Merkel Belongs to Islam

In a recent post I opined that western leaders would sooner-than-comfortable find their civilizational straddle (as Nixon might say) “inoperative.” That carrying on the bare pretense of fidelity to their nations while laboring assiduously to replace them was not environmentally sustainable. No matter the appetite for leather, a man’s tongue will ultimately cleanse only one master’s boots. And in the spirit of German precision, Frau Merkel seems to have quite promptly chosen hers.

Chancellor Angela Merkel earlier stressed that “Islam belongs to Germany” and announced she would on Tuesday join a Muslim community rally in Berlin against extremism, along with most of her cabinet ministers.

How heavy life’s burden to yearn so conspicuously for its ease. What is that antique designation for one who openly stands among hostile aliens announcing their novel claim on her own people’s legacy? Here is one definition from 18th century England.

“If a man be adherent to the king’s enemies in his realm, giving to them aid and comfort in the realm, or elsewhere”

I would think in this instance the offending party depends entirely upon on whether the analogous “King” can be seen as the supposedly sovereign German nation, or the chancellor elected to betray it. Perhaps it is not Angela, but her recalcitrant PEGIDA countrymen who have violated the integrity of their bonds. Though with culpability still undetermined, what were customary penalties for violating the rule italicized above? Not entirely pleasant ones, actually.

1. That the offender be drawn to the gallows, and not be carried or walk: though usually (by connivance length ripened by humanity into law) a sledge or hurdle is allowed, to preserve the offender from the extreme torment of being dragged on the ground or pavement

2. That he be hanged by the neck and then cut down alive

3. That his entrails be taken out and burned, while he is yet alive

4. That his head be cut off

5. That his body be divided in four parts

6. That his head and quarters be at the king’s disposal

Fortunately an accomodation was made for female offenders in recognition of their more tender constitutions.

“For as the decency due to the sex forbids the exposing and publicly mangling their bodies, their sentence is to be drawn to the gallows, and there to be burned alive”

Well that must have been quite decent indeed. One can only hope modern German jurisprudence is several orders of magnitude more decent still. For Ms. Merkel seems to have progressed well into “aid and comfort” territory.

Though of course we are only speaking of hypothetical German enemies. It’s not as if there are actual bombs exploding. That would tend to extract the issue from its wholly academic realm.

Though one item with which I am continually impressed is the capacity of westerners (without accepting the benefit of hindsight) to extrapolate not forward, but back. We extrapolate backward our own pieties onto ancestors, so often finding them egregiously wanting. And as with Ms. Merkel, we also extrapolate people backward.

Islam belongs to Germany. Oh? Since when exactly? As no one possesses a crystal history book, we can only presume since forever. We extrapolate the present backward. and as that process necessitates a fluid past, it won’t be long until Germany has always belonged to Islam.

Though from what I could find (working dogmatically from a static past), there were approximately 3,000 muslims in Germany 80 years ago and 50,000 30 years ago. Estimates are on the order of five million now. And so we proceed from statistically zero to “Islam belongs to Germany” in one flustered lifetime. What may “belong” to this ancient land in another requires a more florid imagination than mine to conceive. But whatever may come, so it always was.

And penalties for treasonous women shall remain comparatively light.


7 thoughts on “Merkel Belongs to Islam

  1. I suppose you could draw and quarter all the faggy beta males that voted for her.

    Which reminds me: the American Nationalist Party, or American Third Position Party (A3P for short) trotted out an old maid as their vice presidential candidate last term. Virginia Abernathy, who I’m sure remains an accomplished school marm to this very day. I’m sure she got way more publicity and public access tv interviews than some evil Nazi man, too. She followed in the footsteps of Sarah “Nailin” Palin, who was rather unprecedented amongst ‘conservative’ circles. In other words, Ms. Abernathy was preserving the tradition of female politician leaders. As a fellow ‘conservative,’ I preserved my tradition of not voting for her.

  2. What she meant to say is that Islam is a fundamental part of the fibre of Germany, the same way that secular-agnostic liberalism is a fundamental part of the fibre of Saudi Arabia.

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