Meet the Cockers

Like most of you, my nether regions quivered pleasantly with the recent introduction by Democrat Governor of Pennsylvannia Tom Wolf of his state’s new physician general, Dr. Rachel Levine. A photo of the lissome lady appears below.


At first glance many of you will be struck by an unshakable je ne sais quoi. There’s just something about Rachel. Some might assume the feeling stems from her cameos in major motion pictures.



Or that

Or that

But that is why memory is unreliable. Particularly for those of us traipsing into our dotage. No, the reason that photo of Dr. Rachel Levine appears so priapistically familiar is her uncanny resemblance to Dr. Richard Levine.


Meet the Trans Woman Named Pennsylvania’s Next Physician General

Dr. Rachel Levine is poised to become the highest-ranking out transgender woman in Pennsylvania’s state government after being selected by Gov.-elect Tom Wolf as his physician general, reports Philadelphia magazine.

In a statement announcing the nominations, Wolf commended Levine’s nearly three decades of experience in pediatrics, psychiatry, and behavorial health, saying, “It is important to me that we place equal emphasis on behavioral and physical health issues.” Levine is a leader in treating teens with medical and psychological problems as well as both children and adults with eating disorders, according to Philadelphia.

Levine currently serves as professor of pediatrics and psychiatry at Pennsylvania State College of Medicine’s Hershey Medical Center, as the LGBT Liaison for Hershey’s Office of Diversity, and on the board of statewide LGBT rights group Equality Pennsylvania.

Well of course he is. Does the repetitive tedium of these resumes never lift an eyebrow? Whether mexican, muslim, black, or BLT it’s always the same: a mule pack of identity affinities as their only professional associations. Acronyms and equality: It’s as if there’s not even a pretense of concern for the dreary particulars of their actual occupations. I’ll be eager to see the next white heterosexual physician introduced as frequent commenter at The Kakistocracy and Alpha freak liaison to the Penn State sorority complex.

But what does he know of medicine?
WTF cares?

And how would you like to entrust the fragile psyche of your own anguished teen to the stewardship of that leering hideosity?

Though this ridiculous doc-in-a-dress barely warrants an eye bat in the West’s prim implosion. What it does warrant is an awareness that the process is designed to be perpetual until complete. It doesn’t end with blacks, or gays, or transvestites. Wherever the line is drawn today will be a scarlet letter of bigotry tomorrow. There will always exist some fringe outpost upon which the left can plant its flag. A newly unearthed affront. Another victim of privilege. The only requirement is that the standard bearer be flamboyantly opposed to traditional sensibilities. For the liberal vanguard it’s taking apart the walls of your house while still inside. I’m not accusing them of rationality.

And while I mentioned the process is designed to be perpetual, those driving it are not. White liberals are a dying class whose influence is being temporarily magnified by millions of brown proxies. They’re midgets standing on a pyramid of mayans while bragging about their height. Most seem to ludicrously imagine they have ingratiated themselves into the alien out-groups they so adore. At some point they, and the comely Dr. Levine, will glance about to find they are the only transvestites in the room. And before heads once again go tumbling down Chichen Itza, we’ll get a fleeting glimpse of that horrified rictus.


20 thoughts on “Meet the Cockers

  1. My new favorite blog.
    If you would image-search “Ginsberg, Sotomayor, Kagan” you’ll find many photos suitable for your rotation.

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  3. “the process is designed to be perpetual until complete. It doesn’t end with blacks, or gays, or transvestites. Wherever the line is drawn today will be a scarlet letter of bigotry tomorrow.”

    Hollywood is already pushing pedophilia. That’s going to be the next taboo to go the way of the dodo. Just watch (if you can stomach it) the presentation of the little girl in this movie trailer:

    This is only one small instance of a growing body of cultural evidence that the eroticization of children is on the mainstream’s agenda.

    Perhaps the most disgusting example that I’ve seen, apart from that Bad Grandpa preview, is the characterization of Hit Girl in the movie Kick-Ass. This comic book heroine, even though she’s 11 or something, is supposed to be some kind of sex symbol:

      • N.B. The “little girl” is the boy whom you see in the rest of the trailer. I actually think this piece is much less of a problem because it is presented as a farce, and particularly when the consumer knows that it is the boy from the rest of the movie in drag acting outrageously in order to elicit shocked reactions from the unknowing audience at the event.

        It is the entertainment and soft news material which presents aberrant and perverse behavior as wholesome and normal which has the most deleterious effects.

      • You do both realize the “little girl” in the trailer is actually the little boy dressed in drag as a joke to enter the beauty pageant, correct?

        I think you’re correct about pedophilia and agree with the article, but just a point of clarification.

      • Alec and M: thanks for the clarification. My only knowledge of the movie is from the above trailer watched on a few inches of cell phone real estate. I’m glad it wasn’t a little girl, though am surprised an audience feet away in the flesh were seemingly unable to distinguish–unless that was scripted as well.

  4. Isn’t it funny that so many (it seems) of these freaks are ‘mental health’ professionals. Something about being around freaks, makes them into freaks. Or were they freaks already, and they’ve found their ‘peeps’?

