Never Let a Waste go to Tragedy

Everyone recalls the November 2009 massacre at Fort Hood, Texas. Therein a muslim infiltrator named Nidal Malik Hasan fatally shot 13 servicemen and wounded 33 others. He was non-mortally felled by five rounds from civilian police Sergeant Mark Todd, whose marksmanship definitively concluded a long doctrinal debate over the horizontal “urban grip” for handguns. Hasan is now incarcerated in Leavenworth’s death row, where he will play Parcheesi until his victim’s grandchildren expire from old age.

It should also be noted that Hasan represented the very best of American ideals. As a native Virginian whose muslim parents immigrated from the Palestinian West Bank, he was indistinguishable from the country’s legacy stock of Anglo-Saxon Christians. Both having progenitors who once travelled to live here. This fact made him both compatible and (for all practical purposes) identical to his white southern kin. But inexplicably his allegiance remained not with his fellow American Immigrant People, but with those of a distant land. Psychologists assure us this emotional anchor-trailing is completely unprecedented and shouldn’t be given a second thought.

Readers will also recall the aftermath of that shooting and now-infamous statement of former Army general George William Casey, Jr. who opined, Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.

It was certainly a waste to spill all of that blood, which could have much better soaked into eastern sands. But we should never let such a waste go to the tragedy of questioning diversity.

Well I am enthused to report that General Casey’s sentiment lives unperturbed by recent carnage.

We all know that it was an unscrupulous waste to rid the Earth of a few unprincipled libertine cartoonists. But we should never allow that waste to go to a tragedy of emerging far far far right parties who oppose that waste. The key lies perhaps in maintaining a moderate, middle-of-the-road level of human wasting that never boils over into the tragedy of nation-state alignment.

And populist political parties aren’t the only tragedies we must never allow waste to become. There is also the welfare of The Economy to consider. This is a much higher priority than the condition of a mere nation. And German business leaders are not those to prioritize poorly.

Europe’s divisive debates over immigration and Islam may be putting sand in the gears of Europe’s economic engine.

Saying Germany needs skilled laborers to work in the factories and laboratories of its export-heavy economy, German corporate and industrial leaders are denouncing the string of anti-Islamic marches that have attracted growing crowds throughout the country in recent weeks.


We distance ourselves from this movement and any xenophobic movement that damages Germany’s reputation,” said Alexander Wilhelm, deputy head of the Confederation of German Employers Associations, a national umbrella group.

“The PEGIDA movement is not representative of Germany, its people and its economy,” he said, using the German acronym for the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West group that has organized the marches.

PEGIDA does not represent the views of the German Economy.

Even with the cancellation, the surge of PEGIDA as a political force has unnerved Chancellor Angela Merkel and other mainstream political leaders. It also has created headaches for the German business community, which has been lobbying for easier entry for skilled immigrants to fill factory jobs in Europe’s most powerful economy.

“Many industries involving math, computer science, engineering and natural sciences are having trouble filling positions,” said Mr. Wilhelm. “Currently, these industries are in need of 130,000 workers.”

As history readily divulges, Germans are incapable of technical innovation and must rely upon the pilfered expertise of Somalian flotsam.

As Germany’s native-born population ages and shrinks, the country badly needs skilled non-European Union workers to reinvigorate its industries. The German government has tried to attract skilled foreign laborers with four-year residence cards and study and research programs for foreigners, but labor gaps persist and the country’s unemployment rate fell to a record low of 6.5 percent in December.

That’s millions of Germans unemployed and looking. And the country “badly needs non European workers?” Further I’ve noticed that immigration enthusiasts like Bill Gates are also aging and shrinking. At 59, Mr. Gates is no longer able to produce the software he once did. The Gates household badly needs non European people to confiscate his wealth, cast his children into the barrio, and reinvigorate his personal resources.

German clerical leaders are among those who have spoken out against the protests. The Cologne Cathedral led a silent counterdemonstration this month by switching off its lights during the protests, a move mimicked by other monuments, museums and businesses, including Berlin’s famous Brandenburg Gate and Dresden’s Volkswagen manufacturing plant.

Countermarches are regular and growing on the streets of Berlin, Dresden, Munster, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Cologne. More than 100,000 Germans protested the PEGIDA demonstrations last week, carrying signs saying, “Your hate embarrasses us!” and “I (heart symbol) immigration.”

The Church

“I think it’s dumb to say you are scared of Islamization. It doesn’t make sense,” said Charlotte Kless, 23, of Berlin, who was demonstrating against PEGIDA last week. “We are going to stay an open-minded land and we’re not going to tolerate racism. We need people to work in Germany, too, so it doesn’t make sense to say that Muslims are stealing our jobs.”

