I was reading through this piece on statistical disparities among eight of Europe’s states. Given time and interest constraints, I’ll discuss highlights from the first two countries profiled.


Swedish immigration ceremony: We, for one, welcome our new ululating overlords.

Swedish immigration ceremony: We, for one, welcome our new ululating overlords.

Sweden was among the most equal countries in the OECD, but it’s less equal than it used to be. Income equality is measured by the ‘Gini coefficient’; Sweden has a Gini of 0.27; a score of 0 means everyone has the same income. The US is on 0.38. Overall, Sweden has the 7th most equal incomes in the rich-country group, behind 6th placed Belgium and ahead of 8th placed Finland.

Not a bad performance from Sweden, but what’s really interesting is that inequality has risen faster in Sweden than anywhere else in the past two decades.

What’s really even more interesting is the assiduously unspoken correlation between this item and the next.

Of the 9.5 million people living in Sweden, 1.53 million were born abroad. That’s up from 1.47 million in 2012 and 1.08 million in 2003. In other words, the number of foreign-born residents in Sweden has increased by 41 percent since 2003.

2 million people have a foreign background, if you include everyone who was born abroad or born in Sweden to two foreign-born parents. This was up slightly on 2012, but up by more than 600,000, or 43 percent, since 2003.

Sweden down to 79% autochthonous Swedes. If this cohort remains static–and given sub-replacement fertility it will not–and immigration trends remain intact, sometime very close to mid-century Swedes will have primly rendered themselves as a minority in their father’s ancient land. But what’s really interesting is how this manifests presently. Such as…

1.4 million crimes were reported in Sweden in 2013, only marginally more than in 2012.

Some categories of violent crime have risen over time: the number of assaults fell 8 percent in 2013 compared to 2012, but had risen overall by 20 percent since 2004. The number of reported rapes fell by 5 percent between 2012 and 2013, but rose fourfold between 2004 and 2013. However, much of this increase is explained by more sexual assaults being classed as rape and a greater willingness by women to report rape our desperation to not explain the increase.

Assaults up by 20% and rapes by 400%.

Sweden leads Europe in the percentage of women in work. 77.2 percent of women in Sweden have jobs, according to data from Eurostat, more than in any other European country.

I wonder what fundamental activity is hampered by fertile women tilling barren cube farms? Maybe a clue will appear next.

Sweden’s birthrate of 1.91 in 2012 is too low. This despite Sweden’s generous parental leave, subsidised daycare and equality between the sexes.

However, Swedes are much better at having babies than Poles (1.30), Spaniards (1.32) or Greeks (1.34). They’re beaten by Brits (1.92), the French and the Irish (2.01). The European average is 1.58.

It’s difficult to unravel the conundrum of why birth rates could be low despite equality between the sexes. For as we have seen everywhere it has gin blossomed, feminism is a boon to fertility. And yet despite flouncing about in office parks or military barracks, women aren’t raising children. I can’t explain why. And rather doubt anyone else can either.


Germany is more equal than many comparable countries in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, with a Gini coefficient (a measure of income inequality) of 0.29, compared with an OECD average of 0.32 (maximum inequality would give a Gini coefficient of 1).

But like all industrial nations in the OECD club, inequality is on the rise in Germany as demand for unskilled labour shrinks. Experts say that on current trends, Germany will be as unequal as the USA, where the average income of the highest-earning 10 percent is 16.5 times as much as that of the lowest-paid. In Germany, that number is currently just 6.9.

Diversity = inequality ipso facto. One would think that even leftists could concede a point so elementary. Though in so doing one would be taking logical license that The Narrative doesn’t grant.

But what is meant by inequality is on the rise in Germany as demand for unskilled labour shrinks? Unskilled labor is necessarily low paid labor, if demand for this is on a relative decline it wouldn’t logically be an engine for inequality. I’ll have to refer to my Krugman econ book to resolve this matter.

Germany is “a country of immigration” who non-native population contributes a net €22 billion a year to the social security system.

Some obvious points: Germany is a country of immigration? Since when? And this means what exactly? That some people once travelled there to live? And so any other people who subsequently travel are the same as the first? It would be no more grueling sophistry to say Germany is “a country of genitals.” Founded by those with genitals. And those possessing them presently contribute 100% to the social security system. Thus any with genitalia are Germans. QE fucking D. Statements as that quoted above aren’t points, they’re insults.

In absolute numbers, more than 16.5 million people in Germany have a “migration background” – someone in their family having travelled to Germany from abroad. That’s 20 percent of the population.

Just as with Sweden. Soon to be 30%, then 40, then 50. How many immigrants do your traitorous elite want? More. Germans should observe America’s trajectory and be certain they are sanguine with its results.

Germany is pushing hard to integrate women into the workforce, with new regulations coming in to allow parents to split parental leave more fairly between them and the government introducing a quota for female executives on the boards of big companies.

Yes, push hard to get women out of that domestic and reproductive hell. There is no fulfillment quite like gazing into the wide eyes of your very own marketing powerpoint slide.

In 2012, the German birth rate was calculated at just 1.38 per woman – well below the numbers needed to maintain the population.

Problem: Critically low native birthrates. Solution: Women out of the house and into the office. Do Germans think the people peddling this petroleum are their friends? And while women in the workforce is just one factor impacting birthrates, and not a determinative one (as figures from Italy will attest) there is an undeniable correlation. This being supported by a moment’s intuition that women have finite time, energy, and waking hours. To consume their vast majorities of each in rote occupations is to diminish what they have available for more critically fundamental endeavors. And empty slogans such as “nation of immigrants” are the bastard offspring.

