Good Schools for Africa

To navigate the liberal psyche is a wondrous journey. It is to see the world as a child might envision Narnia. A world of mythical social constructs, diversities, tolerance, intolerance, privileges, isms, phobias, trans-minotaurs, hate, love, equality, extremists, and nazis (and nazi extremists). All culminating in a lush narrative landscape for emotional children who are no longer impressed with anthropomorphic lions.

Though sometimes this pleasant reverie of clashing virtuous and oppressor is interrupted when the play is staged so close that morality actually spills on you. When troops of institutional racism victims begin making sorties into the neighborhood, and bigots begin making hospital visits, it can only mean one thing for a conscientious liberal: time to find a good school!

“Good Schools” is of course a very pleasant euphemism for flight and segregation. Two things that every liberal knows are the foulest evil committed only by white southerners who are, as any teevee watcher can see with his own eyes, the foulest of people. And so liberals do not flee and segregate, they find good schools. I assume everyone understands the difference. And while the term has this specific application, it is also a useful metaphor. Because ultimately Good Schools is about solving a problem that can’t be acknowledged by taking a course that can’t be criticized. And when executed adroitly, it’s a very Good School indeed.

As discussed previously in these pages, the perpetually ‘developing’ world is reproductively unmoored. That there could be a correlation in our feeding and inoculating these primal petri-dishes, and their demographic eruptions is something that polite observers shudder to contemplate. Though apparently even the tolerant are beginning to notice. From a macro perspective, the noble oppressed are starting to foul the neighborhood. The solution? Women and the environment! Exquisitely played liberals.

Let’s read how this Good School is being constructed.

Human population influences and is influenced by climate change and deserves consideration in climate compatible development strategies. Achieving universal access to family planning throughout the world would result in fewer unintended pregnancies, improve the health and well-being of women and their families, and slow population growth—all benefits to climate compatible development. We recommend including improved access to family planning among the comprehensive and synergistic efforts to achieve development compatible with addressing climate change.

Not only strong teachers are needed but also family planned children.

The last century was one of incredible social change and human development. Improvements in health, declines in mortality, urbanization, better education, and industrialization brought economic growth and improved standards of living to much of the world. This progress, however, has been uneven, leaving 1 billion people still living in extreme poverty, and has been accompanied by demographic and environmental change. Over the last hundred years, the world’s population has grown from around 1 billion people to more than 7 billion people. Human activity has transformed vast areas of the Earth’s surface, altered the atmosphere, and resulted in thousands of plant and animal species extinctions.

Population and family planning have rarely been linked with climate compatible development in climate policy discussions. Research has demonstrated, however, that helping women in all countries achieve their own aspirations for planning pregnancies and family size would put the world on a path to slower population growth. This would ultimately lead to substantial reductions in future carbon dioxide emissions…

Ahh yes. Our only concern is to help African women achieve their own aspirations for a healthy 1.1 TFR, while also lowering future carbon emissions…it’s truly doing the Spaghetti Monster’s flying work. For once I feel at one with the left, so kindred, so copacetic. It’s quite invigorating.

The article proceeds on in a drone of indistinguishable sentences. The point of which being to keep readers pleasantly tranquilized imagining their happy new school. Its conclusion follows below.

When safe and effective family planning services are available to all, experience shows that average family size falls, pregnancies occur at more optimal times in women’s lives, and mothers and children are healthier and more able to contribute to their countries’ development—and are more resilient to rapid change.

Linking population, reproductive health, and climate change is unconventional for many policymakers. We urge openness to including universal access to voluntary family planning in climate compatible development plans. Cross-sectoral alliances and initiatives that highlight and integrate potential synergies in development plans and in climate finance programs could reap enormous benefits, especially over time, for individuals and societies as we tackle climate change.

You think this is their first time on the playground? These writers understand the power of jargon to wrap warmly around receptive minds.

climate compatible development plans
Cross sectoral alliances
Integrate potential synergies

If you’re not laughing, you’re not living.

Unmentionable Problem: third-world population and fecundity
Uncriticizable solution: female empowerment and the environment
Result: African population control…and a very Good School.


8 thoughts on “Good Schools for Africa

  1. “You think this is their first time on the playground? These writers understand the power of jargon to wrap warmly around receptive minds.

    climate compatible development plans
    Cross sectoral alliances
    Integrate potential synergies

    If you’re not laughing, you’re not living.”

    I wonder if there’s a connection between the rise of jargon and the ever-increasing fear of being called a racist/witch/heliocentrist. At least Galileo was given a clear explanation of what made him a heretic. Post-Christian man is not so lucky. With the definition of HATE always changing, vagueness pays. At best, people agree with you because you sound authoritative (Flying Spaghetti Monster help us), at worst you escape criticism because no one knows what you’re talking about.

    • I would add that I think RACIST is losing its stopping power among the general public (I’ve noticed an increasing acceptance of good-natured real talk, especially after Ferguson), but among the inner party and its myriad flunkies – those whose livelihood depends on the mastery of jargon – the Narrative is more powerful than ever. True believers seem to prefer doubling down to recanting even as the house of cards tumbles down around them. It’s almost admirable in its masochism – almost.

    • Jack, I’ve noticed an extraordinary jargonization of communication in general, and the workplace in particular over time. Indolence and personality cankers used to be described in fairly operational terms. Now sociopathy is an “opportunity for improvement.” That’s coincidentally what our grandchildren will say glancing about the feral ruins of western civilization: here’s an opportunity for improvement.

      This because giving offense has evolved into the most grievous transgression. You can splinter bones or rupture spleens as long as no feelings are injured in conflict. As, of course, only one of these will end careers and generate pariahs. Jargon is the conduit that carries the unsayables.

      And “Climate compatible, cross sectoral synergies” offers a lower profile than “We’re going to make those African females as barren as bricks.” Whatever helps the medicine go down.

  2. Population of Nigeria in 1957 was 23 million. Today the population is 175 million. So in less than 60 years the population has grown by 7 1/2 times. At this rate the population in 50 years will be about 1 1/4 billion . Good by wildlife, goodbye forests, Goodbye oxygen.
    So all these goodie two shoe liberal westerners are working to destroy the planet and they think they are morally superior beings. What a bunch of to stupid to know that they are evil losers.

    • For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works. (2 Corinthians 11:13-15 KJV)

  3. Ezra Pound wrote about the corruption of our language with malleable meanings. He urged us to “make it concrete” so that we could COMMUNicate. Perhaps we should go back to Latin.

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