Endeavor to Persevere

A brief post for those who like their pah well-chutzed. Gene Wilder stops by to concern troll Europe about the jews who are leaving white countries…any day now. Just you wait and see.

We've had it!  I'm not joking.  We're leaving.  Here we go...right now.   You better stop us.  I swear we'll walk out. I mean it. See my feet moving?  I can't even slow them down my feet are so angry.  One step after another.  Excuse me! You don't even seem to be paying attention.  Do you think I'm not serious?!

We’ve had it! I’m not joking. We’re leaving. Here we go…right now. You better stop us. I swear we’ll walk out. I mean it. See my feet moving? I can’t even slow them down my feet are so angry. One step after another. Excuse me! You don’t even seem to be paying attention. Do you think I’m not serious?!

No wonder a mass exodus of European Jewry is imminent. With neighbors like these and such lax protections, European Jews might as well live next door to Gaza and avail themselves of the umbrella insurance policy known as the Iron Dome. [And you pay the bill]

Of course what may become a huge immigration bonanza for Israel will be remembered, regretfully, as a colossal brain drain for all of Europe — especially France, where the largest Jewish population on the continent resides. [It would be great for us, but it’s you I’m most concerned about]

History has not been kind to nations that have lost, exiled, or killed their Jews. Memo to Europe: Be careful what you allow to happen under your watch. It comes with a big price. Wherever Jews have lived they have brought initiative, innovation, and a general Jewish kop for making things a lot more interesting. [I worry how difficult you will find it seeing your countries returning to a state less interesting]

Russia is no longer Mother Russia without its violinists, poets, and novelists. [No music, reading, or Bolshevik Red Terrors without jews.] Former Soviet scientists and engineers helped pioneer the high-tech wizardry originating not from Moscow, but Tel Aviv. The Jewish Shahs in Los Angeles are a reminder to Iran of a far more valuable weapon they once had, and then lost. Syrian Jews were thankfully spared the present mass murders in their former country, and along the way they invented the designer jean industry. Polish, Lithuanian, and Ukrainian Jews left a cavernous cultural hole behind where they once lived [Those cavernous holes where they once lived are not altogether uncommon] and then proceeded to invent the American songbook, film and fashion industries — not to mention stand-up comedy.

Call it the curse of the Jewless.

A decline in national prosperity and cultural enrichment is in Europe’s future. Meanwhile, French restaurants will be popping up all over Tel Aviv. And Israelis will begin to dress better, too.

It is a tragedy for Jews worldwide, for sure. Israel will benefit. But France will feel it the worst.

A decline in cultural enrichment.
A decline in cultural enrichment.
A decline in cultural enrichment.

That’s your penalty if inclined to suffer it. That and a defanged media, defunded Fergusons, fumigated entertainment, dessicated liberal NGOs, universities shorn of propaganda, and (for America) a federal apparatus more interested in Idaho than Israel. Obviously France will bear the cold brunt, though in such grim hours as those one can only say “endeavor to persevere, my friends.”

Endeavor to persevere.


11 thoughts on “Endeavor to Persevere

  1. Hmmm.

    No jews in Germany, and they seem to be doing OK. America’s most productive and innovative era, the late 19th century, occurred prior to mass jewish immigration. Something tells me France will be OK without an alien tribe twisting national policy to suit their own narrow interests.

  2. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Like the Nigs, the Jews possess a huge blind spot as to how much they are reviled and as to how little the contribute. If they are so great, then why has not Israel prospered and been at peace? Maybe because Jews are a rural pain in the azzzzzz.

    Cultural enrichment? What is ‘culture’ anyway? I think Europe was a helluva alot better before it became culturally enriched.
    with Mystery Meat and Dune Coons. Designer jeans and knock offs of Indigenous European French food such as Au Bon Pain is culture? Really?

    Jew = sociopath. Sociopath = chameleon. Sociopaths blend into their environment and context via mimicry, but at the end of the day, Jews are Shallow Hals or The Hollow People. They have no identity except to suck the life out of other cultures and wear other cultures’ identities as theirs.

    French food in Israel? That’s a laugh.

  3. Gene Wilder’s doppelganger isn’t the only one warning of a “curse of the Jewless.” Former Israeli prison guard Jeffrey Goldberg interviewed French prime minister Manuel Valls in The Atlantic:

    Valls, a Socialist who is the son of Spanish immigrants, describes the threat of a Jewish exodus from France this way: “If 100,000 French people of Spanish origin were to leave, I would never say that France is not France anymore. But if 100,000 Jews leave, France will no longer be France. The French Republic will be judged a failure.”


    Got that? At the same time as Valls denigrates his own people — that is, himself, his own family and his Spanish co-ethnics — he claims that only a fraction of the country’s Jews leaving would mean France would no longer be France; that the entire country would be judged a failure! Eat your heart out, John Hagee: that is the new gold standard when it comes to grovelling before The Tribe.

    Well, if Valls won’t even stand up for his own people, I will. French citizens of Spanish descent, and there are probably millions of them, have made a far greater contribution to France than the Jews ever have, and they are undeniably much more patriotic and loyal to the country. Most French Jews don’t even pretend to have any loyalty to France. Case in point: the 4 Jews who were killed at the kosher market (none of whom were Israeli citizens) were all buried in Israel, not France. Good riddance.

    I think the vast majority of French people of all backgrounds — from Le Pen on the right to Dieudonné on the left — would far rather see all the Jews leave France rather than all the Spaniards, Manuel Valls excepted. He should convert and make aliyah so he can be amongst those he loves. As for the “colossal brain drain” that Gene Wilder Jr. claims would befall Europe if all the Jews left, I’m sure that the autochthonous Euros would somehow survive. They only invented the modern world and everything in it after all.

    Jews, don’t go away mad
    Jews, just go away

    • I saw that “France will no longer be France” piece. I suppose absent quality judgement it’s a true statement. Detroit without blacks would no longer be the Detroit we have all come to ridicule. Whether better or worse…who can possibly say?

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