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Well conservatives have had yet another republican betrayal mischievously funneled down their gullets. Immigrant Bong! Chug it! The DHS will remain “cleanly” funded in order to maintain its sentinel’s vigil over our homeland. That lidless eye continuing to scan the horizon relentlessly for any incursions into American territory held sacrosanct by men such as Jeh(Jeh?) Johnson. Either that or battalions of obeseties will continue to validate the pellucidity of glass by staring out government office windows while somberly consuming carbohydrates.

Republican voters, who tackled the voting booths in November like they were blocking sleds, will once again be ushered into the corner to sulk morosely. Nice play boys! Just remember how to do that in 2016. We’re counting on you to come through big in that election. Don’t let us down…and don’t call us in the meantime.

The love you/fuck you cycle has become so predictable that I imagine the more numerate politicians have plotted a regression analysis across the bell curve. As you can see, all of our constituents to the right of 1SD now fully comprehend that we’re fertilizing them with bullshit to harvest votes. However, there remains rich electoral ore still to be mined in the median’s long vertical axis. To say nothing of what lies to its left. Message: We don’t care.

So I suppose it’s no less pointless than blogging to contemplate why this metronome continues ticking in cadence. Absolutely everyone, aside from perhaps the entire mainstream, understands that republican politicians are pulled toward diametrically opposed poles. They attempt to serve two masters, one hardly at all. There are voters and there are patrons, and a gaping chasm between.

And why one of these sees their interests dutifully served, while the other posts bitter laments at Breitbart is actually not an entirely pecuniary function. Of course money is a proximate cause. Though if voters didn’t sell their selection so cheaply, green wouldn’t be every pol’s favorite color. Alas, most voters may as well have a key turning in their back. Money wins because money works. If you would like it otherwise, simply stop being influenced by the biennial fusillades of campaign pap. Though I’m probably not addressing the most susceptible audience and as I mentioned it’s not all about getting quantitatively eased.

There’s also native human psychology hard at work. I once absorbed a long jeremiad from a friend who was navigating a certain government agency. The functionary he was dealing with offered responses from a narrow quiver of canned remarks. Speaking a patois of cliche and jargon, he was vague, evasive, and wholly noncommittal as to either action or advice. My friend was exasperated and furious. But he wasn’t tracking the psychology in play.

The government guy wasn’t a robot, he simply didn’t particularly care if my pal achieved his ends. And not exclusively because he didn’t get paid a penny more to do so. But because there was no personal relationship. No loyalty. And so no motivation. This is what many don’t grasp about their most beloathed politicians. They don’t know you. Have no emotional connection to you. You are treated as nothing but a vote, because psychologically you are nothing more. In contrast, donors actually meet these people. Shake their hands. Ask about about their kids (and pretend to care about the answer). They share jokes, drinks, and group rates on women. Donors become real people, while you remain a highly valued phone number in the robo-call computer bank.

And so when questions of loyalty invariably arise, the answers aren’t just donor v. voter, but between a commitment to what is often a friend offered eye-to-eye, and a platitudinous campaign promise regurgitated to millions. The comparative emotional gravity isn’t even close.

Though there are some potential legal means to counter this malign bromance formation. But I’ve said enough already. Hell, I don’t even know your ass.


9 thoughts on “Psychology Today

  1. “The dictature of money marches on, tending to its material peak, in the Faustian Civilization as in every other. And now something happens that is intelligible only to one who has penetrated to the essence of money. If it were anything tangible, then its existence would be for ever but, as it is a form of thought, it fades out as soon as it has thought its economic world to finality, and has no more material upon which to feed…

    The coming of Caesarism breaks the dictature of money and its political weapon democracy? After a long triumph of world-city economy and its interests over political creative force, the political side of life man ifests itself after all as the stronger of the two. The sword is victorious over the money, the masterwill subdues again the plunderer-will. If we call these money-powers “Capitalism,” then we may designate as Socialism the will to call into life a mighty politico-economic order that transcends all class interests, a system of lofty thoughtfulness and duty-sense that keeps the whole in fine condition for the decisive battle of its history, and this battle is also the battle of money and law. The private powers of the economy want free paths for their acquisition of great resources. No legislation must stand in their way. They want to make the laws themselves, in their interests, and to that end they make use of the tool they have made for themselves, democracy, the subsidized party. Law needs, in order to resist this onslaught, a high tradition and an ambition of strong families that finds its satisfaction not in the heaping-up of riches, but in the tasks of true rulership, above and beyond all money-advantage. A power can be overthrown only by another power, not by a principle, and no power that can confront money is left but this one. Money is overthrown and abolished only by blood.”


  2. Hi Kak, I am watching Blazing Saddles and am thoroughly enjoying the film. My heart is filled with gaiety. However, it features blacks partnering with jews to protect simpleton towns of gentile farmers. It was an interesting film recommendation from you…

    • Hey DR, good to see you around. Yes, it sends the obligatory message. Though is a movie I don’t think could be shown to contemporary audiences without a great deal of theater knockout-gaming.

  3. Our votes have not counted since at least Bush 1. It is overwhelmingly likely that it has been much longer. Get out of the false left-right paradigm.

    • You’re confused about my confusion over false paradigms. Though paste the passages with which you disagree, and I’ll seek to extricate myself.

      • Im not sure if you’re agreeing with me that the left vs. right (and by that token, ordinary citizen participation in the electoral process) in America is a joke, but i am hopeful. Please don’t take my tone as combative, I appreciate your writing. My point is simply, why waste time discussing things like voter retention/turnout when we should know by now that it is not about “fertilizing them with bullshit to harvest votes” as much as “fertilizing them with bullshit to maintain a false sense of citizen participation”. The fact that people believe our once every 2-4 year votes are counted and STILL are accepting of that level of participation in a government designed as a constitutional republic (ROFL) is astonishing. But to be clear, no, i do not believe the elite would allow even our most minimal practice of quadrennial voting to impact their agenda. Can’t leave such an important role as America’s puppet-in-chief up to us “useless eaters”.

  4. Spengler’s quote +10. No visible Caesar as yet in our degraded remnants of the empire; perhaps the ultimate failure of oil-based usury will bring on the fall of the current Babelon.

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