For those inclined to read it, the article goes on to profile Italy, Spain, France, Austria, Denmark, and Switzerland. Many of the same themes are predictably recurrent. Immigration and barren native birthrates. It’s quite a fast motion movement to relinquish birthrights earned through millennia.

Time is short. Misery will be long.


8 thoughts on “Europe

  1. Denmark looked ok. 11.1% immigrant population, and many of those from Europe. Like many other European countries, the immigrants are not easily conferred citizenship rights. Even the third generation are considered residents and not citizens.
    This technicality could be vital if these countries ever come to their senses and decide to encourage or force repatriation.

  2. Admin:

    I thought you might like this article:

    You see, Chattanooga has a vibrant economy, a revitalized downtown, and an expanding industrial base. However, blacks just can’t seem to catch a break. There is no black middle class in Chattanooga. Because rayciss. No mention of the fact that blacks labor might not be productive enough to justify a middle class wage. Or that Chattanooga has a very small government sector, the traditional bastion of black middle class employment. Only rayciss. So the city should offer low interest loans to attract black college grads from historically black colleges. Some quotes:

    “After all, we have intentionally encouraged Chattanooga to become a great place for outdoorism.
    (This might actually have more to do with the fact the Tennessee River runs through downtown and the city is surrounded by beautiful mountains)

    Chattanooga, a great place for entrepreneurs. For innovators.
    (This might be due to the low taxes, cheap land and business friendly environment)

    But Chattanooga a great place to be black?

    Until such a sentence becomes more than satire or insult, then we aren’t really a full city at all.”
    (You see, the prosperity of the vast majority of the city’s resident is inconsequential compared to the well-being of a violent, feral minority that accounts for essentially all violent crime and urban blight. That’s what REALLY matters.)

    And the publisher wonders why circulation drops quarter after quarter, and why advertising revenue no longer covers the cost of publication.

    • That’s worthy of blog ridicule. I have a rotating backlog of 5-10 pieces at any given time, and will place this one in the queue if I can get to it.

      A couple of impressions though.

      First, it’s interesting how modern print media now inverts the old dictum of “you get what you pay for.” In opinion journalism, there is hardly any more leper’s bell of plodding predictable prose than a request for payment. Anyone here could probably name a dozen bloggers that write daily with more skill and verve.

      Second, the quite mainstream phenomenon of believing only what is permitted, no matter its friction with sensory input. The author is certainly capable of observing the effects of large concentrations of blacks. He could surmise what similar impact on Chatanooga would follow his successful recruiting drive. But those notions may not be embraced and certainly not spoken. And so they are not.

      That’s why huge sea-changes are conceivable. If, through recaptured media or government, liberalism were made culturally unpalatable you would see millions of SJW fanatics flipped like circuit breakers. They believe only what they may–and fervently.

      • “That’s why huge sea-changes are conceivable. If, through recaptured media or government, liberalism were made culturally unpalatable you would see millions of SJW fanatics flipped like circuit breakers. They believe only what they may–and fervently.”

        THIS. Louis-Ferdinand Celine used to complain that the French Nazi sympathizers who attacked him for being a communist (his first two books published in the 1930s, Journey to the End of the Night and Death on the Installment Plan, spoke at length about the misery of the individual worker in the industrialized world) were the exact same people who attacked him for being a Nazi after Hitler lost.

        Another funny thing to note about Celine is that Charles Bukowski, a hero of the left for his stories of struggling to become a writer in L.A., called Celine “the greatest writer of 2000 years” and frequently referred to him with religious reverence in his books. Bukowski is an amazing writer who deserves to be a hero – Barfly, the movie he wrote starring Mickey Rourke about life as a loser in L.A., is essential viewing, and his novel “Hollywood” is one of my favorites – but it’s funny that the pseudo-intellectual left, who prefers namedropping authors to reading them, has never connected the dots between the two.

    • If David Cook wishes to find a city where it’s great to be black he needn’t look any farther than Macon, Georgia. It has all the amenities one would expect to find in a city with a 70% Negro population, almost 70 thousand of them running loose and terrorizing Caucasians. He can sit back and enjoy the ubiquitous poverty, ignorance, political corruption, drugs, prostitution, rape, burglary, car jacking, robbery, drive by shootings and last but not least……….murder on an almost daily basis. All he needs to do is drive Interstate 75 South for two hundred miles and he will be in the Port au Prince of Georgia. Just think, in less than three hours he can be in the Southern Mecca of African Culture and partake of the Fruits of Diversity.

      • Macon GA, so far as I can tell, consists mostly of large medical centers, optometrists, pharmacists, and other facilities targeted to the care and feeding of aging whites. The downtown area is populated by attorneys, half defending the lawsuits filed by the other half. There is a struggling Greek Orthodox parish there as well, and the old Greeks who’ve watched as their children have drifted away will gladly give you the keys to the place, put you on the parish council, let you run the Sunday school in exchange for helping them keep the lights on.

      • A-G,
        I visited Holy Cross church more than 30 years ago, it was in a small concrete block building. It was struggling then, I’m surprised it’s lasted this long. There’s also an OCA parish in Macon, St. Innocent. Whites have fled Macon by the truckloads, property is cheap. Neighborhoods on the north side are similar to Roswell with property a mere fraction of the price of a similar home north of the Chattahoochee River. I thought about moving to Macon but there is far too much Diversity for my taste.

  3. What’s with Poland though? They’re traditionalist, Catholic, low-ish female labor force participation, very low immigration rates.

    Yet they still have a catastrophically low fertility rate.

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