American-Africans continued this weekend to win friends and influence people. Specifically the now bereaved families of police slain in both New York and Florida. Though any cursory review through the comments, particularly of the latter, indicates a broader influence permeating deeply into collective psyches.

Remarkably, effects of this are even being in expressed in the left’s dankest hovels. Read this story of an entitled, solipsistic, affirmative action calorie compiler who was highly vexed upon observing a white man take the seat on public transportation for which he had paid. This offense triggering a binge of goggle-eyed Oh no he di’ns! dutifully set to print by the drones at Salon. Though read the comments. There are the requisite supplications native to any such forum, though also what appear to be hundreds of highly exasperated whites who definitely forgot to check their commenting privilege. Which leads me to offer a caution to our African friends: once you’ve lost the myrmidons at Salon, you’ve lost.

Because blacks aren’t disciplining themselves to only processing whites through the abattoir. Who really cares about such mere lives? Our children are evil, and will remain so until they jettison those clinging to their pant legs screaming of oppression. But the slain police in NYC weren’t white, but rather Asian and Latino. If this trajectory continues, as culture and genetics assure it will, a consensus is going to emerge. One blacks will be far too obtuse to perceive.

That this consensus will ever blossum into open discussion or even public policy is something highly improbable in the near term, but ultimately very much on the fabled Right Side of History. And that consensus, forged from generations of squandered blood, treasure, and effort, will be very simple: blacks just aren’t worth it. They aren’t worth the coddling, the genuflecting, the tearing apart of society to accommodate. They aren’t worth the trillions in failed uplift, their perpetual din of complaints, or the precious lives they extinguish so cavalierly.

Jews and La Razas have both demonstrably reached this conclusion in Israel and California. Blacks are simply rounded up and deported in the former, and ethnically cleansed through violence and intimidation in the latter. Because none of them have ever witnessed anything but white submission, they are as oblivious as the dodo bird as to their fate if we turned similarly.

And violence, other than of the defensive variety, wouldn’t even be required. Simply a word: No. No, we will no longer feed you, house you, treat you medically, or “educate” you (such as that is.) We will not provide affirmative action slots in college or employment. We will not accept your crime or violence and will deal harshly with both. We will walk down city streets unmolested by braying mobs, thieves, and knockout games. In summary, you will function at a civilizational peer level, you will starve, or you will leave. That is all.

I, of course, don’t expect any such spinal insertion for whites independently. Though if tacit agreement of other groups began to coalesce into a vaguely similar sentiment, then nothing overt would ever need be uttered. Just a systematic deconstruction of the Black Romper Room deluded whites have spent the last few generations building with the bones of their own posterity.

Whether Africa’s population swells to two billion or recedes to two hundred million depends on the continued charity of whites. Though their systematically inflated self-esteem permits no honest assessment, the welfare of their global diaspora hinges no differently. Blacks have no benefactors among the other races and have already lost much of even the mainstream white right. That leaves the shriveling white left to sponsor, condone, and eternally excuse their myriad social pathologies. So D’ontavious, you may want to look upon that Salon comment thread…and despair.


20 thoughts on “Wings

  1. We can only hope your prediction becomes a reality. I once told a Negro acquaintance that Nazi Germany is a fine example of what whites can do when backed into a corner. These Pernicious Parasites such as D’ontavious and his fellow Scrabble Name thugs will rue the day they were born and will gladly take the first slow boat to Africa.

    • I’d consider it more possibility than prediction. Perhaps the most probable outcome for America (Europe may be veering onto another path) is strictly delineated Socio-economic segregation, where the shrinking white teat is yanked from swollen lips. The artificial black middle-class evaporates and are shunted out of designated jewel cities into sprawling suburban favelas of tin shacks and power cables. Their standard of living imploding to what they can natively produce. They will continue to have periodic bouts of public apoplexy, but will have nothing to destroy but their own squalor. The result being that they’ll be ushered into a sandbox and told to go pound it.

      Whatever its ultimate contours, the epoch of black care, coddling, and indulgence will not endure anymore than the one of black slavery before it. Neutral ground will be staked. And I very much doubt they are going to like it.

  2. Perhaps the most probable outcome for America (Europe may be veering onto another path) is strictly delineated Socio-economic segregation, where the shrinking white teat is yanked from swollen lips.

