The Heart Beats

I’ve always thought the issue would find its final resolution in Europe. Whether out of romantic nostalgia for ancestral homes, the plain mendacity of Nation of Immigrants propaganda there, or the sense that our last modest plot on Earth won’t be yielded meekly. Perhaps from the notion that psyches of the diaspora are irretrievably shattered…or perhaps nothing more than wishful thinking. Regardless, what is now happening in Germany well fits the contours of my template for the future.

The German PEGIDA movement held its largest meeting yet last night to protest what they call the ‘Islamisation of the Western World’, despite stiff opposition from all sections of Germany’s elite including politicians, media, and the arts.

PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of the West) has grown rapidly since its inception in October, a peaceful ‘strolling’ movement opposing the exceptional violence seen in street battles between Salafist Muslims and ethnic Kurds seen in many German cities this year and enormous immigration. Now on it’s tenth ‘evening stroll’, it has grown from a couple of hundred people, to 15,000 last week, to more than 17,500 last night.

In addition to the hundreds of banners with slogans such as ‘Against Hatred, Violence, and the Quran’, ‘Against Religious Fanaticism’, and ‘No Sharia in Europe’, the thousands attending brought song sheets which had been distributed online and sang favourite Christmas carols.

Despite the essentially ordinary character of many of the people taking to the streets for the peaceful strolls, and the admission by senior government and police figures that a great many of those joining in are families bringing their children, the organisation has come in for stiff criticism and rejection by the heights of the German elite.

Chancellor Merkel has suggested the leadership of PEGIDA have an ulterior motive, despite their focus on non-violent protest and apolitical principles. She even went as far to warn people thinking of going on the weekly stroll to “watch out that they are not instrumentalised by the organisers”. The SPD, Germany’s Labour-party equivalent have gone as far as calling PEGIDA “Nazis in pinstripes”.

This is despite a report by the German police that there are significantly more known troublemakers in the counter-protest movements, than in PEGIDA itself.

It is not only German politics which is putting its weight behind the counter-PEGIDA movement. Apparently dismayed that 17,500 people had turned out in bad weather to sing Christian carols, the Protestant Bishop of Dresden said PEGIDA were trying “to exploit a Christian symbol and a Christian tradition” for political ends.

Germany’s art elite also showed their disapproval last night. The directors of Dresden’s Bavarian State Opera house, outside which the protests take place turned off the lights on the building, cloaking it in darkness during the stroll. Colossal 50-foot banners were draped in front of the building reading “humanity, respect, and diversity.”

And there is your Battle of the Five Armies. The lines couldn’t be more starkly defined. And they trace across the whole of the West without even a smudging from borders. Always and everywhere it is…

1) The State,
2) Big Business,
3) The Church, and
4) Media/Entertainment

All allied against

5) The Nation that founded them.

How clarifying to delineate the combatants and their loyalties in one concise article. Though to expand on the warring parties in the German theater of war, here are the sentiments of the patriotic, conservative German business lobby

A powerful German business leader slammed a growing anti-Islam movement in the country Tuesday, saying Europe’s top economy needed more immigration to remain competitive and should take in more asylum seekers.

The president of the German Federation of Industry, Ulrich Grillo, said the emergence of the group “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident” or PEGIDA, which has been holding weekly marches, was undermining the country’s interests and values.

“We have long been a land of immigration and we must remain so,” he told German news agency DPA.

“As a prosperous country, and also out of Christian love for our fellow man, our country should take in more refugees.”

Grillo blasted the PEGIDA protests, which organisers have billed as a grassroots movement, calling participants “neo-Nazis and xenophobes”.

He said the group was trying to harness fears of Islamist terrorism “to smear a whole religion” which he called “unacceptable.”

He said Germany’s rapidly ageing population needed a strong influx of qualified newcomers to support the economy and the social welfare system.”Considering our demographic development, immigration ensures growth and prosperity,” he said.

I would not at all be surprised to learn that Ulrich Grillo was not actually a living human being, but rather a crude AI prototype residing in an IBM mainframe and programmed with the task of rearranging and regurgitating every dispossession advocacy trope on record. Let’s take roll.

