Lookin’ for Love in all the Wrong Places

I was reflecting on this article projecting an electoral victory for Greece’s Syriza party.  It is presently polling first at over 31%.  For those unfamiliar, this party is a patchwork coalition of the radical left.  Those are not my words, but their own. “Syriza” is an acronym representing exactly that. Constituent elements include communists, maoists, trotskyists, radical anti-church atheists, weather supremacists, and presumably pederast anarchist furries.  So given that the most mild-mannered Greece for Greeks are painted with obligatory media descriptions such as “far far far,” “extremist,” “neo-nazi,” and (naturally) “hate,” what sort of pitiless calumny must the Syriza fanatics face?  It’s worse than you might even imagine: Anti-establishment party Syriza.  Anti-establishment…That’s harsh.

So harsh that the imprisoned-without-trial-for-no-crime leaders of Golden Dawn must give thanks daily from the comfort of their cells for the comparatively benign treatment.  From reports I have read, of the party’s 16 elected legislators seven are in prison and three under house arrest.  This is what we call “democracy.”  Though you would logically conclude that western governments simply do not extirpate political opposition in so transparently crass a manner.  Plainly a crime had to have been committed.  And you would be right.  In 2013 an alleged Golden Dawn member fatally stabbed a far-left Greek “rapper.”  And just as we in America round-up and incarcerate democrats every time party members in Chicago’s south side perforate their peers, so do they in Greece.  If a member of a political party commits a crime, then Western tradition holds that the entire leadership cadre of that party is to be detained indefinitely “pending trial.”  This is simply how it is done.  And it is why Barrack Obama is presently simmering in Leavenworth facing 2,734 counts of felony homicide for the actions of his inner-city democratic constituents.  If you can’t do the time, don’t be in a political party with someone who has done a crime.  One can only imagine how violently the pro-democracy US government reacted to this debasement of its global ideals.

The fact that Golden Dawn still polls at 10% is remarkable in context of this bald defenestration of Western electoral standards.  Has a Syriza party member committed a violent crime in the last two years?  Greece’s establishment isn’t talking if so.  And there is a very important expectation to take from this lewd performance.  Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is head of the nominal “conservatives” in Greece.  And when faced with anti-establishment parties emerging from both flanks, which did he and his mainstream coterie choose to attack mercilessly?  The right.  Only the right.  The “conservatives” of Greece have barely a harsh word to spare for their ostensible adversaries on the left.  And to extrapolate this domestically, for whom do you think a Republican president would summon Bomber Harris if both right and left fringes began encroaching onto mainstream turf?  I think your speculation is probably sound.  The sententious pap that would emerge can be conjured without aid: I have issued an executive order to detain violent elements of this extremist movement that seeks to sow discord and hatred.  This as middle-aged white men are dragged to the clink while blacks and “anti-fas” burn down the cities.  Conservatives such as Thad Cochran would feign grave concern while suppressing a sly smile.  But beyond expectations there’s a lesson.

That lesson is when in power the left should be granted every consideration they would extend to you: none.  No honesty, no courtesy, no voice, no protections, no good-faith negotiation.  Nothing but contempt and demonization.  Of course the leaders of Greece were hardly content with even that accommodating stance.  They found legal penumbras for locking up their political opposition.  Just as Obama found in eliminating our immigration laws.  The US Code is a remarkably dense labyrinth.  Within it lurk a great many other penumbras ready to serve our interests, should any be inclined to discover them.  It’s something we should never forget–but assiduously will.

All of which is preamble for the core conjecture.  I macabrely wonder if the European peoples–drowning under their traitorous mainstream parties–will in desperation grasp onto an anchor rather than a lifeboat. Societal fractures are creating huge opportunities for political startups. The left is quick to offer its own: a caricature of the despised establishment. And as most voters are resounding imbeciles, they will see something that looks vaguely familiar and find comfort therein. As a result, the parties that have labored so diligently to replace their people may be jettisoned for workaholics willing to do the job in half the time.  It is a very real possibility.  Because the far far far anti-establishment left gives the people a means to reject present politics without rejecting their secular religion. You can cast off the corrupt elite and still be anti-racist. It’s an offer many will find appealing today. Though few of their 1.3 children tomorrow.

The people of Europe have been hated for so long by their political establishments, it’s no surprise they seek affection elsewhere. God help us where they look.


5 thoughts on “Lookin’ for Love in all the Wrong Places

  1. I get that feeling too. Syriza will probably provide the worst of both worlds: economic collapse once they leave the EU (and all those subsidies behind), and massive third world displacement as they welcome the refugees in. I really, really wish there was good news somewhere, but I don’t see any.

  2. Syriza came in even higher than the polls at over 36%. Election coverage did not so far tally Golden Dawn figures. Though I did notice an unmistakable break from its obligatory description. It is apparently no longer the “far right Golden Dawn,” but instead the “far right, nazi inspired Golden Dawn.” This on the off-chance the more obtuse in the audience weren’t picking up what the media was laying down.

  3. The “anti-establishment” (yay!) Syriza have won big, but maybe not an absolute majority, while the “neo-Nazi” (boo!) Golden Dawn have probably finished third.

    For those unfamiliar, this party is a patchwork coalition of the radical left. Those are not my words, but their own. “Syriza” is an acronym representing exactly that. Constituent elements include communists, maoists, trotskyists, radical anti-church atheists, weather supremacists, and presumably pederast anarchist furries.

    Strangely enough, the actual Greek Communist party is not affiliated with Syriza and have sworn not to co-operate with them. Maybe they have dialectical materialist differences with Syriza’s pederast furry faction, as they would seem to exemplify the decadent bourgeoisie.

    Whether this mishmash of the dregs of society can hold together is an open question. They oppose the bailout conditions imposed by the so-called Troika, but still expect a tranche of 7 billion euros in aid to be delivered over the next few months. They want a massive increase in the welfare state while at the same time cutting property taxes. They expect to remain in the eurozone while stiffing their European partners for much of their 320 billion euro debt.

    I think Euro-Führer Merkel and the ECB/Bundesbank are going to play hardball with Syriza pour encourager les autres. If the Greeks are allowed to renegotiate their terms of surrender to the banksters, then the Italians, Spaniards and Portuguese might start getting similar ideas. Next thing you know there’s a full-blown greaseball revolt throughout Southern Europe.

    There’s going to be incredible pressure on Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras in the coming weeks. Whatever choices he makes are bound to alienate at least part of his coalition of deadbeats. His government could fall apart in no time at all, just like what happened in 2012 when there were two national elections within six weeks. Or maybe the forces of reaction will ‘Salvador Allende’ his commie ass to make way for a Greek Pinochet, who will then crack heads and pay debts.

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