Gracias Gringos

One of the more interesting aspects of watching your country dissolve before your eyes is the now routine emergence of faits accompli that would have been inconceivable just years prior. Do you know how old I am? So old that I can recall congress debating figures in the millions; homosex “marriage” being ludicrous; war as an endeavor only undertaken once per decade after a properly contrived casus belli; and the unanimously accepted term of “illegal alien.” I suppose none of these receding memories even make the Common Core hatestory books anymore.

Fortunately we needn’t long dwell on those hazy reminiscences, because in El Norte there’s always something nuevo. And the something that tonight so disrupted your host’s typically tranquil reflections was the revelation that Mr. Obama’s recent migration by fiat order will result in both forward and prior period eligibility for ummm…what do we call them?…dreamericans within the income tax program.

If you are pondering why my Friday night fugue state would be disturbed by aliens incorporated into the tax regime, then you plainly don’t understand the extent to which this has been transformed into another welfare outlet. Most notably through the Earned Income Tax Credit. And it is this specific feature that IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, testifying to the House oversight committee this week, opined would be available to previous pre-Americans.

Bear in mind, the EITC is not a mere deduction, nor a mere credit. It is a fully refundable credit, which means it can be claimed for cash against zero paid taxes. The result is an IRS simply cutting checks to millions of alien squatters. Beyond opening our entire social and welfare panoply, we’ll now also simply hand them newly printed cash. This is the behavior of a frivolous and debauched state in terminal decline.

So how much do we owe our new countrymen for the trouble of filling out our bigoted tax forms? Here’s the current year EITC schedule:

Tax Year 2015 maximum credit:
$6,242 with three or more qualifying children
$5,548 with two qualifying children
$3,359 with one qualifying child
$503 with no qualifying child

The serendipity is we’ll probably be shielded from those higher tier credits for children. After all, have you ever heard of a fecund immigrant female? Though in the unlikely event they don’t studiously adhere to Western TFRs, we can project the costs out to some 20-30 billion. Are we actually going to deny that paltry charity to our multitudinous brown neighbors. Besides, who knows where all that money even comes from in the first place💸.

But, as I assume you anticipated, it does get even better. There is speculation that the EITC is only one completely unintended side effect of Obama’s action. The other being eligibility to vote. And that has republicans scurrying to the wailing wall. Here’s a positively precious excerpt from a missive penned to Obama.

While we may disagree about whether your deferred action programs were lawfully created and implemented, we are confident that we can all agree that these programs cannot be permitted to impair the integrity of our elections.

It’s like watching the wide-eyed credulity of a child at Christmas. Surely we can all agree that electoral integrity is paramount to democrats. That Mr. Obama is deeply aggrieved at the possibility of American votes being swamped by imported proxies. That he weeps imagining the demographic stilleto fatally plunged. The poor man is quite shaken I imagine. Actually I believe video exists of he and White House staff in somber reflection upon receiving the concerned correspondence from congressional republicans. Ah yes here it is below…


8 thoughts on “Gracias Gringos

  1. I’m so old, I can remember when mowing lawns was something white boys did to earn extra money, learn responsibility, and think a few steps ahead. Even without Milton Friedman we came to understand certain concepts. Truly, white boys (literal, not pejorative) did landscaping work.

    I’m so old I can remember when limitations to immigration generated not just voting majorities, but UNANIMITY across party and racial lines. Yet no politicians stepped up to seize that sure thing. I grew suspicious.

    Yet my best days are ahead of me.

  2. Are Republicans stupid? Insane? Diabolical? Some unholy combination of the three? Republicans (and nearly all conservatives and libertarians I can think of, for that matter) would gladly sign their and their descendants’ death warrant so long as it adheres to the letter of the law.

    The Left could pass a (purely hypothetical) law making Orangutans citizens and the Right would begin to earnestly debate the policy implications – taking for granted the inherent rights of all Orangutans – because if something’s legal it must be moral right? After all, civil disobedience is the province of LIEberals, and you don’t want to be like them do you?

    With friends like Republicans, who needs enemies?

  3. Speaking of Friedman, in a now hate filled observation he noted that open borders and the welfare state, were contradictory propositions. of course today’s libertarians like the morons at Reason magazine believe that the cause America’s economic problems are a lack of unlimited low-cost laborers in the midst of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. I’m not sure if there’s a suicide hotline for nations, but if there is we’ve apparently been put on hold…

    • I agree that Reason is excruciating to read. For no other reason than their resolute determination that reality never encroach on theory.

      If you want to deploy a libertarian social model, you need to cultivate a majority of libertarians. But since their working concepts no more contemplate the profile of a libertarian any more than that of a NBA center or MS-13 enforcer, they oblige themselves to pretend one doesn’t exist.

      So they pantomime a belief that millions of migrating Amerinds are as likely to embrace their ideals as the subset of idiosyncratic whites who actually do. The result being legions of new labor units voting in bloc opposition to the same libertarians whose dogma required them to invite their opposition.

      None of this maladaptive frivolity has a future. Because nature doesn’t care a whit for our intellectual pieties.

  4. It’s like watching the wide-eyed credulity of a child at Christmas

    The Left plays to win.

    The Republicans are a mix of people who play to get payed and people who don’t know what game they are playing. Your take brings to mind a quote from one doctor who definitely would have been a fan of Obamacare:

    “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.”

  5. as if we needed any further proof we’re culturally suicidal…
    Voting “rights” for illegals…

    just how many “earned income tax credits” are we planning to give away to people who aren’t citizens and didn’t pay any taxes? Well, so many in fact that the INS will need to hire an outside contractor to do all the work 16 hours a day 5 days a week, to “naturalize them…then the checks!

  6. I’m so old that I can remember when the concept of “cisgender” was called “being normal”. I’m so old that I can remember when people thought Bill Clinton was trying to install himself as dictator of the U.S. I’m so old that I can remember when the only Spanish you needed to know to do your job was the phrase “Would you like to make those tacos ‘supremo’ for just 35 cents extra”?

    I suspect there’s a Jeff Foxworthy running gag type of thing that you could do yearly comedy tours on in this shit.

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