The New Face of Feminism

I’ve been jealously holding a piece for some months found linked at another now-forgotten site. A piece from a young conservative lady expressing her personal values and the ideals she yearns to see shared in political representation. It’s a piece that warrants wide dissemination and more than one reading to fully appreciate. Because it’s a piece that properly frames the 19th Amendment and accompanying perspectives subsequently brought to the franchise. It’s also a periscope for unreconstructed patriarchs to peer from burrows into the vibrantly kaleidoscopic mind of a young woman in full political bloom.
Let’s meet the new face of feminism: The Modern Republican Woman.  Miss Catie Warren.

There’s a new woman in town. She’s not shy, she’s not timid, and she’s not afraid. She’s not naive, nor is she lost or floundering. She’s not meek. She’s not quiet. She’s not passive. She’s self-assured, self-aware, and, yes, maybe she’s even a little bit selfish. She is here, she is present, and she is not going anywhere.

I wonder what clinical applications there are for word passages able to trigger a maximum roll angle of the human eyes? If you were able to return your pupils to horizontal after that preamble, please read on.

She grew up on a farm or in the city or maybe in a land of strip malls and McDonalds and a 10pm curfew. She went to church or Temple or to the closest mosque located two towns over.


Maybe she found her spiritual calling in yoga, maybe weed, maybe she doesn’t really believe in anything other than herself.

Well the conclusion came before the coda. No matter, there’s much more of herself to describe.

Her parents worked hard to provide for her, whether it be Little League or pageants or dance classes or physics camp. She excelled in some things and she failed miserably at others. Her childhood photos show her in bows and freckles at Disney World, or maybe in a hijab and a toothy grin at the Statue of Liberty.


Whereas her very aura once showed of a life of privilege and luxury, she now cannot be pegged.

I’m starting to believe that’s not entirely accurate.

Her background, her history, her ancestors are, quite literally, now all over the map. Now, her skin color cannot be identified, cannot be categorized, cannot be placed.

I think her skin color and background can readily be identified.

She forgoes ash blonde for whatever God or Allah or Oprah gave her

Trinitarian theology.

Her wardrobe is a strange combination of J.Crew, Target, and those adorable little boutiques that are sending her into the same very debt she watches Sean Hannity discuss every night on Fox News.


She grew up with the belief that she could be anything she wanted to be.

Selfless and circumspect.

She dreamed of a life where she didn’t have to choose, a life that allowed her to have it all. So, she set out to make it happen.


She went to college and she worked hard and she played hard, too. She joined clubs and kissed boys danced on tables at frat parties. She skipped class and made bad choices and she really lived life. She didn’t sit on the sidelines. She didn’t watch from afar. She didn’t let it pass her by.

flunking out

She wants babies some day, but doesn’t want to have to give up her coveted job in the coveted city at the coveted startup — where she makes seventy-seven cents to every dollar her male counterparts make.

The path from cubicle farm to infertility clinic is paved in tears.

She’s the kind of girl who hates being called “sweetheart” and “honey” unless it’s by her father — and even then, she’d prefer to be called by her given name.

I doubt she’d prefer all the names she’s been given.

She’s now living in a studio apartment in a less than desirable part of town, crippled with a job that pays next to nothing and crushing student loan debt that is a product of a bad economy and a shitty stock market crash and her own former eighteen-year-old self who unwittingly signed her life away to a bank. She peruses Craigslist for part-time jobs while simultaneously drafting “this is the last time I’ll ask you for money” emails to her parents and crying into her triple vodka tonic with a lime.


She recognizes that there is, in fact, a war on women, but knows that we’re fighting it in all the wrong ways.

Previous combat from the supine position is now being reevaluated.

She enjoys a good cocktail every once in a while — or maybe every day — and she might even have an unprescribed bottle of Xanax in her medicine cabinet. She is, after all, in full support of the legalization of marijuana. Perhaps she has a bowl on her dresser.


She likely supported Ron Paul at one point or another and thinks that so long as the Tea Party has a voice, the true Republican Party never will.

