Twitter might be a more interesting platform than blogging. It seems there’s quite a clatter in that quadrant of the cobweb concerning the recent Sydney siege and murders. As anyone could predict, blood flow hadn’t yet ceased to the victim’s brains before the left began weeping, wailing, and gnashing its tooth over the purely speculated retaliation to poor put-upon muslims. Would that their gibbering were prophetic. Yet aside from some sotto voce grumbling–a now standardized response to our slaughter–I have heard of no righteous reprisals. Though I haven’t much looked.

One of the more colorful mascots of liberal xenophilia emerging from this intimate act of war is a self-evident (and self-admitted) mentally ill, bi-racial, white-hating, solipsistic, and comically delusional woman named Tessa Kum. She achieved her 15 nanoseconds of fame for having eructated the #illridewithyou meme. And in one of fate’s considerate nods to symmetry, this dippy leftist goof looks exactly as you would imagine.


Many respondents–furious to have not fellated Muhammed first–have slobbered all over themselves with similar self-abasing sentiments. Truly nothing triggers the liberal impulse toward moral preening quite like death. I wonder, has anyone asked the victims bereaved families if they also #willridewiththem? Ahh who the hell am I kidding? If patterns hold, the families will lavishly forgive the Dar Al Islam before their loved ones reach room temperature. Surely a generous donation from estates to the local madrasa is the least we should expect. Remember, the Fajr prayer is at dawn sharp!

Of course all of the ride sharing, supine forgiveness, and vacuum-headed bimbettes in the collapsing Western world won’t change anything about militant Islam. As it is not intended to. These are all displays of vain peacocking for the benefit of a shrinking white liberal peer group. It’s a mindset many will carry to terminal conclusion. The last one on Earth will be remarking similarly while turning over flames on a spit–if he can cough the apple out of his mouth.

Though I fully expect a typically gracious response from the West’s favorite ululating and detonating colonizers. Perhaps in an appreciative reply to Ms. Kum:



One day, when glistening cheeks have turned to stone…when puerile ‘isms break impotently…when we have suffered the last rape, the last murder, the last insult…there will be a new frightfully trending tweet in the West:



6 thoughts on “#illLapidateyou

  1. They want to turn Western Civilization into India. A swollen sea of brown humanity ranging from light to dark with backwards customs and tribal loyalties.

  2. Tessa Kum. Sounds like the name of a minor porn star, the one who’s listed last in the credits, after Gertie Gobblepussy and Hank Horsedick.

  3. “I for one welcome our new Islamic overlords, and would like to remind them that as an overnight internet sensation I can be helpful in rounding up other infidels for ritual beheadings.”

    – Tessa Kum

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