What Does It Matter?

Here’s a question: does the truth matter?

I read an alt-right opinion piece recently advocating strict adherence to veracity in all debates on national questions. It culminated with The truth matters. That’s a bracing proclamation. Though is it a true one?

Such truth-will-set-us-free sentiments sprout periodically from our dissident loam. And each time I look for my bottle of Round Up. That is because the truth may matter much for personal relationships and spiritual edification. But if we’re bound to the truth…it offers little while unfertilized. Societies, and movements within them, are animated by narratives, not facts. And the degree of required overlap between the two is demonstrably small.

Of course every non-white group wields its cherished grievances, many of which bearing only a sliver born of reality. Though none lose their vigor from the absence. Trayvon Martin was stalked and murdered by a hispanic white man. Michael Brown was kneeling, arms raised, pleading for mercy when he fell to a fusillade of hate. Have the contradictions of mere desiccated facts diminished the power of these stories to motivate their audience?  Similarly, has the precious truth–no matter how vivid–indelibly etched the names of Brad Heyka, Heather Muller, Aaron Sander, Jason Befort, Channon Christian, and Christopher Newsom into society’s consciousness? Examples could be catalogued until the WordPress servers groaned under strain.

And when facts and narrative come into conflict, the results are never in doubt. It’s remarkable to imagine the multiple millions of otherwise sentient whites who walk about with sufficient cognitive force to actually feed themselves while still embracing a comic caricature view of race.  One that sees blacks without agency and whites without virtue (and both without existence). Perhaps a dry recitation of facts would disabuse them of this notion. Though I wouldn’t invest much hope in the endeavor.

Not that I suggest lavishing your audience with lies. Outside obvious parody, I’ve never written a word in these pages I knew to be false. That is because the truth offers an ample enough palette to paint our position. Though there should be a general recognition that Col. Mustard in the study with a candlestick is not what moves men to purpose.

If there were an Internet ludus for rhetorical combat, it should emphasize that victories are won through the heart more than the head. And if you prefer dialectic engagement, don’t be so foolish as to imagine your enemies will reciprocate.

So does the truth really matter? If you’re working in physics or oncology, yes. Though if you’d like your posterity to follow…speak to the soul.


18 thoughts on “What Does It Matter?

  1. “If there were an Internet ludus for rhetorical combat”

    I don’t know why this image is so hilarious, but it is. I’m picturing young pupils being guided into various courses of study based on aptitude – bovine Fox News viewers, Drudge Report subscribers, iSteve commenters, etc.

    “Victories are won through the heart more than the head”

    THIS. This cannot be said enough. We use logic to solve tangible problems, but rarely if ever to address social ones.

  2. “Societies, and movements within them, are animated by narratives, not facts.”

    Which is why today our children are taught that George Washington was nothing but but a slave owner, and Martin Luther King Jr. is the American Jesus.

    When you don’t control the narrative, all you have is the truth. A wall of lies can be breached eventually by the determined application of fact and ridicule. Be an advocate for reality. It’s on our side.

    But remember, if you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’.

  3. There does seem to be an inborn love of truth and fair dealing in many white men, to our undoing. So many times I have tried to impress upon others the fact that it is fruitless to argue in good faith with those who, if they even perceive that there is such a thing, care little. Lies will always outmatch truth in a rhetorical battle if they are lies people want to believe. This makes me want to go back and reread the short work wherein this passage appears:

    it often happens that, if a lie be believed only for an hour, it has done its work, and there is no farther occasion for it. Falsehood flies, and truth comes limping after it, so that when men come to be undeceived it is too late; the jest is over, and the tale has had its effect

    Yes, “at the length truth will out”, but too late.

  4. The four sentence economy model:

    A narrative with no fact can still be a force. A fact with no narrative can only be a footnote.

    Logic sends a man to his recliner. Emotion sends him into the streets.

    • A narrative with no fact can still be a force. A fact with no narrative can only be a footnote.

      Logic sends a man to his recliner. Emotion sends him into the streets.

      Beautifully put. But, as KFC says, whites have a love of truth that will be our undoing. We tend to ask “What is true?” while other races ask “What’s good for Jews/blacks/Chinese?” And the answer to the second question is rarely “the truth is”.

  5. “Societies, and movements within them, are animated by narratives, not facts.”