Ron Paul

She’s had enough one night stands to know that’s not what she really wants out of life…but put enough tequila in her and she’ll reconsider.


Is your imagination expansive enough to believe Miss Warren actually continues on with this examination of her entirely fictional composite character?

ad infinitum.

She has BLT friends. She supports something called “gay marriage.” She thinks everyone deserves to be happy–isn’t that a bit harsh? She wants female fatbodies to be accepted. She wants to take action on mental health. What action exactly? WTF knows. She wants the world to be a better place with a better Economy. She wants a country like the one originally founded–with hijabs. She knows Lynard Skynard is not racist and, “goddammit, she agrees that public, state funded schools have the right to deny children entrance if they did not receive their vaccines.” So go feed that to your pubic lice.


She wants a person in office who represents her, someone who understands that young women are watching, young women are listening, and young women are voting. This young woman, she wants, no, rather, she needs someone — a national figure — who understands that times, they are a-changing. Backwoods, backwards ideals don’t cut it with us. This woman is proactive, she’s progressive, and she’s sick of feeling forgotten.

And that’s that. A fairly rational platform. Though honestly I’m not certain even John McCain is suffiiciently insane to accommodate her Rorschach platitudes. It almost makes me wonder what earlier men were thinking to deny the franchise to young women. Perhaps that those votes might be carried in balance by batteries of incoherent sentimentality and signaling. If so, I suppose interim results have certainly been instructive.

And while ridiculing this emotionally inchoate young woman is probably even less sporting than asking her to name the branches of government on benzos, it’s a stark illustration of why progressivism so rarely begets progress.


24 thoughts on “The New Face of Feminism

  1. At times like this, I think that maybe Sharia wouldn’t be so bad after all. I would have to kneel 5 times a day and give up beer, but it might be worth it to do away with mindless feminist crap once and for all.

    • Don’t be fooled. Ugly veiled women like to veil beautiful women. It cuts down on the competition.

      There’s no way a nation ruled by men keeps beautiful women covered. Think on that.

  2. She went to church or Temple or to the closest mosque

    Why is “Temple” capitalized whilst “church” and “mosque” are not?

  3. The Taliban is the real conservative movement Republicans can’t bring themselves to admit that they wish they could emulate. To a lesser extent, the same can be said for Putin’s Russia. To compensate, they dissimulate and call those others Nazis while doing their freedom-loving utmost to export mandatory pedophilia to Russia and keeping a mercenary army on the ground in Afghanistan to guard the CIA’s opium investment and demonstrate their worship of capitalism.

  4. Kind of hard to imagine how America survived for all those years while excluding this sort of no-nonsense problem solving from the political process.

  5. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Regarding the capitalism of temple in this piece, the Jews only have as much power as we give them.

    Rule yourself. Make your own world.

    Agreed that the ideology of feminism is pretty warped. How do you beat it White Men and Women? By elevating and respecting the following:

    1) White Fecundity & Motherhood
    2) Fidelity & Loyalty to the opposite sex within The Race
    3)White Homemaking as a Profession
    4)White Childrearing as a Profession

    White Women AND Men embraced the ideology of feminism decades ago. White Men and Women spit on the fires of the hearth of the White Home that was tended to by White Women.
    You want The White Family back? Start illustrating POSITIVE examples of White Motherhood instead of trashing White Women. There are alot of Good White Women out there who have endured alot of misplaced projected anger onto them. Please do not generalize.

    If you are to keep blaming feminism, make sure that you give the WHOLE picture. Many Working White women were victimized by it as well. Instead of pounding on the victims, OFFER CONSTRUCTIVE solutions.

    • As this piece wasn’t cultivated to address feminism holistically, it is silent in the areas VB notes. Though what seems obvious to me is plainly not to all others. So to clarify the editorial position of this blog: Criticism of feminism and feminists is not intended for extrapolation to white women in general in the same manner that mocking of hipster SJWs 👯 is not toward young white men. Though that position itself should not be extrapolated to one of false equality. Men and women are not the same and have fundamentally different roles to fulfill. Nature (and natural selection) is wholly uninterested in our modern ideals to the contrary.

