Cool it with the Anti-Semitic Remarks

Perhaps the greatest impediment for the dissident right is the tendency among certain of its elements toward conspiracy theorizing and anti-semitism. These being even less seemly when so often combined.

For instance, all are aware of the hoary libel about jewish control of Hollywood and its canon of propaganda. Or perhaps the slander about jewish control of banking, including the heads of the Treasury Department, Federal Reserve Board, and FDIC. All easily disprovable nonsense. There are also palpitations concerning alleged dominance of the media and acedemia: the latter possibly even infected by tribal nepotism imparting huge admission preferences. It is all bunk. Hateful bigoted bunk.

Unless, that is, those exact enumerations are framed positively as compliments. In those instances the seeming impertinence is “All to the good.” And while most understand these observations are wise when glowing and wicked when glowering, some people simply do not. And so they must learn by either career ruination or imprisonment: when describing the pattern of boot tread on your face, one is obliged to smile when you say that pilgrim.

And one of the topics that becomes particularly hateful when said sans smile is that of a nation’s most critical institution: its state. Here, as with other aforementioned areas, observations are rendered evil by their absence of sanguine submission. We’ll discuss a few of the particularly malign insinuations below.

Starting with the accusation that the Republican Party has been subverted by jewish “neocons.” That these new conservatives weren’t actually conservative at all, but instead sought to realign the movement as a manchurian golem for a foreign power. It’s frankly embarrassing to hear such nonsense. And there’s excruciatingly more.

The Republican Jewish Coalition — facing the loss of its leading champion and tensions within the GOP — is planning an aggressive push in 2015 to enforce the hawkish pro-Israel consensus it helped build within the party over the past two decades.

Such as the idea that wealthy jews purchase a chorus line of republican politicians, the latter performing for tips and amusement in hopes of being selected as the whore taken home. It’s an outrageous calumny.

The RJC will gather Tuesday evening for a reception at a Washington steakhouse where some of the party’s most generous Jewish donors — including Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson — will celebrate the incoming Senate majority and fete their most influential allies. Expected attendees include Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas, John McCain of Arizona and Rob Portman of Ohio, as well as former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Or the thought that Jewish Americans care more about Israel than their own country. Wrong. The only thing animating republican jews is a unified, unyielding commitment to conservative core vales.

Thus, Jewish Republican operatives and donors say they are redoubling their efforts to reinforce with party leadership the importance of maintaining the unified, unyielding policy of support for Israel that they built with an unlikely coalition of national-security hawks and evangelical Christians.

The RJC “has a well-developed strategy which was executed during former Majority Leader Cantor’s tenure and will continue with the new leadership team in the House and new Senate majority, thus ensuring strong, virtually unanimous Republican support for Israel at this dangerous time,” asserted Florida mall developer Mel Sembler, who contributes to the RJC and sits on its board.

And one the most risible suggestions is that potential jewish donors actually force a trip to Israel upon their morally infirm political puppets. There to don a beanie in a humiliating symbol of obedience photo-op.

Why the hell would American citizens who happen to be jewish care about politicians fondling a wall 6,000 miles away? Christ, it’s insane.

The group also is in talks with multiple prospective 2016 presidential candidates about arranging trips to Israel for them — much as it did for Govs. Chris Christie of New Jersey and Rick Perry of Texas, both of whom are preparing for possible presidential bids.

And then of course the theory that these jewish individuals act as some monolithic hive mind. I guess I just wasn’t invited to my local jewish conspiracy chapter…haha. Retards.

Every candidate is going to want to appear before the RJC and to win support among different people within the RJC because they understand the depth of contributions that individuals in the RJC can and will make,” said former George W. Bush White House press secretary Ari Fleischer, who is on the group’s board of directors but is not attending Tuesday’s reception. He predicted the RJC’s membership “will have feet in all the different camps, and then, once we know who the nominee is, we’ll unify like we always do and it will be a powerful unity.

Some anti-Semites even imply that american jews don’t consider themselves as Americans at all. That “our” means them and not us. This is rank bigotry.

It’s very important that whoever emerges to be the Republican Party nominee for 2016 is someone who recognizes the consequences of America being weak and inconsistent with our foreign policy,” said Zeldin, a former state senator and Iraq War veteran. He asserted that concerns about President Barack Obama’s sometimes frosty relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had created “a growing opportunity to expand our reach to voters who have voted Democrat in the past.”

And the ubiquitous false charge of Jewish hypocrisy has been sounded about as many times as one should have to bear. There is no jewish hypocrisy on matters of racial advocacy and organization. And certainly no sentiment that could be considered “anti-white.”

Republicans should be more worried about losing Jewish support over the lingering controversy about House Majority Whip Steve Scalise’s 2002 speech to a white supremacist group than about creeping isolationism, asserted Ginsberg. “There is this lingering concern among Jews and among African-Americans that southern Republicanism is the product of racism,” he said.

