Good Schools for America

While Africa begins to enjoy its own Good Schools movement, we should never forget how robust it still remains in its American cradle. A fascinatingly novel application of which has just recently been proposed by Michael Bloomberg.


Speaking to the Aspen Institute on February 6, Michael Bloomberg said cities should ban young minority males from owning guns, both as an effort to reduce crime and to keep those minority males “alive.”

According to The Aspen Times, Bloomberg addressed a variety of topics, and after commenting on poverty and education, he discussed guns. The Times reported that he said, “Cities need to get guns out of [the] … hands” of persons who are “male, minority, and between the ages of 15 and 25.”

He claimed that “95 percent of all murders fall into this category” and that taking guns away from them will not only reduce crime, but will “keep them alive.”

Bloomberg said male minorities from the ages of 15 to 25 do not have a good outlook on life and “think they’re going to get killed anyway because all their friends are getting killed.” He also said having a gun “is a joke” for them, that “it’s a joke to pull the trigger.”

He’s speaking a bit too candidly for comfort, though this is still a properly constructed primary education facility.

Unmentionable problem: The plague of black violence has proliferated so widely that it now inconveniences jewish billionaires. And having crossed that Rubicon, ameliorative action is required. Blacks must be defanged.

Uncriticizable solution: Save the blacks!

This is how effective people accomplish their ends. By inducing virtuous dupes to labor for their benefit. By setting opponents’ ideology against interests and forcing a choice to the former. By manipulating the naive into relinquishing their birthright out of unrequited allegiance to cold concepts. It is said the devil can cite scripture for his purpose. Just as fiendishly clever mortals can cite universalist platitudes for theirs. It’s precisely how America was so thoroughly taken from its founders.

In this instance though, having intellectually lapped white conservatives, liberals like Bloomberg may actually be starting school construction in the rear of the plodding herd. Saving precious black lives is going to require a lot of urban gun confiscation. Though that would be unconstitutional and un civil-righty. So what is the acceptable position for maladroit conservatives (aside from downward dog)?

They bovinely accept the prohibition on speaking for their own behalf. And so are left trying to navigate the brackish water where universalist ideology intersects with naked black advocacy. This all muddied further by awkward slivers of self-preservation.

For the poor obtuse conservatives at Breitbart, it’s a three-ring circus:

Bloomberg is bad. 👎
And gun control is unconstitutional. 👎
And racism is evil. 👎
So this proposal is Satanic. 👺
But we don’t like the thought of being perforated by future astronauts. 🔃
So what’s the correct answer❓
Mostly, the answer is that liberals are the ‘real racists’ and fidelity to the constitution requires blacks to be well-armed. 👼

Enjoy a few comment thread examples of conservatives furiously defending yesterday’s liberalism.

This will end Bloomberg’s career in the gun control or any other political lobby. He is now telling the world to ban BLACKS from being able to do something the Lilly white people, like him, can do. That cannot be ignored even by Sharpton or Jackson. This is straight up KKK type racism.

Lefties can say and do anything without consequence. They protect their own regardless of the hypocrisy. Those of us on the conservative side have standards that we uphold thus, we call out liars and thieves. [Perpetual losing is what you uphold.]

It sure is! Racist to the Core and Conservatives aren’t Racists it’s progressives who believe they’re better.

That’d be the day… Leftists can get away with such blatant racism because when the chips are down they circle the wagons to protect their own. And, simultaneously, they succeed at labeling us conservatives for what they truly are: RACIST to the core, with the help of the liberal media.

What Comrade Nanny Bloomburg just suggested is whole oil tanker full of WHITE LIBERAL SOCIALIST RACIST. Historically all anti-Constitutional gun control laws in the US are ultimately designed by the Left to disenfranchise the black man. Now we know that motivates Nanny Bloomburg, gotta disarm the inner city black youth so he and his pals can burn them some crosses in the ghetto.