      We are different but belong united. And as Bennie once said, we will hang together or assuredly hang apart.

      • “So to clarify the editorial position of this blog: Criticism of feminism and feminists is not intended for extrapolation to white women in general in the same manner that mocking of hipster SJWs is not toward young white men. Though that position itself should not be extrapolated to one of false equality.”

        My position exactly. Even the criticism of “women” should not necessarily be taken by White women to mean criticism of them specifically. If someone says “women” inject fix-a-flat into their buttocks and spend thousands of dollars on weaves,this would be an accurate statement because female blacks are erroneously held by many to be female humans,and thus, women, and also because these are obviously things that they do. However,while there may be a need on the part of the speaker to make a clear differentiation between the behavior of non-human hominids such as blacks and human women,there is obviously no need on the part of the White female listener to object that not all women do this or infer that anyone is talking about her or her relatives.

        That said, I rarely criticize women in general for things unless a clear majority of 60+% or more of them are guilty of it.

        “Agreed that the ideology of feminism is pretty warped.”

        I’m very proud of you,vb. I believe that at one time you claimed to support feminism. Hopefully,you now understand that it was invented by jews in order to divide the White race, selling the most disloyal and traitorous White women fantasies of personal enrichment and “revenge” against men for doing all those oppressive things like exempting them from the most dangerous,dirty, or degrading jobs and keep them relatively safe and comfortable compared to any class of men at any time in history that are in reality nothing more than an unobtainable pipe dream.

        Maybe not. Maybe your awakening has more to do with realizing which side the butter is on. In any case,good for you.

        I hope you will not mind if men apply the new rules we have learned as a result of the previous skirmishes with your half of the race, “don’t trust,but verify”.

        “White Women AND Men embraced the ideology of feminism decades ago. White Men and Women spit on the fires of the hearth of the White Home that was tended to by White Women.”

        Lol. Honey….no.

        To this day, White men have not thrown in our lot with blacks,jews,homos,marxists and other enemies of our race in an unholy union for special considerations or legal privileges or personal advancement over you. If White women AND men had done what you claim,then we would be considered a “protected minority” and receive affirmative action just like you do. But not only did we not do so, we were never given the chance to. They knew that WE would not betray White women and sell out our children’s futures for “personal empowerment” so they used you instead. And you women couldn’t wait to stab us in the back for their empty promises. And that is why White, and especially Nordic White, men are a hunted animal that is quickly disappearing from college campuses and every institution.

        Also, not so much as a dime of those benefits women received for selling out the race was ever offered to us by you,nor was any of your social power as a “protected minority” ever used to uplift men and boys or protect them from the angry coalition you sold your souls to,so don’t drag us into it. A minority of White men,the powerful ones, may have went along with feminism but without the majority of White women demanding it, they wouldn’t have done so. You ate the poison apple all by yourself,Princess. The majority of White men,especially the working class,have been against feminism since day one.

        ‘You want The White Family back? Start illustrating POSITIVE examples of White Motherhood instead of trashing White Women.’

        Kissing White women’s asses and absolving them of responsibility and blame was what got us into this mess in the first place. More of the same is not helpful. I don’t understand the connection,anyway. Women have 100% control over family formation. If families are not being formed it’s because women choose not to form them. All we have to do to get the White family back is for White women to realize that having lots of money or a fancy title or a prestigious career will not get them the alpha dick that they want,but they can have children with any number of White men who are eager to do so and they will have to accept the men that are AVAILABLE for family creation rather than chasing after narcissists and psychopaths who make their vaginas moist but who will probably never want to have children or if they do would probably abuse or neglect the children anyway.After that, White women will have to resist their natural urge to betray every vow they made on their customary ritual pretty dress/self-worship day and stab the dude who vowed to love and cherish them in sickness and in health in the back and rob him because they don’t feel ‘fulfilled”. Marriage sucks. It’s supposed to feel crappy because it’s a job. If you can’t stick to the contract, then don’t apply for the job.

