Pardon Me,

but would you happen to have a Da Vinci surgical system? Can you believe there are still places (in 2015!) where the answer is no? I was as vexed as anyone to learn that robots and lasers are actually not commonly available in certain areas. Not only that, but patients at some clinics even have to wait in a mosquito mist for attending shamans to implore the monkey god before administering a transfusion of cow’s blood.

Believe me, you don’t want to learn this the hard way. Some may imagine the life of a Saudi concubine doesn’t exact a toll on one’s health. But that would be wrong. And N’Djamena is not the first choice for a pampered convalescence. Fortunately there are alternatives. See the map below.

FYI: Green means go to

FYI: Green means go to

Always keep this image accessible for when the sniffles intrude during international travel. The operational axiom being: frolic in the Reds, recover in the Greens. Simple enough, though what the countries in either category have in common is beyond my capacity to perceive. That’s why this map is critical. Without it, a patient might mistakenly take flight from Berlin to seek treatment in Monrovia. And that would be a mistake.

The good thing–no the great thing–is that once all of those people in red and orange countries migrate into the green ones, then EVERYONE on Earth will receive world-class healthcare from elite physicians using state of the art equipment. It’s really a moral imperative. And hardly much of a decision at all.

So see you in the ER, Takudzwa.


11 thoughts on “Pardon Me,

  1. Have you read about the duodenoscope?

    It requires rigorous cleaning by conscientious, detail-oriented people. Otherwise, it’s a great place for superbugs to hide out in.

    Hope our growing African and Filipino workforce in medical care understands the importance of this.

    • One presumes the transformative alchemy of border crossing will address the conscientiousness concern. But the superbug issue generally has to be very high on the end-times list of possibilities. And when it emerges (probably out of the feces of India) we now know from precedent two prophylactic actions the USG will immediately undertake: bring their sick here and send our military there.

      So we got that going for us.

  2. What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall the day whites go extinct. If the minorities of the world (people of European descent being, of course, forever exempt from minority status) think they have it bad with the white Devils in charge, just wait until the Chinese take over.

    I’m sure the aforementioned minorities, upon discovering that their EBT cards are no longer operable, will stop to reflect on the folly of their single minded commitment – if one can call it that – to eviscerating the hand that feeds them. Justicia!

    But look on the bright side. All the holy whites who made this farce possible are going to Heaven, right? I mean what other possible motivation could someone have for making themselves miserable in this world?

    “Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.”

    Uh oh…

    • Jack, wasn’t it you who described liberalism as religion without a god?

      For atheists, it’s a particularly fascinating mindset. Accruing virtue credit for an afterlife they explicitely disavow.

      • The idea of Liberalism as Christianity without God has been advanced by a number of people, among them Moldbug who calls Liberalism “Christianity 3.0”, a direct descendant of Puritanism. All the moralizing with none of the spirituality. Liberals seek redemption not for the glory of God, but to glorify themselves. They actively repent for the sins of others rather than their own, piously decrying someone else for their own beatification, or what C.S. Lewis called “the sin of detraction masquerading as the virtue of contrition”.

        This is what Clinton and Obama were doing on their Presidential Apology Tours, impugning their enemies while simultaneously ennobling themselves. Doing right ain’t got no end. As far as the afterlife is concerned, Liberals don’t want to be saved, they want to be the savior.

      • That sounds like something I would say. In any case, I agree with the sentiment. If I ever find the time, I intend to compile everything from my illustrious posting career in one place for easy reference. Maybe FEMA will go easier on me if I save them the work.

        Speaking of noteworthy observations, I believe it was you who introduced me to the concept of in pedes veritas – “in the feet you find truth.” A more effective lawgic trap I have yet to discover. Not only is it effective with weak-minded conservatives in need of self-confidence, but it is one of the few rhetorical devices I can think of that stops moderate liberals dead in their tracks.

        True blue liberals I don’t even bother with, because they don’t actually believe in anything, they’re just pawns. As Celine pointed out, the most fanatical French Nazis became the most fanatical communists when the tide turned in WWII. My intention here, of course, is not to compare Nazis and communists as so many neocon dorks do, but rather to point out that true believers do not believe in anything – the belief’s the thing.

        Long story short, I’ve found that good-natured observations like “If white people are so bad, then why does everyone want to move to their countries?” are so effective that moderate liberal friends to whom I’ve made these arguments have later said things that even made me blush (feels good man).

        People are so conditioned by the media and big corporations to associate HATEFUL views with frothing at the mouth losers (or worse, college Republicans) that hearing them from someone like me – a clean cut, well-spoken white guy from an upper-middle class background with a prestigious degree and a good job – is quite the shock the system.

        It’s all about presentation. The left (and its corporate allies) know that facts and figures don’t win arguments – emotional connection with your audience does. Conservatives, as usual, are behind the curve, but the fact remains: Good natured real talk is the most powerful weapon there is.

      • “The idea of Liberalism as Christianity without God has been advanced by a number of people, among them Moldbug who calls Liberalism “Christianity 3.0″, a direct descendant of Puritanism.”

        Moldbug is a half-Jew who scapegoats Whites for Jewish actions. Puritanism, of course, is a direct descendant of Judaism. (By the way, what is an indirect descendant?)

        Liberalism, too, is a bastard child of Judaism. According to Jewish historian Adam Sutcliffe, “In short, the Enlightenment came to define itself, Mr. Sutcliffe argues, as the antithesis of all things Jewish.” This includes the replacement of particularism with universalism or selflessness, i.e., liberalism, as in “A liberal is someone who can’t take his own side in an argument.” This phenomenon, born in the Jewish intellectual milieu of Amsterdam, was perhaps the ultimate in the “culture of critique”.

  3. @Rev. Right:

    Beautifully said. Your final sentence in particular really gets to the heart of the issue, namely, the fundamental hubris of the left.

    • Quite baffling. It’s almost as if Naseen Kiana, Yousaf Khan, and Mohammed Rahamatullah weren’t entirely dedicated to the tender care of elderly Englishmen.

      Probably just an anomaly.

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