whites…as I’m beginning to share it.

    • “I see why there is such contempt for whites…as I’m beginning to share it.”

      Has there ever been a race of people so inclined to cringing subservience? I struggle to think of one. Even savages who sacrifice their children to their capricious deities are still willing to stand up for themselves when attacked. Whites sacrifice their children at the alter of diversity, and for what? Diversity is a god which, like Baal, only gets angrier the more you indulge it.

      And this point, of course, is forever lost on moderate whites, who believe that there is a finish line. No one likes Diversity (it is the most unnatural state of affairs under the sun to privilege others tribes above your own – for who besides whites in human history has ever even entertained such a foolish thought?), we’re just collectively hoping that if we sacrifice enough of our wealth, culture and dignity that perhaps the inclement weather will stop and the crops will grow again.

      What we fail to realize, of course, is that false religions, like false narratives, have no ultimate destination. Their only goal is to destroy. Like Mercenary over at MPC says (quoting some French guy whose name escapes me at the moment), the left is a fire that consumes with deadly dull earnest. Sooner or later whites will realize this, if only on the eve of our extinction. At the risk of betraying my innate idealism, I think that the truth prevails in the end. I just won’t be holding my breath.

      • You know why I hate to comment on blogs? Because I can’t put my opinions into words as well as this. JB, this is a brilliant post. Well done.

  3. Thank you for taking a different angle than the incessant chimes of commenters: “[Boren] must hate the 1st amendment!!!*^&#@!” reminiscent of the Donald Sterling racial disparity-promoting media firestorm. That line causes a feeding frenzy among bleeding heart leftists and white apologists.

    Yeah – we know constitutional rights don’t apply to discipline from organizations like the NBA or universities… The scientific breakdown above is what is needed. Rampant double standards for whites in these end times.

    Of course, we are generally playing right into the hand of the oppressors. Stories like this, michael brown, trayvon martin, eric garner, etc all have aspects to them that are INTENDED to infuriate or at least agitate both blacks and whites against each other (black kid shot by a white guy vs. black people getting away with riot crimes etc). In this case, our fury as whites comes from a seemingly (and truthfully) abrupt expulsion for a seemingly minor infraction in the grand scheme. My plea is that people don’t buy into these divisive stories on either side… yes, discuss them and blame the relevant parties as this post does (Boren) but we cant allow them to affect us emotionally to the point of anger at another race (as i have succumbed to in certain instances). I won’t even get into the fabrication involved in some of these stories, but if we allow the media to control the narrative – in any direction – then they have won.

    Something relevant would be a breakdown of the volume of high-attention (touted for hours/days on the major networks) media stories related to race issues (specifically black vs. white) in just the last 12 months, relative to any other year in the last few decades. I have a feeling the pattern has accelerated, and not naturally…. At some point there are certain coincidences in this world you just can no longer believe in.

  4. Perhaps we can look to the Black principal Nathan Rouse for an answer namely “affinity grouping”:

    Rouse, who has been principal at the school for seven years, said the decision to allow only black students was based in an idea known as affinity grouping. In an affinity group, the philosophy is that students of one racial persuasion are able to express themselves fully and safely.

    Oh wait, the two frat students were in an affinity group…

    • Will be anxiously awaiting the warm reception expected to follow the arrival of the Whites Only affinity group.

  5. This wouldn’t even have been an issue if YouTube hadn’t been involved. I see kids every day taking pix, making videos, that immediately get posted. There is absolutely no privacy whatsoever with today’s millennials. Porter is right – there is no right to privacy anymore. If I make a joke in front of my students, I should/can expect it to be repeated, and possible posted by someone online. I am learning to keep my mouth shut with things like that.
    But I’ll be bringing up the subject with my students – they have to know that the right to privacy is something they’ll miss someday. Some already talk about it. It’s sad, actually.

  6. A couple of additional thoughts.

    Unlike those at kappa alpha psi, one unprivileged group may never be allowed even temporary safe harbor from societal pieties. Any space occupied by two whites is someone else’s learning environment.

    Separately, the spectacle of watching powerful wealthy men like the OU president and football coach using these boys as disposable morality props drives me to a particularly refined state of hatred. What is the callous ransacking of a young life when there is such rich status marking condescension to be mined? These displays of elites shitting downhill are as vulgar as they are routine.

    • Thanks, I appreciate it.

      Also a note on Simon’s link.

      Molitor (a petite female) had “a fractured jaw, fractured cheek bone, fractured sinus, and fractured orbit which caused a hematoma on the left eye” after Mixon punched her. According to Mixon’s attorney, he was acting in self-defense.

      Take a guess which action between singing a rap song on a private bus and shattering a girl’s face has united OU against hate?

      As Louis Head so eloquently exhorted: Burn this bitch down.

  7. I suspect that self-censorship is an evolutionary cul-de-sac, and leads to the end of the species as we currently recognize it.

  8. This just in from Oklahoma, racist SAE whites are responsible for ALL attacks against their yet-to-be exposed white racist affiliates. The “oppressed” are simply powerless to resist serving as pawns of violent retribution. The soon-to-be discovered Kappa Kappa Kappa sorority sisters aren’t fooling anyone with their disingenuous mewling pleas of, “was it something we did?” or their feigned attempt to engage the stricken and, “maybe just have that conversation.”

    • I find myself curiously pondering how many protesters(Anglo and African) would applaud if young Parker had been ushered on to the family’s lawn, caused to kneel and shot once in the back of the head.

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