        If White women did those two things,this problem would be over,but they won’t. They refuse to modify their behavior because they,for some reason, cannot accept that there’s something wrong with Princess.It’s gotta be the betestacled prop/sperm bank/walking ATM’s fault.Well,no, it’s not our fault. You’re initiating 70% of the divorces, and the number one reason is not abuse or neglect, it’s “feelings”.And not even clearly-defined ones. White women have such contempt for the concept of loyalty that you’re ready to hit the bricks on a vague whim that even YOU can’t define.Can you even conceive of White men in general doing this kind of stuff to YOU? Imagine this for just a second,I see my wife eating a package of bon-bon’s and not exercising. A vague notion pops into my head that she might gain 5 pounds,and since I’m not comfortable having sex with a fat chick,even one who’s not even fat yet,I dissolve a marriage contract and leave my unemployed wife on the streets or living in her car. Does that sound justified or warranted? White women do this to perfectly honorable and loyal White men every single day and they don’t even CARE what happens to the men after they no longer serve whatever purpose the woman thought they were serving.In fact,many of them go out of their way to twist the knife in by cheating on them before the divorce or getting a jew lawyer to bar them access to their children or strip them of their assets.

        The problem is with you, White women. You don’t need your asses kissed or to be protected from criticism, you need to modify your shitty behavior. And yes,White men who are screw-ups need to modify theirs too, but since we’ve already modified our behavior about 10 or 15 times to suit your ever changing whims since the 19th century while you’ve done exactly jack for us after promising to do so on several occasions, maybe you can do us a favor and go first. We’ll wait.

        There are alot of Good White Women out there who have endured alot of misplaced projected anger onto them. Please do not generalize.”

        True enough. But perhaps this is necessary to make them more visible. Because those women will fight to earn the respect and trust of good White men who may mistake them for a hostile anti-White interloper. They will prove by their actions and reactions what kind of caliber they have, and then yes, they will probably need some protection from White men as this will make them more visible to our enemies as well. No matter, men must undergo the same process of making themselves more visible in order to be selected for the fight. They endure the same prospects of harassment,getting fired, blacklisting,etc,only women,being a “protected minority” on one side and a “good White woman” on the other,will never be directly in the line of fire as men are.

        I do not hate White women. I love them. I want to offer them a chance to redeem themselves. It will be painful. WE can’t protect you from that, because YOU were instrumental in making things so that it will be painful for you to do what is right.And you need to experience that pain, so you know what we White men were fighting against all this time, with you fighting us every step of the way as we tried to save you. If it hurts badly enough, maybe you won’t do it again. We have no other guarantee,no other reason to trust you or do anything other than treat you as an an enemy who declared class and sex war on us, which you did. Clearly,women have no internal moral compass or conscience to stop them from endangering the race by attacking men and the family. This is just one of the ways men and women are different.

        You can’t expect us to not criticize White women for the things that they actually do.Women have a quasi-homosexual fixation on their own sexual identity and have gone along with ANYTHING that purports to be about or for women while not only NOT supporting things that are about or for men but actively attempting to quash them.That’s the root of the problem there, and that’s what’s going to have to change.

        To those White women who can see that their sex HAS indeed done these things, and WAS in fact the only one of the sexes that defected to the enemy camp and launched a cowardly sneak attack on White men and the White family mostly in their own homes and neighborhoods (which is guerrilla terrorism,in my book),you have my sympathy for your current troubles and I look forward to your ultimate vindication when you have cleansed yourself of the stigma your sex rightfully bears due to their cowardly,greedy, and selfish betrayal of the race. Your actions will set you apart,not your protestations of goodness or benevolence.I do not expect women to solve the issues caused by their past behavior but I do expect them to physically demonstrate,at a bare minimum,the desire to do so.

        Although the solution lies quite literally in your hands, I expect White men will once again be called upon to deal with this totally avoidable and unnecessary catastrophe which the female sex caused by being short-sighted,greedy, and disloyal,as well as cowardly. Fine. We will solve it,but we will do so our way. If you won’t or can’t clean up your mess,then we will take it out of your hands and how it gets solved will no longer be any of your concern. I promise you will suffer no violence, as we White men would not stand for it, but you will shut up,quit attacking,distracting,or arguing with us,and let us deal with it.

