Demonization Takes a Wide Stance

Have you ever noticed that a certain majority group comprising approximately 10% of the Earth’s population is never “demonized” no matter the lurid exertions of its detractors? No, it’s always “demonization” for me but not for thee. It’s quite another example of this group’s legendary “privilege” that it is able to produce “demonization” with such mild effort and language. Other groups, by comparison, spangle the cobweb with calumny, never to receive proper recognition as “demonizers.” Consider it Hell’s glass ceiling.

That was my lament upon reading this piece on Hungary’s Viktor Orban at the Paris Hebdo rally. The headline was just another example of crediting a white man with what others have done so much better: Orban demonises immigrants at Paris march. Let’s take a look at this flaccid example of demonization.

Orban told Hungarian state TV in the margins of the rally, held in support of free speech and tolerance in Europe, that the Charlie Hebdo murders should make the EU restrict access to migrants with “different cultural characteristics”.

Referring to the flow of African and Arab migrants to the EU, he said: “Economic immigration is a bad thing in Europe, it should not be seen as having any benefits, because it only brings trouble and danger to the peoples of Europe”.

“Immigration and cultural questions related to that must be discussed in a much more open, honest and straightforward manner than until now. I hope that a composed, calm analysis of the recent events will guide European leaders and Brussels towards a tough policy restricting immigration”, he added.

Have you ever heard such venomous hatred in your life? Actually, yes.

Noel Ignatiev, a founder of a journal called Race Traitor and a fellow at Harvard’s W.E.B. DuBois Institute, a leading black-studies department, argues in the current issue of Harvard Magazine that “abolishing the white race” is “so desirable that some may find it hard to believe” that anyone other than “committed white supremacists” would oppose it.

In excerpts appearing this week in newspapers nationwide, Mr. Ignatiev, who is white, [Whitish] writes that “every group within white America,” including “labor unionists, ethnic groups, college students, schoolteachers, taxpayers and white women” has at one time or another “advanced its particular and narrowly defined interests at the expense of black people as a race.”

Mr. Ignatiev pledges in the essay that his journal, Race Traitor, intends to “keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females, too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.”

Now that’s proper demonization. Yet how many mainstream media outlets recognized it as such? None of which I am aware. But if an actual white Harvard professor called for explicit genocide, it would result in 72/hour a day 34 days a week coverage. Another example of non-white accomplishments being cast aside. They provide a salutary stream of racial vituperations only to see white men glory in the credit. People of color are being shut out of demonization recognition as surely as they are award ceremonies for adults who play pretend for money.

Though more from the pretender Orban…

“While I am PM, Hungary will definitely not become an immigration destination. We don’t want to see significantly sized minorities with different cultural characteristics and backgrounds among us. We want to keep Hungary as Hungary.”

Hungary for Hungarians. And this milquetoast effort is recognized as demonization? Ridiculous.

His remarks come amid concerns the Charlie Hebdo killings – carried out in the name of Islam after the magazine published cartoons of Mohammed – will increase the popularity of Europe’s far-right parties and movements.

Well that’s very concerning indeed. Not the rape of English girls or mid-day massacres, of course. But the notion that voters may decide they don’t care for those activities and turn to the only political entities who agree. That being the far far far right. So far on the fringes that one is now the most popular party in France.

But concern from the left is well-founded. This is the right side of history. Not their brownish-yellow human amalgamation. People yearn for a place of their own under the sun. A place of respect and nurturing for their common heritage and traditions. A place where their children can know the culture of their fathers and take from it pride rather than manufactured shame. People long for continuity and social capital. They want to live in neighborhoods full of neighbors rather than colonists. This is why people always sort themselves against the designs of social engineers. And why liberals relentlessly pursue “good schools.” It’s the reason separate countries exist: to accommodate distinct peoples. It’s a yearning native to the human spirit–still alive in those who possess one.

And one day it will destroy the left.


