Illegal Blog Dumping

Those of you with a business acumen will be familiar with the economic concept of “dumping.” In it a market entrant will sell below cost (or even free) in hopes of bankrupting established competition, and subsequently securing succulent consumers all for themselves. It’s considered quite unsporting. As a prudent businessman and risk manager I have lately been considering the exposure of my blog enterprise to such crude tactics.

This business model is premised upon our ability to deliver quality social contempt to discriminating clients willing to shoulder our enviable margins. It is a niche business, though one with presumably high barriers to entry. Unfortunately that presumption may have been incorrect.

For it appears the media is piloting a concept to pre-embed ridicule into its own articles, thus seeking to give away the scorn that drives my livelihood. It’s blatant dumping.

10 out of 10 Honduran amputees agree: Mexican trains suck

10 out of 10 Honduran amputees agree: Mexican train service suboptimal

Migrants demand safer ways to cross the border into United States

That’s the actual headline. Do you see why my CFO is vexed? Here’s the whole goddamned thing. What am I supposed to do with this?

After risking their lives in the hopes of making it into the United States, migrants from Central American are demanding safer ways to cross the border.

Thousands of immigrants jump on a freight train called the “La Bestia” — which means “The Beast.” and the name holds true meaning.

Along the route many will end up either losing their limbs or being killed as a result of falling under the wheels.

Many others end up being robbed or attacked by gangs.

If that is not enough of a risk, if you make it alive, you still have a chance of getting caught and arrested.

During a protest Monday, more than a dozen people in attendance had lost a limb in their attempt to cross the border.

They say it should not be that dangerous and are calling for safer alternatives.

Let’s pray this concept dies in beta.


5 thoughts on “Illegal Blog Dumping

  1. You’ll just have to try harder. Today’s satirist has to keep looking in his rear-view mirror – reality is catching up.

  2. It’s truly hard to keep up. I once tried to ridicule modern art by stating that I had invented a new art form wherein I swallow paint and throw it up on a canvas. It was, in my opinion, the most ridiculous thing I could think of. Alas, even that attempt at ridicule was not ridiculous enough. About two years ago, I found an article about a women who drinks a milk and soy paint mix and throws it up on a canvas. In fact, Lady Gaga hired her to throw up on Gaga’s white dress she was wearing while filming a music video. It is on Youtube.

    Satire is getting more difficult.

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