Blood is Thicker than Narrative

Particularly when congealing under the sun of a cool Parisian afternoon. A great deal of commentary on this event has already been spilled across the cobweb, and so I’ll mention only the thoughts I haven’t yet read elsewhere.

The irrationality of Islamophobia
I often marvel at how remarkably aligned with observable phenomenon are the beliefs of those demeaned by the zeitgeist as “irrational.” As examples, we know racism (principled exception for the anti-white variety aside) and anti-semitism are both irrational. And as the irrational are divorced from reality, we would expect to hear these loons offering laments such as: indolent, uneducable, and violent jews are destroying schools, gang-roving cities, and ostentatiously producing bastard children on Whitey’s treat. Or that intelligent and hyper-nepotistic blacks have formed media, government, banking, and academic oligarchies throughout the West that perpetually cycle their in-group through key institutional choke points, while disseminating ceaseless self-serving propaganda to the host populations they view with contempt. But these aren’t the complaints we read. One would think that irrational people could more deftly live up to the pejorative.

And so it is with “Islamophobia.” Sufferers of this dementia have long predicted that the huge swell of Allah’s offspring into our lands would result in tears. Violence, crime, urban decay, deteriorating social capital, straining municipal budgets, political unrest, the rape and abuse of vulnerable white girls, and of course the increasingly heavy heel of state oppression to keep native complaints at a whisper.

Fortunately all of these notions turned out to be cockamamie bunk. Muslims have fit into the West like a blade into a neck. What senselessness will the rationalphobes conjur next? Keep reading.

Acid or Glue: your preference isn’t universal
I have mentioned before my opinion that liberalism is acid to a host society, while conservatism is glue. We all have an image of what that connotation implies, though the position isn’t necessarilly a qualitative one. A great many liberals, particularly those on sodium pentothal, would agree with the analogy stating that acid is exactly what our racist, patriarchal, cishet society required. Though in flaunting our own self-abasement, we are fools to assume the practice holds appeal to others. It demonstrably does not.

We all understand that as racial and cultural masochists whites bathe in the low PH, smiling grimly as our skin peels away. We flamboyantly relinquish what all others covet: land, wealth, women, and institutional control. We cheer our civilizational demise and then actually believe the vultures are flocking out of envy. No you cosmic imbeciles. They are congregating to feed on a corpse. They don’t envy you. They don’t wish to emulate you. They’re not interested in fairness or reciprocity. They’re wholly unimpressed with your professed ideal of tolerance. And as we learned today–as if further tutorials were needed–they will not idly recline as urine is doused on their sacred symbols. Maladaptive liberalism only comes in white.

Of course it was an act of inconceivable barbarism to our precious sensibilities. Murdering people over a cartoon? However muslims defend the Flying Spaghetti Mohammed in Islamic lands is one thing, but this is unacceptable in our countries.

They’re not “your” countries…remember?

Leaders approaching a Rubicon
Here is a photo of David Cameron

Here is a video that was released by the Francois Hollande election campaign. Upon watching you will need to be advised that it was for the presidency of France, and not a country far to her south.

And here is what Angela Merkel had to say about the peaceful white Germans singing Christmas carols in Dresden: Ms Merkel said the leaders of the movement had “prejudice, coldness, even hatred in their hearts”

That the European heads of state have utterly betrayed their nations is not in doubt. What is at question is the extent of their myopia to discern the choice to which this path has led. As native unrest begins to boil, they are going to be unhappily carried toward a more definitive advocacy. A time will come to choose sides. For their own people or those waiting to dine on their carcass. They or their successors will submit or fight. You may be assured that the most exquisite evaluation of their personal welfare will be conducted prior to. And as history projects, the actuarial tables will be grim for those choosing poorly.

Blood is thicker than narrative
I am serene in the certainty that today’s morbid slaughter won’t move a sole liberal toward circumspection. That their worldviews, clad in Kevlar composites, will deflect all foreign projectiles in a way the skulls of prone french policemen can not. Though believing is not the same as living. And many more will cease the latter in service to the Narrative of our age. As with other noted attacks before it, today may not trigger a long-delayed assessment of blank-slate, open borders multi-cultism. But the grave is a patient teacher. Charlie Hebdo won’t be its last student.