✅ The Economy
✅ Nation of Immigrants
✅ Christian Duty
✅ Nazis!
✅ Growth

How they remain capable of vomiting this bilge without succumbing simultaneously to open mocking laughter is a testament to their discipline. Though if Mr. Grillo was a creature of humanity, and could be induced to candor, his statement would read more succinctly as follows:

I require cheap labor and perpetually increasing consumption to become even more rich than I am at present. Your irrelevant heritage, hopes, and families can rot…and remember half-off on all red tag items till Christmas Holiday!

Let’s see what remarks the German heads of state will issue in defense of their constituents and nation.

Germany’s president on Wednesday praised his compatriots’ willingness to take in refugees and said he is glad that most people don’t want to “seal Germany off,” a message that comes as growing anti-Islam demonstrations in an eastern city have worried many.

President Joachim Gauck’s Christmas message didn’t mention directly the rallies in Dresden organized by a group calling itself Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West, or PEGIDA. But he said society “needs its citizens to respect each other and to heed each other, day in, day out.”

Mainstream German politicians have been divided between outright condemnation of the rallies and saying that demonstrators’ concerns should be taken seriously. Immigration has emerged as a contentious topic lately in Germany, partly due to a sharp rise in asylum applications, particularly from Syrians.

Gauck said he wanted to tell those “worried by developments in the world” not to be afraid. “Taking fears seriously does not mean giving in to them,” he said.

He praised Germans’ “great willingness … to take in refugees” and said it was encouraging “that the vast majority of us do not share the views of those who want to seal Germany off.”

PEGIDA’s demonstrations in Dresden, a region that has few immigrants or Muslims, have swelled from a few hundred in October to some 17,500 on Monday. Similar groups elsewhere haven’t mobilized anywhere near as many people, and there have also been large protests against them.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned Germans against being duped by far-right rhetoric, while the head of Germany’s main industry lobby group has said immigration is needed to secure prosperity.

Exactly. That is why the West finds itself being submerged with its streets turned into forward combat areas–too many whites being duped by far-right rhetoric. Again, how do these things wearing human skin maintain the emotional constitution to utter such nonsense? Don’t be duped into resisting invasion of your country? Immigrants from Syria, Algeria, and Somalia are needed to secure the prosperity manifest in their home countries? Of course it is all dreck, but I marvel at the mocking obviousness of it. Merkel could economize her language and say simply: Go to Hell, Germans. Submit or die: preferably the latter. The message would be no less apparent.

Though I suppose speculation of the future should logically incorporate the designs of those who will comprise it. Below the ruminations of Ms. Merkel’s anticipated unduped Germany.

The radical terror group ISIS has claimed that it is only a matter of time before its fighters conquer Europe. The claim was made by the spokesman of the outfit to veteran journalist Juergen Todenhoefer, who undertook a risky visit to the the ISIS controlled areas in Mosul of Northern Iraq.

We will conquer Europe one day. It is not a question of we will conquer Europe, just a matter of when that will happen. But it is certain. … For us, there is no such thing as borders. There are only front lines,” the spokesman identified as a German ISIS fighter told the German journalist.

Defending mass enslavement and beheadings, the ISIS spokesman said it is planning to carry out “the largest religious cleansing campaign” in history and will not hesitate to kill hundreds of millions of people, if required, reported the Christian Post.

“Our expansion will be rapid and perpetual. The Europeans need to know that when we come, it will not be in a nice way. It will be with our weapons. Those who do not convert to Islam or pay the Islamic tax will be killed,” the spokesman said.

I wonder if not being inclined to permit these people residence in their country is another form of right-wing dupery. Though more so, I wonder for how many seconds Ulrich Grillo’s head can calculate immigration profits after it has been severed by an ISIS blade. Only The Economy knows for sure.


25 thoughts on “The Heart Beats

  1. “citizens” ha…even more interesting is the mantra that Germany and the West in general is for “everybody” and all belong…but the rest of the world, not so much. Some one should offer the German leadership a holiday in Malmo…if they make it out perhaps they might have a slight change of heart. As you point out the utter ignorance and disingenuousness is staggering.