It’s difficult to even contemplate why so much vile hate is directed toward such a small, powerless, and oppressed segment of the population. And one who, after all, merely wants to live quietly in peace. Alas, such has it always been.

Efforts to appeal to Jews may seem disproportionate to the size of the Jewish population, which constitutes about 2 percent of the American electorate (albeit a greater percentage in key swing states including Florida and Ohio). But their influence transcends their numbers, Ginsberg said. “Jews are important in the electoral process both because of activism and because of money,” he said. “In fundraising and in bundling they have influence beyond their numbers and even beyond their money.”

Listen, if your titanium-plated skulls are penetrated by nothing else, let it be this: Jews simply want the best for America, the best for France, or the best for Britain there can be. Israel has nothing whatsoever to do with it.

Adelson, in particular, was the top disclosed donor of 2012, spending upwards of $100 million boosting various Republicans. He was the third biggest donor of 2014, at $13.2 million. He has been assiduously courted by most of the GOP’s leading would-be presidential candidates. Sources close to the mogul, whose top issue is Israel’s defense, say he’s likely to support a candidate from the ranks of the nation’s governors. Jeb Bush, along with Christie and Govs. John Kasich of Ohio and Scott Walker of Wisconsin, all flew out to Las Vegas in March to meet privately with Adelson and speak to the RJC’s annual spring meeting, which was held at Adelson’s Venetian casino and resort hotel.

What madness will you lunatics conjure next? Fantasies about Jewish police cars buzzing around London like goymobiles in Tel-Aviv? For God’s sake give it up and come back to Earth.

Though at the very least…just cool it with the anti-semitic remarks.


6 thoughts on “Cool it with the Anti-Semitic Remarks

  1. Any ham-handed ‘libel’ spewed against God’s Chosen is simply a tiny, zen-inspired counterweight to their litany of appalling affronts.

    There is a passage in a book by a thought criminal, I forget which one, that laid out a metaphor in simple terms. Americans must imagine a woman in Nazi Germany. She is young, lives by herself, and works as a dental assistant – by all accounts, modest and unassuming. She has no political affiliation and doesn’t really believe in the reigning party line. So should we really consider her an enemy, as Americans in the 40’s?

    The answer is yes: her work aids the Nazi economy, her services help Nazi soldiers, and her tax dollars fund the Nazi regime. If she marries a fellow German (quite likely), she will strengthen her own sense of identity that is part of the commonality within her marital bond and greater community. Her children may well grow up to be future Nazis, perhaps even militant and dangerous. If she does grow old alone, she still has means and opportunities to support her in-group (more likely than opposing it for the sake of the out-group). This woman represents an enemy who just happens to be early along on her timeline.

    So now replace all that crap about Americans and Nazis with modern-day chattel and secular Ancient Friends. Some aren’t evil yet, some might not ever be evil, but all could be very evil someday, and all still pay into the system of opposition in at least some small way. All are enemies in some context, sooner or later.

    • My trustworthy, noble friend married a dumber, cuter girl a couple years ago. Ceremonies are all about the women anyway, but they wound up hiring a pudgy little cunt of a rabbi who invoked the holohoax mythology during their vows!!! I knew my friend didn’t sign up for that shit, and probably his silly sweet wife didn’t either, but it probably placated all the rotund child molesters and their harridan wives that were filling the rest of the seats. They all pay the piper eventually in one way or another. Someday they’ll both be old and fat together, sitting in the audience with polite applause as another hallowed diddler on the roof anoints their distant relatives.

      So when I’m considering something so unfathomably massive as ‘the future of my race’ (whatever that actually is), it just seems so very, very selfish to stump for a few good ones, even the ones I know personally.

  2. I’d say that in the popular understanding, anti-semitism and conspiracy theorizing aren’t just “often” combined, but always, necessarily combined—and this makes Jewish influence uniquely resistant to the thought criminals bent on exposing it.

    For example: In the SWPL’s mind, whites who consider blacks anything other than an unmitigated blessing on America are uneducated, backward, toothless (literally), on the wrong side of history, and so forth.

    That’s terrible branding for racists, obviously, but compare it to how SWPLs view those who note the Jewish influence in politics/finance/academia/media. Those people aren’t wrong, or backward, they’re insane. Tinfoil-hat insane. And “insane” is a way harder label to shake than “stupid” or “wrong.”

    I’m a millennial, and I can imagine the “Upworthy consensus” on feminism, antiracism, immigration, and multiculturalism being broken within my lifetime. We’re already seeing cracks in feminism, in particular. But I don’t see the de facto ban on discussions of Jewish influence falling—not in the US at least. If it ever does, that’s when things will get interesting.

  3. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Reading this piece just shows how done America is. It is Jew occupied and will only get worse. Money IS the culture of America. It has nothing else.

    America is one big strip mall of Jew owned shops with shyte made in China.

    Anyone who is White with any sense of European identity best get out of here. Let the turds fight over this turd mound called Amurkistan.

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