The West believes in its water of Economy, consumption, and entertainment to bind disparate peoples. Others adhere to the blood of shared ancestry, culture, religion, and disposition.

We’ll see which is thicker in the end.


25 thoughts on “Blood is Thicker than Narrative

  1. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Blood IS thicker than the economy. I personally could give two shytes about the American economy – when America’s economy falls, people of European descent will be freed here. Unfortunately, there are too many refugees from such armpits as India and whatever other Crapistan exists out there that will move mountains to come to The Plantation.

    Merkle, Cameron, whoever is ruling Aus & New Zealand,and every member in the US Congress are race traitors. The first order of National Socialist business is to overthrow the corrupt leaders.

    • Or as the Athenians put it:

      For ourselves, we shall not trouble you with specious pretenses — either of how we have a right to our empire because we overthrew the Mede, or are now attacking you because of wrong that you have done us — and make a long speech which would not be believed; and in return we hope that you, instead of thinking to influence us by saying that you did not join the Spartans, although their colonists, or that you have done us no wrong, will aim at what is feasible, holding in view the real sentiments of us both; since you know as well as we do that right, as the world goes, is only in question between equals in power, while the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must.

  2. Don Lemon showing some surprising vigor

    I must have missed that in the video. Maybe you were speaking relatively, Not having seen him before (I avoid commentary by negroes, it’s not relevant to my life), I can’t comment.

    Note how this liar claims that the world owes moslems for “algebra and modern medicine”, (twice, the catalogue of claims is small) and boasts that they won “five of the last twelve Nobel Peace Prizes”. Questions for discussion:

    1. Did that count include Barack Hussein Obama?

    2. How many of those moderate moslem prize winners (or “dissidents”) simultaneously had fatwas imposed on them by the “other”, real Islam?

  3. When our Froggy ‘allies’ are brutally attacked by Islamic terror monkeys, who ya gonna call?

    Team America: World Police

    They had to destroy Paris in order to save it. America, fuck yeah.

    I guess I could claim to be saddened or outraged by these ongoing events in France, but in reality I’m pretty happy about it. It can only help the forces of anti-immigration and anti-Islamization in France and in Europe. So if a few leftwing journalists* and black and Muslim cops had to die in order to save the West in the long run, so be it.

    Marine Le Pen and the Front National are looking more and more like France’s last chance. There are regional elections coming up in March and if the FN does well in them, thanks in part to these terrorist attacks, then that could act as a springboard for the 2017 national elections. After that we can hope that Marine will be respectfully addressed as Madame la présidente.

    As of right now the terrorists are still on the loose. Maybe they will decide to go out with a bang, say by self-detonating in a crowded synagogue. Allahu akbar indeed.

    *The victims were the rarest of birds: principled leftists. They were brave (and consistent) enough to mock the “prophet” Mohammed and the ridiculous “religion” of Islam just as much as they ridiculed Jesus and Christianity. RIP


    • As modernity’s only western leader at least partially aligned with their nation, a president Le Pen would almost certainly be cast as a pariah by democracy loving America and her slavish satellites. Can’t have the specter of dual loyalties, after all.

      Also, I agree the existence of principle among leftists is such a recessive group feature that it’s shocking to see in the wild. Must be an environmental factor unique to French topography. Though only Jared Diamond knows for sure.

  4. Here’s an interesting snippet on Charlie Hebdo: They fired their satirist and cartoonist Siné in 2008 for writing in his column that it was a smart move on the part of the President’s son to convert to Judaism on his engagement to a Jewish heiress. The remark seems innocuous by any standards. But the editor Philippe Val ordered him to apologise. And when Siné didn’t, Val, editor of the magazine that published nude pictures of Muhammad, gave him his marching orders.

    Mr Val’s decision to fire Siné was backed by a group of eminent intellectuals, including the philosopher Bernard-Henry Lévy.

  5. There is another quote that comes to mind…”you can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality” … it looks as if the consequences of ignoring reality reared its ugly head in Paris… I’m sure after the organized “rally”, we will see how far away from understanding reality the leadership of Europe is.

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