The first post on this blog appeared one year ago today. What the hell was I thinking? I suppose that’s a question for either my psychiatrist or mortician. Though if you’ve found something here of merit, you’re probably not Rich Lowry.

Also a nod to those who participate in the combox. An activity that makes this little project a more interesting one for me. I already know what I think and find more appeal in conversation than a monologue.

If any would like to revisit the greatest hits, those below were the ten most popular in order of page views.

Girl we couldn’t get much higher.

How to turn healthy young women into bitter barren harpies

Anarcho-Tyranny on schedule

Laughter at the gates of Hell. Perhaps my most compelling writing of all.

Meet the Cockers

It was a very good decade

The dumb are a goldmine

The economics of Ebola


The day democracy died

So there it is. My blogging contract runs through the close of business today. We’ll see where it goes from there.


9 thoughts on “365

  1. You have established yourself as a sharp and acerbic wit on all things concerning the destruction of Western civilization…I for one hope you stay “under contract”…unfortunately I can’t pay you the kind of salary given to some brain dead Negro basketball player, but I do have lots of “hate coins” and Nazi gold! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on an impressive first year. I’ve read every post and you remain consistently incisive. I appreciate the effort and hope your enthusiasm for maintaining this unique little corner of the internet keeps you going. I’m sure events will continue to provide plenty of inspiration.

  3. Great blog, but the farcical faux-friendly pharisees infesting the comments at Mangan’s need to be taken down a notch. Where’s Porter?

  4. Of some amusement: this blog is now the third entry in a google search of Kakistocracy. Just ahead of those from the free dictionary and Merriam Webster.

    The most popular search input from the past year was unsurprisingly “kakistocracy blog.” It got quite a bit more esoteric from there. Here’s a sample:

    kakistocracy beans
    squadron88 sydney
    the kakistocracy + homosexuals
    the kakistocracy + white privilege
    kakistocrqcy blog
    kakistrocricty blog
    kakistocracy sweden
    advantages of kakistocracy (we do attract a few optimists apparently)
    segregation in iraq
    juniper networks layoffs
    diversity as kakistocracy
    we recieve pleasure from thr beans
    kakistocracy blog beans
    kakistocracy blogspot (our sister site)
    only turned on by young women
    kakistocratic elite
    countries that follow kakistocracy
    social construct the kakistocracy
    the kakistocracy + gay marriage
    bitter women
    kakisocracy blog
    melilla fence world war z
    kakistovrscy blog
    hungary slum
    dindu nuffin
    laughter and fuckingtogether
    segrigation in iraq
    kakistocracy blo9g
    blog kakistocracy
    katrina moerk
    r word all city in world
    jay fivekiller
    red pepper uganda top 200 homos exposed
    three steps forward five steps back ben tillman
    yazidi aryans
    jessica arrendale jealous
    results of kakiocracy
    flaxen haired bush (hey!)
    kakistocravy blog
    the kakistocracy we receive beans
    do straight men conscious of their crotch
    kakistocracy pleasure beans
    kurds and yazidis are originally aryans
    blonde blue eyed reddit rescue
    yazidi aryan
    kakistocracy bloh
    are yazidis people racist?
    cat in a dog house
    not worth losing life to win pr israel
    i’ve got the month of may definition
    are yazidis people racist? do they think their “blond bloodlines” are superior to other people?
    dana milbank jew
    mark shea is wrong on immigration
    chicago cps byrd bennett about the iaaas
    communism equality
    blacks being driven out of cities by latino gangs
    word z war
    replacing native goods with imports
    essay about 6kakistocracy
    kakistocracy blof
    booger extration (a worthy endeavor)
    romantic places to fight to for the weekend
    why seattle has so many jobs
    hindu against isis on facebook
    impression of white society
    yazidi are aryan
    the battle cry of the jews
    big beautiful jewish nose
    systematic processing of first impression
    yolo has become ubiquitous
    rich ugly girls
    shakers maladaptive
    why is kakistocracy good
    details of hagenbuch refugee
    irony can be pretty ironic
    filmy examples of realignment
    kakistocracy benefits
    paul rooney lana newstrom
    ugly women with a big nose
    white privilege national review
    obliviousness in art
    helga lustig
    isis mount sinjar the hindu
    hacktivists reputation destroying
    ketorie glover convicted
    the anti gnostic + ashley judd (you dog)
    national review white privilege
    julie gerberding vaccinated
    are the yazidi really blond and blue eyed?
    autosarcophagy photography
    “greater tragedy” ebola
    kakistocratic elites
    as a young woman
    lords propellor redemption church
    snacking on lettuce
    integrity hypocrisy
    kakistocrcy blog
    perks of kakistocracy
    h.p hearing his job company
    kakistocracy in the past
    kakisto racy blog
    mugabe today
    russian iq of a clam
    gynecocracy cuckold
    remarks cool
    kakiatocracy blog
    ciuadad de mexico
    old women bitter about younger women
    directing resistance milton erikson
    i leaped for her and leaped beyond the bound of sense
    kakistocracy mottos
    sober sobriety altered idaho
    barren harpies
    kaksitocracy your
    kakistocrqcy blo
    the war of the saints summary
    ketorie glover trial
    jewish battle cry
    diversity reaches
    kakistocray blog
    kakistocracy marajuana
    sentence using kakistocracy
    bryan caplan autistic
    i squared orrin hatch
    yazidi with blonde hair
    kakiatocraxy blog
    how men turn women bitter
    putin finance le pen dissident right
    iaaas curriculum
    are yazidis white
    favorite position
    muslim favret position
    two sentences using the word press
    dr rachel levine before and after pictures
    obsequious mewling
    the kakistocracy + rich tapestry
    pindos in russia
    kakistoceacy blog
    pope on the flying spaghetti monster
    sjw hysteria
    kakuatocracy blog
    the kakistocracy baton rouge
    did jessica chambers date negros
    kakustocracy blog
    feminism left women childless

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