Houses of the Holy

I sometimes wonder if the church ever glances backward to see if God is still following. At least that is my thought watching this institution scamper in pursuit of the zeitgeist. I was considering this issue after commenting on a post at Anti-Gnostic’s. There he described interactions on the blog of some Anglican cleric who had recently scrubbed his record of prior criticism directed toward Islam. Certain comments ranged beyond AG’s tolerance and were deleted. Though the flow remains discernible, including input from the androgynous Anglican.

Anthony Chadwick

Anthony Chadwick

His contributions to the thread included a gruelingly meek stance towards encroaching Islam, as well as an obligatory “nazi” insinuation for those advocating a more virile posture. As you will bear the insufferable indulgence of self-quoting, I responded as follows:

AG, I wasn’t going to comment further, given that your request to eschew insults left little to say.

But since I know you take the health of your church seriously, it seemed germane to mention the obvious: this is why you fail. This is why your pews lie fallow in the West. Chadwick almost seems to offer a caricature of the flaccid effete sniveling that has so successfully repulsed me from congregations for years.

It is likely to no one’s loss but my own. For if there is a God, then I detrimentally remain out of his orbit. And that is because those who serve as the stewards of his mortal embassies offer little more than mewling pap draped in vestments. All but the latter of which is available 24/7 via innumerable cultural outlets. If the church is merely offering dishwater liberalism, then it is being drastically out-competed. Bert can be called a nazi anywhere in the deracinated West; he needn’t seek Christian counsel for the privilege.

If the church wants to enliven the spirit, and draw men accordingly, it will rediscover its inner Pope Urban II. If it does not, its clerics will one day find their debates over angels on a pin interrupted by the muslim call to prayer pealing from St. Peter’s.

Unfortunately, the church is far more intrigued by bodies than people. And Pope Urban II looks down upon a much smaller man in his red shoes. But what Francis lacks in inspirational stature, he captures in diversity.

Pope Francis named 15 new cardinals Sunday, selecting them from 14 nations including far-flung corners of the world such as Tonga, New Zealand, Cape Verde and Myanmar to reflect the diversity of the church and its growth in places like Asia and Africa compared to affluent regions.

Other cardinals hail from Ethiopia, Thailand and Vietnam. None came from the United States and only three European nations received new cardinals–Portugal and Spain in addition to Italy. Cape Verde, Tonga and Myanmar gained cardinals for the first time.

Francis told faithful in St. Peter’s Square that the new batch of cardinals “shows the inseparable tie with the church of Rome to churches in the world.”

The Vatican’s chief spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said the selection “confirms that the pope doesn’t feel tied to the traditional ‘cardinal sees,’ which reflected historic reasons in various countries.”

Exactly what the men at Tours, Vienna, and Lepanto bled to secure: a church eschewing their posterity in favor of Tonga.

Though many other branches of the Christian tree are acting upon previously undiscovered biblical codicils. Particularly those that grant open migration to congregants benefitting from subsidized fecundity.

Religious groups in the East Bay have also stepped up. Led by Guatemalan-born Pastor Pablo Morataya of the East Oakland church, four congregations this fall declared “sanctuary” — pledging to shield young people and their families even if they are ordered deported. In the meantime they are helping with sponsorships, legal costs, food and clothing.

Of course Guatemalan-born Pastor Pablo Morataya is very far from alone in rebuilding Babel on the soil of the West. Practically every denomination smiles beatifically at the biblical mandate to relocate all of humanity into Europe and America. Here are the devout Episcopalians for instance–do enjoy that banner photograph. While scanning, please note the denomination’s liturgy as it pertains to…

Asian children of the Lord
Black children of the Lord
Migrating children of the Lord.
Indigenous children of the Lord
Latino children of the Lord.
Incarcerated children of the Lord.
Social justice warriors of the Lord
And the Environment of the Lord

It’s embarrassing to admit I can’t now recall whether I was first introduced to the concept of “social justice” from or the Book of Matthew. Regardless, not all Christian Gods are as liberal as the one who worships the Episcopalians. For instance, there are the far far right, ultra conservative, arch bigot Southern Baptists.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Leaders in nation’s largest Protestant denomination are preaching that integrated churches can be a key driver of racial justice in society.