    While this statement has never been truer than today, unfortunately you seem to be submitting to this paradigm rather than continuing to combat it. It is admittedly increasingly difficult to remind people of general truths about our history and social traditions that have set the stage for our nation to prosper, as the media has instilled a certain animosity that really polarizes people to certain “versions” of truth. What I mean is that even in small doses, people simply view the red pill as too big to swallow. It is a fascinating manifestation of base human emotion, to see the rage (it sounds extreme, but I’ve witnessed it in too many conversations) that emanates from people when their worldview simply cant comport with simple facts. It is truly, I think – and I say this with great disdain – the media’s greatest triumph. The power to convince someone that whatever you report is indisputable to the point that all detractors are labeled lunatics, “wingnuts” and heretics, is quite an axe to wield. With that advantage paired with unmatched distribution, how are we ever to return to any modicum of truth? But that is not an acceptable excuse, for those who see wrong and do nothing are an equal if not greater evil than the wrongdoers themselves. And believe me, I have wrestled with simply submitting to the general narrative that poisons most of America. But we can’t go gentle….

    • The thought had honestly never crossed my mind. Though if procrastination can ever be overcome, I do intend to write a book that could be passed down as a pleasant family heirloom.

      But I haven’t the multithreading capacity of writers who produce both novels and blog posts. If Brittney Cooper assumed temporary blog authorship, I doubt anyone would notice the change.

      • I’m not sure what I’m proposing would require multithreading, no novel, just a compilation of your essays. A leather-bound Kakistocracy Collection or Kak Yak would make a nice addition to the coffee table. It would compliment the Salon subscription.

      • I appreciate and am flattered by the encouragement. Though I assume the commercial appeal would be quite limited at this point. Perhaps some future multiplication of blog traffic might enhance my perception of its viability.

        Though even then I would imagine this to be the kind of content one consumes furtively in the current environment.

        Yet I have to admit the idea of a coffee table book prompting a visiting neighbor to ask Hey whatcha readin’ Bob? does bring a smile.

  6. Speaking for myself, one of the things that got me here was the fact I’d been lied to about WWII and the imagined catastrophe too sacred to be named.

  7. Fact-guarding and narrative-guiding was seen as boring and unmanly, or not as profitable as whatever fields were popular at the time, so the job of approving public facts and guiding public narratives goes to the lowest bidders or the lowest men.

    I must say that being hyper-concerned and extremely strategic about your latest advertising campaign but not caring a bit about how to communicate basic truths and historical facts effectively to an intelligent population of your fellow men does strike me as a bit short-sighted.

    And I’m fairly certain it was once the church in America, at least, that set the moral foundation that enabled people to look at history with an eye of care against believing anything that seemed too good to be true.

  8. I considered the utility of myth or narrative as opposed to the ugly truth in a recent post of my own. I concede that, while a false or stretched narrative can be extremely useful in a political crisis of the moment, reliance on this approach may constitute a disservice to the future of the given cause. I use the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion as an example. It was popular and got people thinking critically about Jewish influence in its day, but discredited its publicists and their cause for posterity. My position is that whites interested in self-preservation don’t need any narrative other than that provided by the facts.


    • My position is that whites interested in self-preservation don’t need any narrative other than that provided by the facts.

      Sorry, but experience has made it clear over the years that facts on their own don’t work. If they did, we wouldn’t be in the situation we’re in. You have to reach across to some subrational part of people’s minds to convey the danger they face, some part that can provide a jolt of fear that’ll make them act. For instance, most white Americans know that they’ll be a minority in their own country in 40 years, a minority that’ll go on shrinking to vanishing point as more and more fast-breeding Third Worlders pour in. Nobody is hiding that fact from them, least of all MSM. In fact, this is openly celebrated by the people bringing it about. They know it would take more than the mere knowledge of it to make people act.

      • “Sorry, but experience has made it clear over the years that facts on their own don’t work.”

        I’m not opposed to myths in the broad sense of national destiny and so forth, but I am opposed to the generation and perpetuation of falsehoods, which is the sense in which I use the term. When have our people had the facts from the media about the ethnic origins of communism, about the Holodomor, World War 2 and the “Holocaust”, the USS Liberty incident, and 9/11? This is the history that never gets taught in schools, and which for that reason cripples the minds of young Americans who deserve to know better.

  9. John 8:31-32 – So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

    Truth is a difficult concept for many to understand, for emotion does indeed get in the way. All we can do is continue to spread the truth, whenever the opportunity arises. You are entitled to your own opinion, it is said, but you are not entitled to your own facts.

    Be passionate with the truth. Don’t be afraid. Let others see the truth in your eyes, in your words, in your actions. Fight for the truth. Fight for truth.

    Stand up and fight.

  10. JFC I can deal with grown men playing house and treasonous politicians ’til the cows come home, but the picture of the man (scientifically if not socially speaking) holding the “Player Characters Against Gamergate” sign is a bridge too far. I’ve thus redoubled my supplications to the God of fortuitous meteors.

  11. You know Plato’s Phoenician Tale, sometimes called the “Noble Lie”, the narrative is the most important thing for a society, jews control the narrative: Hollywood, TV, “super-hero” comics, newspaper,.. All the mass media in the US is in their hands without mentioning the biggest propaganda coup of all times: the Bible.

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