Can you imagine the chuckles and eye rolls if Bloomberg were to read these comments aloud to his peers? Some of us well earn their obvious contempt. Perhaps Mike could volunteer to address the gentile children with an avuncular smile and the pedagogic patience of See Spot Run.

Bloomberg: We’ll need to prohibit young black males from owning firearms. It’s for their own protection. (WINK WINK)

Breitbart: Boo! Racist! Unconstitutional! Socialist!📉

Bloomberg: No, not at all my friends. I love black people–and want to see many more as your sons-in-law. They are our greatest human asset. And that is why we must nurture and protect them by removing access to hateful racist firearms. It’s what we as Americans have always stood for.

Breitbart: Yay! God bless America! Freedom! MLK! 📈

I very much doubt blacks are going to be disarmed at Bloomberg’s behest. And this piece is little concerned with the possibility. It is rather to emphasize that Good Schools have been erected as political and social landmarks for generations–mostly at our expense. In those rare instances where the construction of one would accrue to our benefit, it behooves us to silently let the work commence.


6 thoughts on “Good Schools for America

  1. My agreement with Michael Bloomberg about “gun control” is, hopefully, a sign of the End-Times.

    I like to frame my infrequent participation in this debate, with my peers, with a question: if I could promise you a reduction in gun-related homicide of, say, 80%, would I be a hero worthy of a bank holiday in my name? They are immediately suspicious, and begin to hedge.

    Somewhat off-topic, I should be envied. I only discovered this blog two weeks ago, and now have the entire archive before me…I’m back to about June. I am amazed at the quality and frequency. Fresh and familiar, but not repetitive. You’re the Bill Evans of whatever you call this.

    You remind me of another great thinker and writer from several years ago. He was a life-buoy during a red-pill overdose. Compassionate, thoughtful, hilarious. I often return to what remains of his archive on the webs. I wonder.

  2. Bloomberg is just trying to “two step” it. First take away guns from the people with the highest crime rate- logical and then (second) take guns from law abiding people who won’t need them because they’ll be safe- logical. Mission accomplished…no guns. You can bet Bloomberg’s body guards and tribesmen with still have them.

    • Probably. I actually agree with the position,though, and also the position of sterilization (abortions) for blacks.As long as blacks are considered “citizens”, the scenario you describe could happen and probably will. This is why blacks must be disarmed on the basis that only citizens may own guns. Citizens must be defined as those with less than 2% jewish or black DNA.

      There are a lot of people,like me, who have transcended the traditional bi-factional American political system. I support the outlawing of abortions for Whites, and strongly encourage them for blacks and jews. Thus I am both pro-choice and anti-choice.

      I support the absolute and uninfringeable right for American Whites to own any arms that they can feasibly purchase, store,and carry including tanks, railguns, drones, and whatever else they want.However,I fully agree with the need to prohibit blacks from owning so much as a steak knife. For one thing,they can’t even aim anything more advanced than a spear and this means that every time they set out to shoot one guy, they’re spraying bullets all over the place resulting in a spree killing/mass murder whether they intended one or not.

      Thus I am pro-2nd Amendment and “anti-2nd Amendment” to those poor confused individuals who hold blacks to be citizens of our country,or of any country.The truth is that blacks aren’t capable of even sustaining a created working country,let alone creating a working country on their own,so they should more properly be considered wildlife than citizens.I’ll leave it to others to debate whether there should be a bag limit on them once their numbers are reduced via sterilization or if they are an invasive species that should be driven to extinction.

  3. The most amusing part of this whole exchange is the part where Michael Bloomberg is characterized as “Lily white”

    Though a close second is the part with the conservative (what does he want to conserve, exactly?) commenter brandishing the dreaded R word at his enemies. What the poor idiot fails to realize, of course, is that he’s arguing from the liberal premise that RACISM (the perversely rational tendency to prefer your own tribe over other tribes) is wrong, which means that he’s – gasp – a LIEBERAL

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