  2. “I’ve always thought the issue would find its final resolution in Europe”

    They tried that one time and failed, which is why they are getting the business now. You would think the takeaway would have been don’t believe everything the State tells you, because an uncontrolled State is a monster. Instead the people are told that they are the monster, and monsters can’t have interests. Even polite, peaceful candlelit marches suggesting maybe we don’t want to be exterminated cannot be tolerated.

    If the elite could so quickly turn the Tea Party into the Klan, it should be easy enough to turn PEGIDA into Nazis. Good luck good Germans.

  3. They could become communist but that wouldn’t matter. They’d be impoverished and even weaker. I think its smart to sing Christmas carols though. It puts anti-western Christians on the defensive and makes it harder to be labeled a Nazi. I could easily see going the full persecution route at some point. Christians have staged anti-Islamic demonstrations at Muslim Eid, or something like that, at a muslim stronghold near Detroit and there is footage at Youtube of violence, slurs, and general jihadi mayhem. Of course, no one pays attention. Too small a group for one thing and lack of propaganda savvy for another. A serious drawback.

  4. if only we could get a large enough group to recognize that we should select some other mideastern tribal cleansing; perhaps we are doomed to always only fight their chosen battles.

  5. The directors of Dresden’s Bavarian State Opera house…

    Dresden is in Saxony, not Bavaria. Maybe this is a Freudian slip on the author’s part because it seems that Saxony has replaced Bavaria as Germany’s most conservative state. To have grown this PEGIDA movement from 200 demonstrators at their initial rally 10 weeks ago to 17,500 people braving the freezing cold a couple days ago is simply astonishing. It speaks well of the locals’ xenophobia and nativism (i.e. common sense), especially since similar rallies in other German cities have only attracted a few hundred protesters.

    Saxony is also the heartland of the new Alternative für Deutschland political party’s support. The AfD began in 2013 as a single issue anti-euro party but has since morphed into Germany’s only serious anti-immigration party, much the way UKIP’s original anti-EU mission has been overshadowed by its new anti-immigration stance. AfD leader Bernd Lucke is the only prominent politician in Germany to have voiced support for PEGIDA.

    We will conquer Europe one day. It is not a question of we will conquer Europe, just a matter of when that will happen. But it is certain. … For us, there is no such thing as borders. There are only front lines,” the spokesman identified as a German ISIS fighter told the German journalist.

    Defending mass enslavement and beheadings, the ISIS spokesman said it is planning to carry out “the largest religious cleansing campaign” in history and will not hesitate to kill hundreds of millions of people, if required, reported the Christian Post.

    “Our expansion will be rapid and perpetual. The Europeans need to know that when we come, it will not be in a nice way. It will be with our weapons. Those who do not convert to Islam or pay the Islamic tax will be killed,” the spokesman said.

    Gotta love the brutal honesty of this ISIS spokesman. In fact ISIS and PEGIDA are in perfect agreement about the inevitable endgame of mass Muslim immigration. Only the entire German establishment — from the president and the chancellor and all the political parties (except the AfD), to the heads of the various business lobbies and the unions, to the churches, the media and academia — are in denial. They are all no doubt secretly praying for Bomber Harris to come back and finish the job in Dresden. As for us, as free men, wherever we may live, we are citizens of Dresden, and therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words “Ich bin ein Dresdener!”

    Merry Christmas/Fröhliche Weihnachten!

  6. Not to be forgotten the jews are once again pouring into Berlin.

    Notice that in 2012 The Forward wrote: Berlin’s Jewish population jumped in 2008 to an estimated 50,000 from 6,000 in 1990, Read more:

    2014 The Guardian printed: Estimating the size of the latest migration of mostly young Israelis and western European Jews is statistically difficult, but community leaders and diplomats place the current surge between 3,000 to 20,000 over the past five years.

    And here you will NOT see jews identified as living in Berlin. Must be some notsee discrimination going on 😉

    Why is it so hard to count jews?

      • View collective jewish behaviour from the point of view or required outcomes. Judaism demands the subjugation as ‘noahides’ or elimination of non-jews. Prove it yourself.
        The BnaiBrith, ostensible jewish ‘freemasonry’, are extreme Zionist and the first to shout down indigenous Europeans who reject the ‘diasporisation’…. They are ‘left’ and ‘right’……

        Number crunching jews declare that israel was required by prophecy to be made undead in 1948…. Hence WW1, WW2 and the Balfour declaration.