    • Two things:

      1) They very well may have been treated for psychological issues from an early age, so understanding and/or experiencing the profession piqued their interest in it; and

      2) They know that “mental health professionals” and the “profession” have a lot of sway in determining what is normal and what is abnormal; to wit: forty years ago homosexuality was understood to be a psychological pathology; under the lobbying efforts and influence of the homosexual lobby we are on the verge of having the “profession” declare that “homophobia” – broadly defined – is a psychological pathology.

    • “Isn’t it funny that so many (it seems) of these freaks are ‘mental health’ professionals?”

      It’s all about the fox guarding the henhouse, buddy. The whole point of getting into those positions (for them) is to take control of the institution and subvert it. Keep in mind that credentialism and belief in its power is a cornerstone of the leftist mindset. The “argument from authority” is a technique they constantly employ, particularly in their global warming agitprop. With cases like Dr. Levine, the thinking, whether conscious or subconscious, is that whoever is in control of the mental health establishment gets to (arbitrarily) rewrite the very definition of sanity.

      Let’s step into the lovely Dr.’s office for some counseling in 15 years, sometime after the 2025 rewrite of the DSM by his fellow progressive mental health professionals:

      “You sometimes pray to God before bed? .. It looks like you’re suffering from a mild case of Phantasmic Ideation Syndrome. We can fix that with Secular Adjustment Therapy/Abnormal Nurtured Identity Stabilization Modality.”

      “You’re not comfortable turning your marriage into an open relationship? That looks like a definite case of Attachment. We can help you by starting you off with 350mg daily of Lollzopozamine coupled with weekly Centralized Ultra Captivity Kinesthetc (CUCK) therapy sessions.”

      “You say you’re a pangendered narwhal multiple system with roughly 10 headmates, and a strong desire for a horn to be surgically grafted onto your forehead? That’s a perfectly normal desire, and the best part is that you can receive your desperately needed surgery.not only free of charge, but prioritized ahead of other, less-urgent cases.”

      Speculative humor aside, the point is that these folks see this as more than just a way of rationalizing and legitimizing their choices, decisions and pathologies. They also see a weapon to be harnessed in the ongoing marginalization and destruction of their enemies – all via the talismanic power of the institution.

      • That last line is very insightful. Have you noticed that every little niche hobby horse on the left seems to have a host of Institutes, Associations and Societies agitating in the press. We don’t have any institutions, indeed any institution that I would consider joining would probably be illegal, and this lack of organization may be a part of the reason for our ineffectiveness.

        This was beautifully illustrated for me by a quotation in a comment by one Flanders at the Irish Savant yesterday:

        “Empathising with minorities in order to win reciprocal support for their perversion is another tactic, and one that has met with some success. In 1995, the Jewish Chronicle reported that the World Congress of Gay and Lesbian Jewish Organisations had arranged a two day conference in which it was resolved that “the homosexual community should become involved in Holocaust education”. Present at this conference was no less a luminary than the historian (and Zionist apologist) David Cesarani. The International Association of Lesbian and Gay Children of Holocaust Survivors was said to have 65 members. (39) Devout Jews who died under the Nazi régime must be turning in their graves.”

  5. This grotesque madness is accelerating every year. We have already surpassed Sodome and Gomorre. This is not going to end well and much suffering will come before it gets better.

  6. Richard Levine was very briefly my pediatrician circa 1995, when I was about 13. I recall seeing him only once before telling my parents that I absolutely would not see him again because he’d totally creeped me out during a physical exam that included a genital palpation. In a strictly technical sense there wasn’t anything unprofessional about this exam, let alone criminal, but his bedside manner was creepy-crawly atrocious. That made it more than bad enough.

    This was nearly two decades before I learned of his having come out as a pre-op transsexual. I was floored when I heard that news, although it made gruesome sense. It wasn’t just that he had been effeminate or androgynous or swish when he examined me. It was much worse than that, much deeper. By any gender, he is constitutionally unfit to be involved in bedside patient care, let alone in the care of minors. He’s exactly where he should not be.

    This isn’t the sort of personality flaw that emerges out of nowhere in one’s thirties or forties. I’m convinced that Levine has always been unfit to practice medicine. There’s something that is just intangibly wrong and incorrigible about the guy, or the girl, as he may be. I have quite a few social contacts who worked at the Hershey Medical Center, and Levine seems to have at best a poor reputation among the clinical staff. Then again, it’s a pretty dysfunctional institution, one that seems to have more than its fair share of dogs in administrative positions, so it isn’t a surprise that he was able to worm his (or her) way up through the ranks.

    Pennsylvania has had some dog governors lately, too. It’s just another reason I’m glad I no longer live there. Rendell was a sleazeball in bed with the gambling industry, Corbett was a shifty crook in bed with the gas and school privatization industries, and Wolf, although I find him agreeable enough, obviously has poor judgment to elevate someone as troubled as Levine to a statewide appointed office overseeing medical policy. Arnie and the second coming of Moonbeam, my current governor, have nothing on these guys.

    But hey, I had a brush with greatness, and greatness had a brush with me.

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