Europe Now More Capacious

I happened upon this article on a Czech woman who recently underwent reconstructive surgery to broaden her vaginal canal so as to better accommodate the introduction of foreign objects. This isn’t to ridicule, as that desire is natural and we wish the best in her convalescence.

Though not every apparatus was designed to offer such hospitality to non-native incursion. Countries formed organically of nations is one example that grows tumescent in mind. And in instances where that entry canal is attenuated–other terms for this condition being ‘under represented’ and ‘non diverse’–certain procedures are the increasingly sought corrective. Unfortunately these are not nearly so ameliorative for the host.

And not long since France experienced its own Islamic widening procedure, now too the physicians arrive in Denmark.

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) – Police shot dead a gunman on Sunday whose attacks on a Copenhagen synagogue and an event promoting free speech may have been inspired by an attack on French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo last month, authorities said.

I don’t know that the identity of the gunman has been released, and this fact alone stands as strong anecdotal evidence he was not a native Dane. Perhaps he was a right-wing extremist, like those who routinely litter Chicago’s south side with corpses. If so, it’s a fact the media will cover ably for the next 37 weeks unbroken. Though if he was another Son of Allah, consider it only one of many cultural widening procedures to come. European society is simply too snug for the millions pressing against its undergarments. As Babs Spectre encouraged the continent previously…Relax and open up, we’re going into well-lubricated multicultural mode. Let’s see what the authorities have to say about this…

Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt said the attacks were terrorism and promised to protect freedom of speech and Denmark’s small but vibrant Jewish community.

“When you mercilessly fire deadly bullets at innocent people taking part in a debate, when you attack the Jewish community, you attack our democracy,” Thorning-Schmidt said outside the synagogue. “We will do everything possible to protect our Jewish community.”

Mercilessly firing deadly bullets? Now that’s just gauche. Bullets (particularly deadly ones) should be fired only with the most humane inclination. It’s etiquette I’m sure immigrants to Europe will eventually embrace.

Though at least the Danish people can take pride in proper prioritization from their prime minister. The most precious elements of Denmark are free speech and jews. Which is obviously the position Danes originally formed a state to advance.

Whatever is ultimately learned of this procedure in Copenhagen, one hopes the European patient will come to one day appreciate the virtues of discretion.


10 thoughts on “Europe Now More Capacious

  1. Europe’s Islamic problem is really just a dissimulation of its Jewish Question. All of it is a matter of anti-white proxy. From organized Jewry’s perspective, what has to be prevented at any cost is the resurgence of truly nationalist and actively anti-bankster and anti-Zionist mobilization.

    Third World immigrants, in Greg Johnson’s terminology, are nothing but avatars of the Jew:

    Big, bad, scary ISIS, furthermore, is demonstrably Jewish, as was Al Qaeda:

  2. The Judeo-Islamic alliance: oppressing whitey since the Umayyad invasion of Hispania in 711 AD. For nearly 8 centuries in Iberia followed by nearly 5 centuries in the Balkans followed by the post-WWII immigration invasion of the West, Jews and Muslims have worked hand in glove (the brains and brawn of the operation respectively) for the conquest of Europe. Until now.

    Sure, Jews and Muslims still share many commonalities, such as brutal Semitic tribal practices like baby mutilation (circumcision) and animal torture (kosher/halal slaughter). They also share a love of mass immigration, ferocious opposition to free speech, and a generalized anti-European race hatred. But even though some Jews still find the Muslims to be useful allies, the reverse is no longer true.

    Though Jews and Muslims have spent the last century squabbling over a certain patch of turf in the Levant, while on the white man’s territory they have fully cooperated in working for his demise. But now Muslims have reached a critical mass in the West and they no longer need the guidance of their erstwhile Jewish allies. In fact the Jews have become the number one target for Islamic jihadists in Europe. The ultimate back-stabbers have been stabbed in the back! Oh the irony, the delicious irony.

    Major Jewish organizations in the West have been slow to pick up on this reversal of alliances. Like old generals still fighting the last war, they still see their main enemy as the pale-skinned Nazi goyim masses. But more and more ordinary Jews have woken up to the Islamic threat and have begun to move to the right politically, as the European left has become increasingly dominated by Muslims and their sympathizers.

    In France a majority of Jews abandoned the socialists and voted for Sarkozy in 2012, while something like 95% of Muslims voted for Hollande. In Canada Jews have left the Liberal party en masse and are now a reliable Conservative voting bloc. Anecdotal evidence shows the same pattern in the UK and Australia: as the growing Muslim population makes its weight felt on the political left, the Jews are forced out of their traditional political home to parties on the right.

    The US is, for now, an exception to this rule. Why? Because outside of Israel, the US is possibly the only nation on Earth where Jews still outnumber Muslims, so the Jews don’t feel the hot, stinky breath of the Islamic host breathing down their necks, yet. In the US the Jews are still at war with Eurasia (whitey) while in the rest of the West they have mostly switched sides and are now at war with East Asia (Islam). But even in the US, as the Muslim immigration invasion rolls on (largely facilitated by the Jews), this will change and soon enough — for the first time ever — a majority of Jews will be voting for the Republicans. Count on it.

    The fact that jihadists specifically targeted Jews in both France and Denmark can only be good news for white race patriots like us. It further weakens the already faltering Judeo-Islamic alliance and will drive more Jews away from the political left. And as an added bonus we have Benjamin Netanyahu imploring European Jews to make mass aliyah to Israel. That’s right Jews, go home to Bibi and don’t let the door hit your treacherous asses on the way out.

  3. I sympathize with Danes for what must be a bitter realization: the Copenhagen killer was one of their own. Yes, a Native Son was responsible for hosing down the sidewalks there.

    It’s redolent of America’s own familial shame with her teens. Here adults suffer an increasingly brittle relationship with fractious 13-19 year olds. Some Teens even remaining querulous far into middle-age. I do fear that if our youths are prelude, Europe faces a fraught future with its swarthy Native Sons.

  4. You can count on the good ol’ Gray Lady to smear those cultural lines for you… the most nauseating photo was of an ACTUAL native son police officer with a bouquet of flowers for the victims of the synagogue shooting…a mighty Norseman reduced to this…

  5. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Hey, what goes around, comes around. The Jews are getting their come uppings. Hopefully the Masses of Dumb Goy Azzes will have awakened and let Muzzies do their thing.

    Vikings need to exit Europe and really exit the States. Just find a place to chill out while the People of The Sand do their thing. Hopefully Talmudvision will still be around so us Goy Whiteys can sit back and watch them go at it.

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