        You choose whether you want to be “strong women” and butt heads with the jewish dykes who are making us all miserable and get some say in how things are handled as a result of you putting your asses on the line for race and nation, or whether you want to be delicate flowers and let us handle it while staying safe in the background, but you will choose or we will choose for you and you will bear the ignominy or the acclaim of the choice.

        We’re not putting up with any more waffling,any more dishonesty,any more backstabbing or any more self-serving lies. If you want ANYTHING from us,demonstrate up front your desire to pay for it in some way. No more free rides. Not after you took all of our sacrifices, all of our chivalry, and all of our charity and returned the favor by stabbing us in the back repeatedly and ruthlessly advancing yourself down a self-destructive path that consumed the lives, and destroyed the futures, of White men and children as well as your own. And then had the temerity to try to blame us for it even though everything that has happened regarding feminism has always and only been to the detriment of working class White men.

        You are responsible. Be an adult and admit it. Don’t equivocate-it feels good to know when and where you’ve made a mistake and to show others that you know what you did wrong and are ready to stop doing it. Then stop doing the harmful things that you’ve been doing.

        “If you are to keep blaming feminism, make sure that you give the WHOLE picture. Many Working White women were victimized by it as well. Instead of pounding on the victims, OFFER CONSTRUCTIVE solutions.”

        That’s not the whole story,though. Sure,working class White women have suffered because of feminism. There is no doubt about it. But they never tried to stop it. Even when it was screwing them over, they said to themselves “Yeah,feminists have done x,y,& z to us,but without them we wouldn’t be able to vote or own property and would be chattel slaves.” and that’s a damned slanderous LIE. During the same time period when men were supposedly ruling over women with an iron fist and swapping them back and forth like pokemon cards there were Queens in many of those countries ruling over the men in question. You were ready, eager even, to believe slanderous paranoid falsehoods about men and to retaliate against those men for their imaginary crimes via the proxy of feminism. Sure it hurt some of you in the end, it was a retarded idea. Everyone tried to tell you it was retarded and would hurt you,but you didn’t listen. You called us “male chauvinist pigs” for trying to keep you from getting hurt even though you were clearly trying to hurt US.

        “She wants babies some day, but doesn’t want to have to give up her coveted job in the coveted city at the coveted startup — where she makes seventy-seven cents to every dollar her male counterparts make.”

        ^^^Look^^^, women are STILL doing it. We put up with nasty,mean-spirited,sneaky,manipulative slanderous LIES about our sex coming from women on a DAILY basis (Yeah, we’re intentionally violating the law and risking class action lawsuits by women to hold out for a measly 33 cents per dollar. Please). We didn’t even put up any kind of fight against it from 1971-the early 2000’s.We just let you lie about us because you wouldn’t listen to any kind of reason. We’re not even lying about women, just criticizing and occasionally generalizing, and you can’t handle it.

        And you’re not the victims this time. You are the aggressors. You attacked us. We didn’t attack you. You threw in your lot with enemies of our race and nations,shackled and shook us down out of greed and sex-based hatred and maybe jealousy as well. We are the victims of your treachery. And until White women renounce their status as a protected minority and forgo all the privileges and benefits that entails, you will never be the victims in this situation.You have not even been racially victimized yet by the state,you are formally in cahoots with the victimizers, whereas we’ve been continuously victimized by the state for being White men for at least 1/4th of the existence of U.S.A. I have no doubt you’re getting hit with the shrapnel,but the bombs are falling directly ON THE HEADS of White men,and you are the ones that gave the enemy our coordinates.

    • VB, there aren’t really any “solutions”. if you want the white race to increase its fertility rate, and to do it soon, than you are going to need to encourage young men to marry women who 50 years ago would be referred to as degenerate sluts.

      Sexual loyalty actually goes against nature, so on this point you are in conflict with Kak’s belief that there are natural sexual roles. Women are monagamish, men are most certainly not.