The Rev. Russell Moore, who leads the Southern Baptist’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, is one of several white leaders calling for multiethnic congregations in the wake of the unrest spurred by the killings of black men by white police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, and New York City.

“In the church, a black Christian and a white Christian are brothers and sisters,” Moore wrote recently. “We care what happens to the other, because when one part of the Body hurts, the whole Body hurts. … When we know one another as brothers and sisters, we will start to stand up and speak up for one another.”
The effort has taken on particular urgency for Moore and other Southern Baptist leaders who have been working to overcome the denomination’s history. The convention was formed in 1845 in a split with other Baptists when Southern Baptists resolved to continue allowing slave owners to become missionaries. [This 170 year old schism can only be soothed in the calming waters of a Hollywood feature film]

During the civil rights movement, Southern Baptists were largely silent or actively opposed ending segregation. The denomination eventually declared racism a sin and in 2011 renewed efforts to reach out to Latinos, African-Americans and others. The next year, the denomination elected its first African-American president, the Rev. Fred Luter, Jr.

Moore said he has two goals for the summit. He wants to spur churches to work for racial reconciliation by articulating it as a Gospel demand. And he wants to facilitate personal relationships between Southern Baptists of different races.

Moore said he agrees that things are changing too slowly within the SBC, but he sees signs of hope. He points to the work of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary President Danny Akin, who has made recruiting and educating a racially diverse group of future pastors a key goal. Akin said he doesn’t think the patterns and structures built up at the SBC over more than a century can be changed without an active and intentional effort.

“My grief is we’re late to this party,” he said. “We should have been leading the way. The Christian church should be the first to speak to issues of discrimination and injustice … not sitting back.”

Racism, discrimination, and “injustice.” All proscriptions God would have inscribed on tablets at Mt. Sinai had he only been in possession of sufficient foresight. But who’s perfect? Unfortunately though it took over 1900 years after his son’s death to even formulate the concept. Still then the chore was inconsiderately left to people who weren’t even Christians.

And while all of this is obviously to mock, it is not intended toward those who take their faith in God seriously–as these religious social institutions plainly do not.

A country is not a nation. The church is not God. And ideology is not interests. Here’s a prayer that one day they are.


19 thoughts on “Houses of the Holy

  1. Dress Anthony Chadwick in one of the snazzy new Franciscan habits and he’d look like any of the middle aged lesbians who have joined the order since the Second Vatican Council.

  2. This brings up an interesting chicken-egg question. One of the reasons Christianity is dying is because it has become thoroughly femininized. As others have noted, when women join, men flee. And an institution without men loses its courage and vigor. I haven’t been to church for years, for many of the same reasons as Kak, but when I did go i noted that women outnumbered men. Now, did the churches become liberal because they became dominated by women, or did the “dishwater liberalism” drive away all the men. After all, if some anointed pederast is going to lecture you about checking your privilege, why not just spend the day watching football.

    I live in a very conservative, religious part of the country. Even here, “conservative” denominations which rail against gay marriage and abortion offer special services to Haitian and Guatemalan refugees. Most also have a full time “missionary coordinator” to spread the Gospel to the people of Sierra Leone, and then sponsor there new adherents to join the mother church in Tennessee. As the pews empty, our spiritual leaders are seeking to import a new congregation in the same manner our leaders wish to elect a new people.

    • In North Georgia most of the Catholic churches are populated by illegals from south of the border. The church encourages them to break the law…………perhaps the padres prefer brown boys to white ones.

    • excellent comment- here too, in what once a rural redoubt of white christian conservancy, all the churches are helping local middle aged whites adopt a vibrant from hell. talk about dividing our communities right down the middle- humanist secularist idiots praising jesus (as they import their killers) vs preppers who came here to escape the coming bloodbath.

    • Amazingly, our local parish features a widowed priest who fathered five children before his wife passed away. How rare is that?

    • Are they certain that creature is female, she’s got more hair on her lip than I do. It looks like somebody beat her with an ugly stick. Anglicanism certainly attracts some very strange characters, first Chadwick and now this gremlin.