    That would be going back to the way things were before freedom of association was criminalised in the 1950s and 1960s. When blacks lived apart from whites, their criminality and incompetence were their own problem. It wasn’t for nothing that outlawing segregation was the first step in the destruction of white America. Nowadays, terrified whites try to appease blacks because otherwise they’ll get even more violent, and try to educate them because they have to hire and work with them. The hold blacks have over whites is that whites can’t legally get away from them.

  3. I have to say, this story has me pissed off bad. And it has a lot of other ordinary people worried and angry at the same time. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if Republicans got rid of their kumbayah corporatist fantasy worldview and realized the foundation of a decent society, from Baghdad to Boston, is law and order and that means, in the US context, keeping certain groups more in check than others due to their propensity to crime.

  4. “And violence, other than of the defensive variety, wouldn’t even be required. Simply a word: No.”

    A heady word that is. Those of you who remember the movie “Conquest of the Planet of the Apes” might well remember the commotion that resulted when human schoolteacher Abe said “No, Aldo, No!” to the colony’s supreme gorilla.

  5. I took note of the childless Salon brood sow’s typo in her opening paragraph. While the occasional typo is quite understandable at the blog or copy level, this instance is more emblematic of the differentiation of the negro brain. Fatty writes “‘peaking’ out,” an incorrect homonym. I think that negroes are only able to mimic rather than truly understand complex prose. At a more base level than an accredited feminist, you will observe the wild negro repeating himself many times, as if the added emphasis makes extra proof for his point. Even watching the Steve Harvey iteration of ‘Family Feud’ demonstrates this amongst the more refined Afro-having Americans: the requisite black family will state their answers over and over, willing the big board to yield more points for them programs.

    Rote memory exercises better access their inferior hindbrains (generally speaking, heh), which is why negroes can never match white school performance in mixed company. The curriculum is still not dumbed down enough. Anyway, that’s not the most clear or scientific way to make this point – hopefully it’s still comprehensible.

  6. Lmao if this isn’t some college kid shit I’ll eat my hat. What’s up Mr. 3 years past teen angst? And this is a white STEM doctoral student in the south whose girlfriend loves and obeys so don’t get into any name calling!

    • A student? With a girlfriend? My, my! What an exceedingly tall steed thou art perched upon. Wow, a college boy in an age when a college degree ranks with some of the best high schools in America. Let me guess: you scored in the top quintile on your SATs long after the analogies were removed. Impressive. And she obeys? Now that’s real cute. Mayhap she has her bow well rosined? Hie thee to Mencken before it’s too late. Or hang on to that one for a few years until she has her fangs well imbedded. By that time someone is going to have a doctorate in obedience, or else a greater than passing acquaintance with the family court system. Godspeed, young sir!

    • Well then you should give her some pups to love and obey, she is a healthy White woman after all isn’t she? Don’t be withholding the fruit of your breeding doctor man.

  7. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    The Jews use the Blacks as their handmaids and footsoldiers to bully Whitey. The Blacks aren’t going anywhere soon until the Jews get sent packing. Both groups are opposing cheeks of the same arce. The Latrinos, well, they are just being used to do the slave labor that Shitavious and White Trash Willy won’t do. Lower Latrinos are just work fodder being used by wealthy connected Metizos (sp?).

    The USA is a mess, but really it has always been. Elite White Men colonize via racial cuckolding and hold onto a Plantation Mentality that they can fuck as much brown poon as they want. while The Everyday White Wife better not let out a single fart while being positioned on the pedestal. Black men are rapists, beaters, and murderers and think that White Women are part of their ‘gibs me dat’ package. Jews want to usurp White Genes and project their self hate onto Whites. Elite Whites crap on middle and lower class Whites. Asian, Black , and Latino women hate White Women and try to steal our men. Their hate of White Women has been fomented by the Jews, as many White Men ‘s hatred of White women has been fomented by the Jews.

    I would like to just go to work to a decent paying job and come home to a nice family complete with a good husband and nice kids without getting assaulted, beaten, raped, or killed by some psycho groid. Sounds like this is not much to ask, but it is in Amurkistan.

    • In a separate chapter, Weininger, himself a Jew who had converted to Christianity in 1902, analyzes the archetypal Jew as feminine, and thus profoundly irreligious, without true individuality (soul), and without a sense of good and evil. Christianity is described as “the highest expression of the highest faith”, while Judaism is called “the extreme of cowardliness”. Weininger decries the decay of modern times, and attributes much of it to feminine (or identically, “Jewish”) influences. By Weininger’s reckoning everyone shows some femininity, and what he calls “Jewishness”.[6]

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