        What is the point of identifying as a ‘jew’ if not behaving in a manner consistent with words of the religion…… Judaism and atheism are perfectly compatible…. Judaism appears to deify the ‘jew’… There is no higher form of bipedal existence…or so the religious delusion imagines.

        This is transcribed from page 419 of a book by Max Dimont entitled The Indestructible Jews, where Max gives his opinion on the destiny of Western civilisation and by inference the UK and Europe.
        Max is or was a Zionist.
        According to the author:
        “The diasporisation of man into one world, and a synthesis of the Western, Slavic and Sinic civilisations into one universal culture having the ethics of the Torah for its moral foundation and Jerusalem as its spiritual centre..”

        How is it achieved….. immigration advocacy and shouting down all who oppose their designs with disingenous and accusatory wails of racism and hatred…….. Even if they know it to be a lie….

        The jew has so damaged the collective confidence and consciousness of the European that they now grovel cap in hand to jewry for approval, and approval is only ever granted for auto-genocidal behaviour.

        It is behaviour that shames our Ancestors.

      • Apparently Israel doesn’t have a problem counting the jews: The Jewish population makes up 6,186,100 (75%); 1,709,900 (20.7%) are Arabs; and, those identified as “others” (non-Arab Christians, Baha’i, etc) make up 356,500 people (4.2%). When the state was established, there were only 806,000 residents and the total population reached its first and second millions in 1949 and 1958 respectively.

      • IA, you may think anything you’d like but jews are at the root of the West’s problems. Study the history of the Immigration and Nationalisation Act of 1965.

        But American immigration policy in the postwar years attracted a small but growing body of opponents. The political core of a coalition pressing for a new, more “liberalized” policy regime was composed of ethnic lobbyists (“professional immigrant-handlers,” Rep. Francis Walter called them) claiming to speak for nationalities migrating prior to the National Origins Act of 1924, the most effective being Jews from central and eastern Europe who were deeply concerned with the rise of fascism and anti-semitism on the continent and eternally interested in haven. Unable by themselves to interest many politicians or the media in the settled issue of America’s immigration law, these groups hoped for new circumstances in which restrictions could be discredited and the old regime of open doors restored. The arrival of the Civil Rights Movement thrust (racial) “discrimination” into the center of national self-examination. The enemy everywhere at the bottom of virtually every national blemish seemed to be Discrimination, the historic, now intolerable subordinating classification of groups on the basis of inherited characteristics. The nation’s national origins-grounded immigration laws could not escape an assault by these reformist passions, and critics of the national origins system found the liberal wing of the Democratic Party receptive to their demand that immigration reform should be a part of the civil rights agenda… He (Johnson-H) also inherited Kennedy’s determined reformist advisers on immigration, among them Myer Feldman, Norbert Schlei, and Abba Schwarz.

        You might also look up Emanuel Celler and Jacob Javits. And I will remind you these men are all secular jews that would have considered themselves assimilated.

  7. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Thousands of people are strolling through the streets of Germany to counter the Islamization of Europe. They are doing so peacefully and while singing Christmas songs.

    And what are the pussified Kwan doing? Not a damn thing.

    Please peruse the comments, they are good, specifically the observation that the Jewish population has increased exponentially in Berlin since 2008. Hmmmmmm ….

  8. PEGIDA gives me hope. Often the economics have had to be much worse before people rebelled (France 1789; Germany 1933). Still, there are examples of successful popular movements in prosperous times (U.S. 1968). Maybe 2015 will see something wonderful.

  9. Me, even if it were true that my culture were somehow controlled or subverted by another alien, evil culture, I wouldn’t dwell on it. I’d strengthen my own sacred rituals, whether secretly or openly depending on circumstances, and shun enemy taboos. Which is, of course, what I’ve done. Not that hard really if you put your mind to it. Nothing wrong in noting in passing bad influences. But, in a culture war you need to maintain rituals and sacred places of your own. If our institutions can’t do that anymore than we should do it ourselves.

  10. “and shun enemy taboos. Which is, of course, what I’ve done.” -IA, I’m intrigued, please elaborate. As people investigate and realize just how bad and how much jewish influence as been, they’ll realized there is nothing “passing” about it.

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