Your Pieties or Your Life?

When a society’s interests and ideology grow into stark opposition, it is a given that one must eventually succumb to the other. Either they will cast off maladaptive sentiments and prosper as a people, or they will sacrifice themselves to a universalist doctrine. That doctrine itself subsequently cast aside as no longer useful by the replacement society.

Non-whites–those “minorities” that comprise 90% of the world’s population–have spent the last couple of generations artfully setting the West’s stated ideology against its interests and forcing the “majority” to awkwardly choose. In nearly every instance, ideological fidelity was affirmed and another pillar removed from civilization in a macabre jenga game.

What began as indulgent majority politesse has metastasized into a religious dogma for us, and a weapon for them. They aren’t going to deny themselves its use.

And Turkey’s President Erdogan recently wielded this magical talisman quite gaudily.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that if the European Union (EU) is opposed to Islamophobia, it must accept Turkey within its ranks, the Hurriyet Daily News reports.

At a press conference during his visit to Djibouti [which is the capital of Djibouti], the Turkish President gave a speech on his opposition to terrorism and mass deaths of Muslims in regional conflicts and civil wars. He announced that Turkey will never tolerate terrorists, who may represent different religions. After this, he sharply changed his rhetoric, focusing on the relations between Turkey and the European Union, according to the publication.

“We are testing Europe. Will Europe be able to digest and to accept Turkey, whose people are Muslims? If you oppose Islamophobia, then you must admit Turkey into the EU,” he declared, saying that otherwise the EU is a “Christian club,” according to Turkish news website Today’s Zaman.

“Turkey is included in NATO, OECD… And why don’t you admit it into the EU? Then, the problem is elsewhere,” Erdogan said. “Turkey is a strong country now and it will not come to the EU’s door to beg [for membership].”

His plain begging for membership notwithstanding, when Erdogan says he is testing them we see a rare moment of political candor. Your pieties or your life, Europe? This is a test. As a part of which, the Turkish leader offers a germane point that Europe will one day be forced to publicly address.

You say you are opposed to a rhetorical contrivance called “Islamaphobia.” If this is true, why then do you not grant full EU membership, including travel privileges, to 75 million muslim Turks on your border? Why is that Europe? Is it a phobia? Racism? Christian religious bigotry? If you don’t want your ancient cities, towns, and hamlets swarmed by hostile aliens then it must be one of these. And the burden of proof falls upon the last blue eye to explain otherwise.

This is the corner we have cravenly backed into. By having abjured any claim to our own racial, religious, or cultural lineage we stand upon sand when presented with such reasonable queries. Being polite means politely shuffling off the planet. It’s time to tell Erdogan, and all like him, that Europe is for Europeans–as his countrymen manifestly are not. Any who take exception are free to pound the sand of their own homelands. And while at it, thank Allah that this “Christian Club” hasn’t chosen to reclaim Constantinople…yet.


14 thoughts on “Your Pieties or Your Life?

  1. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Right on. Screw Turkey. It kills me how these butt jamming Muzzies want so badly in Europe’s space yet criticize Europe for wanting its own space. It is like if Turkey is granted EU membership it will automatically turn Turkey into a first class nation.

    Yeah right. Muzzie are dune coons. They are People of the Sand. Like the groids of the USA they do not create, only destroy.

    Watch the movie ‘Midnight Express’ from 1977. That will clue one into the ‘civility’ of the dune coons.

    Muslims suck.

    • I say this with my cheek fully absent of my tongue, by VikingBitch and Kak I ask this as a child of the 90s hungry for visions of the world as it was hidden from me. More film recommendations such as “Midnight Express” would be much appreciated.

      Kak, Kudos, Keep up the phenomenal work.

      • Thanks DR. Of course something like Blazing Saddles would be impossible now. Especially it’s colorful description of malingerers as Kansas City Faggots.

        Speaking of malingering, I recall a supervisor in this very lifetime once chastising a group of us with an equally colorful rebuke: You’re like a bunch of Georgia naggers. Only interested in sundown and payday.

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  3. I just watched the German News. Its full of terrorism this terrorism that, Middle Eastern war and fighting and suffering people. The German News is saturated with it; Egypt, Syria, Nigeria. They are trying to give our people a conscience for them, these useless mongrels, for current and future world bastardisation.

    The Nordic Race is the only intelligent race. Judge a race by how they live, what houses they live in, their achievements, their culture. Who else has any to speak of?

    The Nordic Race will guarantee human survival, and we are the pure unmolested humanity, unirked by the problems of the multitude of bastards. This understanding should spark a mass of Nordic Births. Our ancestors reborn through a revival of racial pride.


      • From Wikipedia:

        Born in University College Hospital in Fitzrovia, London, Miliband is the younger son of immigrant parents. His mother, Marion Kozak, a human rights campaigner and early CND member, is a Polish Jew who survived the Holocaust thanks to being protected by Poles. His father, Ralph Miliband, was a Belgian-born Marxist academic of Polish Jewish origin who fled with his father to England during World War II.

  4. Hitchens and Kak, Kak and Hitchens. Two Heretics in their own way, two promoters of rationality who recognize the populous tendency towards idealism which neither share. Kak and Hitchens, Hitchens and Kak, I love them both, I have both of their backs.

    • LOL. Poor educated, genteel, old-school Benedict Cumberbatch. Does the man even have an impolite bone in his body? He probably also has the temerity to retain some misplaced sense of noblesse oblige. It’s a good thing an indictment of white privilege doesn’t require mens rea or we’d never have found out what a spittle-flecked, bug-eyed, raving hater Benedict was.

      I was in the same situation a few years ago when I used the term ‘mulatto,’ and in public and everything. Oh the shocked, delicious outrage as my betters lectured me on my crime against humanity. Oh the looks of relief on the other white males in the room as they buried their faces in their drinks. THE PROPER TERM IS ‘MIXED-RACE,’ BIGOT!

      Duly chastened, I adjusted my cravat, rolled up my bull-whip (I had been giving a demonstration on the proper administration of discipline of a slave workforce), excused myself back to my plantation, and apologized to my child’s wet-nurse for calling her a mulatto.

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