10 thoughts on “Demonization Takes a Wide Stance

  1. Whoa, slow down there Admin. That last sentence almost sounded like hope. You’re not going soft on us, are you?

  2. Yes. History is cyclical, not linear. Liberalism dies a long, slow death with its ever-increasing numbers of barren females. What agitates us in this neck of the woods is the determined efforts of whites not to be there at the Left’s demise.

    • The cyclical not linear observation is important to remember. For it leaves open the possibility (and likelihood) of cyclical downswings within a larger secular uptrend. Prognostication ain’t for pansies.

  3. Holy ****:

    Mr. Ignatiev’s parents, Jewish immigrants from Russia, were not college educated, but he attended the University of Pennsylvania, dropping out after three years. He worked in a Chicago steel mill and in factories that made farm equipment and electrical parts for two decades. At the steel mill, he helped organize strikes and protests by the predominantly black work force.
    He was laid off from the steel mill in 1984, a year after he was arrested on charges of throwing a paint bomb at a strike-breaker’s car. He set up Marxist discussion groups in the early 1980s. IN 1985, MR. IGNATIEV WAS ACCEPTED TO THE HARVARD GRADUATE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION WITHOUT A DEGREE. After earning his master’s, he joined the Harvard faculty as a lecturer and worked toward a doctorate in U.S. history.

      • The long march through the institutions in as clear an example as I have ever seen. Describing their war of attrition is difficult to someone who doesn’t see it already. But being accepted to Harvard with no undergraduate degree after firebombing cars? I suppose there is never a hard and fast proof when describing a social phenomenon, but it takes a phenomenal dedication to un-truth to stay blind to what’s happened and is happening.

  4. Viktor Orban may be the only non-evil leader in the Western world today, putting aside his unfortunate banning of Richard Spencer’s NPI conference. Orban’s conservative Fidesz party holds two-thirds of the seats in the Hungarian parliament and the hardcore nationalists of Jobbik are nipping at their heels with 20% of the vote in the last national election, reflecting the wishes of the most right-leaning electorate in Europe. So voting really can make a difference. Who knew?

    Orban’s matter-of-fact observations about the negative effects of non-European immigration have generated the usual point-and-splutter reaction from the MSM. No surprise there, but what is surprising is that his economic nationalism has garnered rare praise from, of all places, bastions of globalism like the Financial Times and Bloomberg. These twin bibles of Davos Man have noted that Orban’s forced repatriation of Swiss franc-denominated mortgages has prevented a massive ballooning of household debt in Hungary in the wake of last week’s decoupling of the franc and the euro. If only other Central European countries like Poland and Croatia were so lucky…

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, often criticized for punishing banks, is being hailed as a hero for warding off financial disaster with his quest to rid the country of mortgages worth billions of Swiss francs.

    Orban in November forced Hungarian banks to make financial arrangements to convert 3.3 trillion forint ($12 billion) in foreign-currency mortgages, overwhelmingly denominated in Swiss francs, into local currency. The move, to be completed this year, prevented a 700 billion-forint jump in household debt when the Swiss National Bank (SNBN) set the franc free yesterday, Hungary’s monetary authority said.

    “This was top notch,” Laszlo Szabo, president of Budapest-based Concorde Asset Management, which manages $1.9 billion in assets, said by e-mail. “We may often criticize the Hungarian government and central bank, but this is the time to congratulate them for the incredible timing.”

    The outcome is the crowning achievement of Orban’s drive to shield borrowers from currency swings. The issue moved to the top of the country’s political agenda after the global financial crisis sent the forint tumbling in 2008, triggering a wave of defaults. This time, even as the Hungarian currency slumped 16 percent against the franc in two days, mortgage holders and banks were off the hook.

    Hungary’s economy now faces “limited impact” from the franc’s strengthening, the central bank said. The estimated 700 billion-forint burden would have been equal to about 2 percent of gross domestic product.

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