Whom They Would Destroy

It’s the failure to grow inured. That’s much of the issue. Minds insufficiently porous to absorb novel paradigms. Hewing instead to stale modes of thought. Most members of society embrace media-contrived mores through osmosis. Even if contrary notions once existed, they eventually succumb to data overwrite. External broadcasts come to replace weak internal signals. Marinate something long enough, and its original taste will recede. This is how values and expectations for behavior are transmitted.

Your problem–and I am speaking to you–is undue viscosity in this process. Gears are grinding, not spinning. Your signal/noise is atrocious. Society is broadcasting, but you are not receiving. And where you are, saturation is not occurring. You do not habituate efficiently. That is why you struggle to maintain pace. What appears to you as incomprehensible in the distance, is mere forward progress to those further along the path. Where you weep, we laugh. Where you laugh, we weep. The difference you will learn; I will teach you.

Lesson #1

Never suggest a Mexican is in America legally.

Sean Penn under fire for ‘xenophobic’ Green Card joke about Mexican-born Birdman

Sean Penn is in hot water over remarks he made about a ‘green card’ into relation to Mexican-born Oscar-winner Alejandro Inarritu who won Sunday night’s Oscar for best director. Penn arrived on stage at the end of the Sunday’s Academy Awards telecast to hand out the award for best film. In announcing the win for Birdman, Penn asked, ‘Who gave this son of a bitch his green card? Birdman.’

Having a green card would have made Mr. Inarritu legal.  Here’s why that’s a problem.


It’s xenophobic, which is a fear of foreigners.  And Penn was plainly afraid.  More importantly, Mexican nationals grow quickly perturbed at the thought of illegal immigration. You do not say ‘green card’ to a man who plainly doesn’t have one.


The struggles people endure to enter the country illegally, consume native-funded social services, and claim EITCs in arrears are not punchlines.  They are Justice.


Exactly.  Why Penn didn’t mention the 40 million tea-sipping Limeys now lounging in the country is a question someone should pose. As a matter of fact, 20,000 more Brits slipped across the border just in 2015. And I doubt right-wing xenophobes like Penn ever even wonder who’s going to pay their dental bills.


Lesson #2

Never imply that The Sound of Music is noisy.. A Cleveland Hatecaster has learned this lesson painfully after complaining on-air about the difficulty of discerning song lyrics. “It’s hard to hear her voice over all the jigaboo music.” To be honest, I’ve groused similarly myself at times, though that doesn’t forgive the raw race hate on display below.

And since the music she was referencing was a Julie Andrews number, some of you fey Folsome Streeters might enjoy hearing a bit more from the jigaboo genre.


Lesson #3

It is against the law in England to push an African off a French train.

Though you may remove the boards from your windows. The savage international fugitives have been apprehended.

A former police officer and human rights activist has been named as one of the men involved in an allegedly racist incident on the Paris Metro last week involving Chelsea supporters.
Richard Barklie, 50, from Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland was identified after the Metropolitan Police released stills of men they want to speak to in connection with the incident. Mr Barklie now works with human rights charity in Northern Ireland which helps people affected by the troubles.

You will recall the brutal attack was perpetrated against a man named Souleymane Sylla, who was indecorously ushered off a train. Following an arduous emotional recovery, Mr. Sylla is expected to immediately return to the Sudan, where he will never again suffer such depredations.

Lee Rigby remains unmoved.


Lesson #4

When communing with nature, select your fauna judiciously.

Fearless African tribesmen hunt feet away from Cheetahs.

because they are so in tune with the animals they have ‘mutual respect’

Here’s an accompanying photo.

It’s quite awe inspiring to see these stewards of nature in such harmonious proximity to magnificent and deadly big cats. It’s especially thrilling given that Cheetahs have killed something on the order of 20 people in recorded history. Though here’s some animals with which Africans have strangely not established such detente.

Cape buffalos
Black mambas
And malarial mosquitos

I suppose these species are all just out of tune with nature. Though one final feral observation: in the last hundred years the cheetah population has fallen approximately 90% as Africans have mushroomed by a factor of 10.  That’s mutual respect.

R-e-s-p-e-c-t, find out what it means to thee.


3 thoughts on “Whom They Would Destroy

  1. From the video I saw, it might even be illegal to push _back_ an African who shoves into you first.

    Immigration policy fractal?

  2. Ha ha, what the hell is going on with Biden and his hand on that copper’s knee?!

    Hilarious pic. Just looked it up and can’t find a backstory on it nor whether it’s real or faked. Can you share some insight with me, Admin?

    I’m referring to the banner pic of Biden with his hand on some policeman’s knee, who doesn’t look entirely happy about it.

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