  3. Whereas the jews promote their best litigators to positions of moral authority (rabbis/politicians), Christians seem happy with whatever chaff they can pull in. The result is an over-representation of fags and a big bloc of betas. The sanctity of the Christian doctrine certainly was not helped by the jews winning WW2. Once the unspoken moral imperative was shifted to the Culture of Critique, it was always downhill for the followers of racist antisemite Martin Luther and Novus Ordo cultists.

    Religion (mainstream) used to be cool and it could be again if we ever expelled our unsavory, parasitical overlords. Check out this really cool guy:

    • Phall, you know I love you bro, but let’s face it: white people suck. We care more about moral superiority – real or perceived – than survival. This makes us most similar to Jews, who also care deeply about moral superiority (no other people except Europeans and Jews, and formerly Japanese, does). Of course, the place where Jews have us beat is that they also care about their own survival.

      Can you blame them? They’re trying to survive like every other organism under the sun. I’m the biggest bigot you’ll ever meet (with all due respect to our gracious host), but I don’t blame Jews, Muslims, Asians, blacks, Mexicans or whoever for taking advantage of whites’ death wish (contempt for the material world being the most morally superior stance of all). Wouldn’t you do the same?

      I think that Teddy K was right in saying that the modern West – with all its self-flagellating attitudes – is a result of people of no-color (did I say that right?) having no material problems left to conquer, and consequently turning to moral problems of our own invention. The problem, Teddy argued, is that human beings are designed to solve problems. Our brains never anticipated living in an environment where no problems exist.

      So for the sake of our psychic health, we create problems to solve. Physical exercise is a great analogy. Because our bodies evolved to run/jog for long distances, modern (ie Western) man needs to go to the gym to burn off our primordial energy (for lack of a less gay way to put it).

      The problem with inventing fake problems (eg racism/sexism/calling-the-sky-blue-ism), of course, is that they can end up threatening your material survival – the very thing we had assumed, in our benevolent disdain for other races, to be a foregone conclusion. (God is nothing if not ironic in punishing hubris. Just ask Odysseus.)

      Simply put, Western Civilization has been a victim of its own success. And because I cannot say it enough, white people are arrogant dorks (seriously).

  4. Christians link arms with their muslim brothers united against…just try to guess…hate.

    In other news, Christian clergy urge law enforcement to fire upon their likenesses rather than black ones. A suggestion I am able to contemplate serenely.

    As far as I can discern, the only distinguishing characteristic between the modern Christian church and the SPLC is the tonnage of its spokeswomen.

  5. It’s going to be fascinating watching the principled Flying Spaghetti Left circle around to a full-throated defense of the Christianity that once was its bete noire.


  6. Fr. Chadwick’s bailiwick is the Sarum Use rite, a liturgy from English antiquity. I’ve attempted to point out the irony of working so energetically to preserve an obscure and arcane English rite while simultaneously cheering one’s displacement by Muslim and Hindu subcontinentals and deracinated atheists. He’s a pretty courteous guy and apparently in real fear of French thought police so I’m sorry he’s the foil here. But the attitude is typical. Aging white Christians just want to be left to ponder their arcane theology and elaborate liturgics in peace.

    The Evangelical embrace of the Diversity Tar Baby is really sombering. Men will gather their families and walk away from the gospel-hiphop-rap services and increasingly alien congregations, leaving their dwindling peers with that terrified rictus plastered on their faces. Whites continue their withdrawal from American public spaces.

    The good news from my perspective is that serious religion has tremendous psychic force. We’ve been killing each other over it for quite some time, after all. When people are well and truly against the wall, they tend to get religious so there could be some really serious blowback building up. Watching the Episcopal trainwreck, I remember thinking that a bit harder economic times and a bit more remote central government, and those ideological arguments get settled in the street instead of in convention halls or courtrooms.

    • I just checked the spam folder, and for some reason there they sat. I only posted one as both were making the same well-articulated point.

      Also, you’ve been reiterating for some time the accelerating withdrawal of whites from the public sphere, a phenomenon I have seen in my own life as well as those in my orbit. That withdrawal will be closely shadowed by the emergence of private moating. And the next “civil rights issue of our era” will be the left’s fanaticism in removing those barriers.

      At some point these relentless encroachments will be resisted out of sheer desperation. Many tears will follow.

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