      If you read the German writers/philosophers Schopenhauer and HL Mencken, and even the new testament, you can find strong insights into the nature of the female. Civilization building has traditionally been a male pursuit…civilization to me seems to be the limitation of female influence in the realms of nation building, warfare, logic, and politics.

      The cat is completely out of the bag. Women are influential in business and politics. They have suffrage, birth control, and are having sex when they and with who they want. It is in this context that you must encourage men to get married and raise families. God speed.

      • It’s for this reality that I can’t feel anger in my heart towards young effete hipster men. I can’t feel revulsion for male hedonism in this context, because there aren’t many worthy women of the nation that they are abandoning.

        The older generations don’t see this, but the effete hipster men are what women see as “cool”. With a dash of assertiveness such a man will have great sexual success with a wide array of women.

        If the muslims outbreed and conquer us, I think that the joke is on them. Men will be stuck with several wives and several mothers in law, or with no women at all. So even if we lose, their society loses even more because life in their society is sheer misery.

        I’ve read something to the likes of “I’m feeling sympathy for Shariah” blah blah blah. The only reason muslim societies have a standard of living above that of a Bedouin is because there is oil beneath their desert. Even if they installed a caliphate and destroyed western civilization, they would have no source of incoming wealth. Well, at least they would keep their women faithful as they were on the cusp of starving to death!

        Good riddance.

        If keeping women monogamous is your raison d’etre, then by all means become a muslim. Stoning is a powerful incentive.

  6. I would gladly go to war against the final Abrahamic faith to preserve the right of Smith College graduates to engage with gang bangs and then marry accountants. It is a much better society than the caliphate.

    • Unfortunately, as Kak and others have pointed out, “civilization” and evolutionary success are not synonymous. Life under the caliphate would be nasty, brutish and short. And yet, they are increasing, and we are not. The future belongs to those who show up, and the “degenerate sluts” and hipsters are not doing their part. As for war with the Abrahamic faith, we tried that already. We lost. The most powerful, advanced military in the world was defeated, twice, by those bedouins. And we will continue to lose, expensively and painfully. Because in the end, they mean it, and we don’t.

      • All we really need to so is keep them out of our lands. Nothing is lost yet. As for doing their part…I assume you recognize the need for men to reproduce with sluts given the demographic reality?

  7. Another facet of this war…given the younger generations love of hedonism, perhaps the caliphate’s genocidal motive towards hedonism could be used to instill a love of blood and soil amongst the hipsters? Perhaps they would go to war to preserve their right to 1 child at most and the right to continue gang banging. A secular hedonist society is much preferable than life under Shariah, i think most would agree.

    • If you are counting on the hipsters to fight to the death for hedonism, well, good luck. The forces of Islam beat us because they mean it, and we don’t. They have an all-encompassing religious ideology, and we have nothing to answer that. You can’t fight a religious war with a nullity, which is what our empire has become. And grooming warriors needs to start early. To paraphrase “Carlitos Way”, being a warrior isn’t something you learn in school, and for 28 year old hipsters it is too late to learn.

      As for the “sluts” problem, I have no solution. I know far too many men that have lost EVERYTHING to crazy women to criticize those men who refuse to marry. Given the marriage stock and the state of our divorce laws, I don’t blame those men who refuse to settle down and raise a family. There are still decent women out there, but between feminist entitlement and obesity, the universe of marriageable young women is constantly shrinking.

      • Well I respect your acceptance that failure of the civilization may be imminent. My nihilism isn’t gleeful but it is a recognition of reality. I think you will find, however, that the young generations love their civilizationally un-defined lifestyle. Humans with testicles still want to kill enemies and humans with eggs still want to breed. All is not lost, but victory has surely not been won or defined. To be continued! In my circles, the hipsters are growing interested in firearms and the their women are growing aroused by this interest.

      • In that context, I’d think it would be transsexual, or what they nowadays call transgendered, which apparently has nothing to do with pronouns. Not sure whether that means confused, or surgically altered, or both. Women wearing men’s clothes is hardly perverse enough to qualify for a label any more.

        And who you calling “cis”? I’ve long suspected that I’m really a lesbian trapped in a man’s body. How can anybody tell?

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