Et tu Bimbettes?

Mrs. Merkel and other officials have criticized the PEGIDA movement. “When the PEGIDA demonstrators chant, ‘We are the people,’ they actually mean, ‘You don’t belong because of your religion or your skin,’” Mrs. Merkel said on New Year’s Day. After the deadly Paris attack on Charlie Hebdo, she said, “We will not allow ourselves to be divided by those who, in the face of Islamist terror, place Muslims in Germany under general suspicion.”

Just read that last sentence again. And as you do, realize it is a world leader uttering it. Are PEGIDA members under general suspicion? Or just specifically the ones not butchering cartoonists?

“PEGIDA dreams of a world that has passed, which it imagines to be safer and more stable,” said cultural studies professor Werner Schiffauer of the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt Oder in eastern Germany. “The movement taps into a general sense of unease in society and has created an enemy.

Do jewish organizations “tap into a general sense of unease and create an enemy?” Do black organizations? Muslim? Nevermind.

What’s worth mentioning is how this quote deploys a most common artifice of the tyrant: inevitability. “PEGIDA dreams of a world that has passed.” It is to say “Your time is over Germans; cease all resistance.” The proper response is a heartfelt: Go to Hell. We’ll come to see whose world has passed.

And what a tragedy that will be.


11 thoughts on “Never Let a Waste go to Tragedy

  1. The unanimity of “correct” opinion in the west is reminiscent of Soviet media. Everyone, everywhere, says the exact same thing. Such a system is formidable, but extremely brittle. Once the first little crack opens, once people start to realize that the mass media has no credibility, and that the SJWs are the real minority, the floodgates can open quickly.

    But every time I get hopeful, I think of South Africa, and my heart sinks.

  2. It just occurred to me that this is Mike King day. I recall when Arizona refused to ratify his deification and lost the stupor bowl as a result of pompous NFL vindictiveness. Playing glorified smear-the-queer in a state without a MLK holiday would have simply been too excruciating for our delicate black rose petals.

    What, you want us to play for $millions in Arizona? Are you even aware of that state’s schedule of civic holidays? Well are you?!

    Thus suitably chastened by the loss of this gladiatorial contest, the formerly recalcitrant state voters earned a measure of redemption by returning to the polls (or rhetorically, poles) to obsequiously grant formal homage to the greatest plagiarizing pummeler of prostitutes in the history of the King household.

  3. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    In Europe it is the Muzzies, in the States, it is the Mexicans. Both groups of turd worlders breed like fruit flies and are content to live in squalor. White Westerners do not breed like fruit flies and like to live in clean, safe surroundings, and as a result, are not good slaves.

    The White Western leaders are traitors. Once they are overthrown, then the White West can be free again.

    Europe does not need Muslims. America does not need the Mexicans. These are simply fallacies kept alive to fuel White Genocide.

    • There is also the obvious (though rarely made) point that if whites did need mexicans and muslims, it would be us streaming into their countries rather than the opposite.

      Those coveted human resources may be found in abundance throughout the third world, yet so few whites avail themselves of actually accessing them.

      As always: tongues lie, feet do not.

      • Exactly. The mountain could always go to Muhammad, as it were. Not alone do liberals not go abroad to seek out non-whites, but they avoid the places where they live when they settle in the liberals’ own countries. Just to be near good schools, of course.

  4. Whatever He the Most Holy American did or did not do doesn’t really matter. The FBI surveillance tapes that are supposed to go FOIA public after 50 years are still pulled. Cue the rotund Fox Mulder enthusiasts. Did he racially abuse white prostitutes while beating them physically? Who the fuck cares, Mao Ze Dong surely did and he’s deified too, so there.

    Did he “borrow” paragraphs of his “doctoral” thesis? Frankly he “borrowed” the English language from his genetic tongue-click foundation of linguistics, so he must win points there or here and I wouldn’t oppose giving him an A+ personally in rote repetition.

    The best stinkbomb I’ve ever left upon a liberal pal (in this case, my mom) is that MLK Day and Columbus Day have a zero sum output of demand. The more you pump the negro, the less you can ever raise your cup and salud an eccentric Polish prince 😉

  5. The idea that any featherless biped who settles in a white country becomes indistinguishable from the natives – no squawking jungle tribe would believe in such magic. But white people are forced to pretend they believe it, or face personal and financial ruin if they challenge it publicly.

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