Praying for a Muslim Majority

Alien colonies metastasize quickly in Western democracies. This because even early polyps rapidly attract the indulgences of venal politicians casting for easy bloc votes. Once political sponsorship is achieved, efforts to reduce further growth are thwarted. The colony grows unchecked, physically supplanting supine natives and disseminating its mores in anticipation of further encroachments. Eventually it’s unified constituency overwhelms the fractured hosts who subsequently resort to flight, nature’s only other option having been foreclosed by their unrequited universalist creed. Where this terminates is not a matter of particularly florid imagination.

So it’s encouraging to note France’s new muslim political party.

A relatively new Muslim political party, that wants to overturn the veil ban, is eyeing up a stronger presence on the French political landscape, announcing on Thursday that it will field candidates in eight areas at next month’s regional elections.

The Democratic Union of French Muslims (UDMF) wants to tackle the under-representation of Muslims in French politics.

The party’s founder, Nagib Azergui, told French newspaper Le Parisien that he believed the party’s values were compatible with French democracy, much in the same way that France’s Christian Democratic Party manages to separate religion from politics.

Elderly tropes never tire. Under-representation. That’s one of several contemporary nouns imparting the imperative: Leave Earth now. One will locate few lachrymose journalists lamenting the under-representation of muslims in Botswana. Or of Hindus in Yemen. General terms have evolved to bear very precise meanings. Though not being sufficiently well versed in progressive propriety, I am always prone to wonder: why might French people desire a marked under representation of Muslims in power? Could France be a country for the French? With those French possessing some inexplicably atavistic preference to be ruled by their own? Is it possible that analogizing the political expression of violent and hostile colonists to the ancient faith of the indigenous people is a false equivalence? It’s just fanciful musing. We’ll move on.

However the party does have some controversial policies that will not be welcome among French secularists, notably their wish to overturn France’s ban on headscarves in schools and see an increased investment in the Halal food industry to help boost…

To help boost what? What might you guess? What consideration yields preeminence only to diversity?

…the economy.

Let them eat halal

Let them eat halal

“In the media debate sparked by some intellectuals and political leaders, it is clearly insinuated that Islam is not compatible with democracy,” reads the (muslim party) website.

And that would be a very inaccurate assessment. Islam is perfectly compatible with democracy. You simply import and breed a sufficient cohort and then bloc-vote the imposition of Sharia law, Jizya taxes, and executions for apostasy or blasphemy. You can hear the due-process as clearly as a morning call to prayer.

Speaking of which…

Muslims at over 2,000 mosques in France will gather on Friday to pray for France and its future. And for what future France do you imagine muslims are privately appealing? Well that calls for speculation, and I’m sure no egregious exception would be taken for artistic license related to…I don’t know…cartoons or some such, just as a hypothetical. But the primary point to remember (if one could possibly forget) is that muslims (and since we’re in France let’s be frank–all non-whites) are always the victim, you bigots.

Meanwhile, there have been record numbers of anti-Muslim incidents reported in France of late. Since the terror attacks in Paris two weeks ago, there have been 128 incidents registered – which is almost the same amount as in the whole of 2014.

The National Observatory Against Islamophobia said these incidents, which include 33 acts against mosques and 95 threats had been reported to authorities since the January 7-9th shooting spree by three French jihadists that killed 17, compared to a total of 133 such incidents in 2014.

National Observatory Against Islamophobia tracking numerous dhimmi objects across Ursa Minor

National Observatory Against Islamophobia tracking numerous dhimmi objects across Ursa Minor

Though other than the irrational phobias of various celestial bodies, probably what I find most irritating is that the French are persistently able to distinguish themselves from those who are not. Quite chaffing really.

Muslims in France – ‘They say we’re not French’

The Local spoke to 17-year-old Sira and 22-year-old Hasfa, two French-born Muslim sisters who run a local shop selling women’s accessories. “The French say that we aren’t French,” Hasfa said. “People always ask me: ‘Where are you from?’”

Other Muslim women shared their view.

“I felt French until people told me I wasn’t,” said 28-year-old Aïcha who was also born in France. “We have never felt integrated. It’s frustrating.”

She pointed to France’s controversial law of 2004 which banned the wearing of headscarves in schools and then a following law of 2011 which banned the full-face veil in public.

Although the government said the laws were necessary to reinforce France’s secular values or for security reasons, many Muslims felt they were specifically targeted to pander to the rising far right. [That’s FAR far right, my brown little french pastry]

“People see a woman wearing a veil and think she’s not educated, that she doesn’t know anything, but in reality that woman might be a doctor or a teacher,” Aïcha added.

International footballer Sofiane Feghouli, who was born in a suburb of Paris but plays for Algeria, raised a few eyebrows this week when he explained his motives to play for the country where his parents are from.

“With all that I have experienced, I don’t feel fully integrated into French society… I just feel Algerian,” said the footballer. [Magic border requires extra pocus cadabra]

A major study into the immigrant segregation in the suburbs of Paris was carried out in 2011. By studying two districts that were mainly populated by immigrants from north and west Africa, researchers found that many residents felt totally separated from the French.

Islamic values are replacing those of a republic which failed to deliver on its promise of “equality”, and the residents of the suburbs increasingly do not see themselves as French, the researchers said at the time.[I simply refuse to believe that muslim culture is portable]

Majid Jarroudi from France’s Agency for Entrepreneurial Diversity says the problem of disengaged second generation youths lies in a lack of equality.

“The French Republic doesn’t treat the youths in the poor suburbs the same way it treats other citizens,” he told CNN. [And probably even love their own children more than Ahmed’s dozen]

A 54-year-old Muslim man of Algerian origin who works at the Doudeauville restaurant, and who did not want to give his name, told The Local: “I’m a citizen of the world. I love the country, the language, the culture. It was natural to get French citizenship. My life is here.” [I’m a muslim citizen of the world. So it was natural to not live in any of the world’s 49 muslim majority countries]

Other immigrants are accepting of the fact that living in France means there are different principles and values to respect.

Yacine Dahmani is a 22-year-old working in the perfume industry. He was born in Algeria and came to France when he was 15.

“I feel human before anything else,” he told The Local.

Right, human. Though which humans get lapidated or decapitated and which do not is really the key question. Though probably not entirely pleasant, a person would certainly feel human either way.

But I understand the sentiment of these proud muslims. What if you traveled to a foreign country and the natives didn’t recognize you as one of their own? You can imagine the searing rage that would follow. Fortunately, we privileged are sheltered from such ignominies. For instance, when I fly to Macau with my friend Sheldon I sometimes stroll about the city, even pausing to gaze into the smoggy sky. In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony passport’s blessing. But because I am enlightened by being Chinese. Because upon arrival, I become a chinaman. And am accepted and regarded as such by all indigenous people there who can barely distinguish me from their own relatives. Though when deplaning in Vegas I am once again American and Chinese no longer. Perhaps an Israeli jew tomorrow. It’s quite my decision.

I am whatever I decide to be before anything else.


3 thoughts on “Praying for a Muslim Majority

  1. Here’s a minor insight wholly unrelated to the post above.

    For those who may one day find themselves in a public speaking engagement, always apply the following advice:

    Don’t talk to the floor. You can do that at your own leisure. Look up and be aware of the faces looking back. While they’re looking at you, they’re listening. When they have wearied of your spiel, they will stop. And those polite, often unconscious, gazes out the window are your cue to do three things: enthusiastically conclude your remarks, congratulate yourself for a superb performance, and proceed directly to the bar.

    No one will love you more for it than the audience.

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