Let Them Eat Hatecake

Before starting this piece, it’s important to clarify a key editorial position of this blog:

Whatever I want to say is protected free speech. Whatever I don’t want to hear is hate.

I can’t make it any clearer than that.

Gratifyingly, it is also the stance of most within the liberal menagerie. This made apparent by a quite amusing troll perpetrated recently on a BLT-friendly Colorado bakery. As you may recall, the Rainbow Orifice has attacked Christian bakers with alacrity for their reluctance to celebrate buggery via confection. See here and here for instance. They couldn’t simply take their business to another establishment or negotiate a theme that the proprietor could tolerate. No. Every other sap suffering within their solipsistic orbit must accommodate exact specifications or…HATE. Such broken sociopaths would be laughed out the door in a sane society–though we’re just a bit beyond that. And so they scuttle to The State, which dutifully comes loping with a legal battery of “civil rights.” Every one but free association, that is.  That’s the program.

All was going swimmingly with it until a crafty coot named Bill Jack strolled into the Azucar Bakery in Denver with a request for his own message of love written sweet: (he) “wanted an open book with the words ‘god hates homosexuality’ and a ‘no’ sign over two men.

In response, the baleful baker countered with:

“I told him that I would bake the cake in the shape of a Bible,” says Marjorie. “Then I told him I’d sell him a [decorating] bag with the right tip and the right icing so he could write those things himself.”

Wrong answer, bigot. Would you tell a BLT customer that you’d sell them a bag of flour, four eggs, two sticks of butter, and a cup of sugar so they could make the cake they wanted? We at the ACLU don’t think so. And that’s why this Hatebaker now finds herself under investigation for discrimination by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies. Here’s a NSFW (hate content) photo.

Ironic eh?

Ironic eh?

One article on this tempest from the principled left perspective may be found here. In reading the comments I always hold some vague expectation that a semi-sardonic participant will emerge to gently mock the clucking claque on its repetitive HATE!! pronouncements. Though I remain perpetually disappointed–except with the commenter who unselfconsciously lamented Mr. Jack’s request for a “Hatecake.” 🎂

And while the embedded who/whom of this skirmish will see it leavened with no more penalty to the baker than a Profile in Courage award, it’s still a worthy example of truculent gear sanding. The machine constructed to crush us is not particularly nimble, and could even lead to friendly fire casualties on the other side upon falling into the hands of the wrong jury. For so many years the so-called privileged: white, heterosexual, Christians accepted the many malign “civil rights” hypocrisies as a form of majority politesse. As that majority recedes quickly into history, many fewer are going to be willing to grant the indulgence. Mr. Jack will be only one of many.

And his kind won’t be alone. The modern fractures in this society run far broader than blacks, BLTs, and legacy oppressors. Mexicans, muslims, african-africans, indians, and asians all will have their own notions about what may or may not be inscribed in icing. I’ve thought of several amusing scenarios between these groups, and am sure you will as well. It’s all going to be quite an enjoyable lark. Watch it as sport.

Let them eat Hatecake.


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