Down Your Throat With a Plunger: That’s How Good It Is

One common element of all conscientious parents is the care and grooming they invest in their offspring. This intended to best prepare their children for the challenges to be faced entering young adulthood. As with so many other aspects of our American melted pot, colloquialisms are abundant. For instance, with American-African parents the nurturing process is called: Basket-ball. And when white parents scrupulously rear their young, we call it: Privilege. Both refer to painstaking parental investments according to greatest potential for wealth and happiness, though connotations for each differ among commenters.

And conscientious parents are not only assiduous in seeing to their children’s welfare, but also accurate evaluators of what constitutes a benefit or detriment to it. In sum, parents as a rule possess a highly evolved sense of what is immediately good for their children.

And so it is perpetually perplexing when in the company of affluent liberal parents to note, as I sometimes guilelessly do, that the number of their children who attend majority non-white schools is–not approximately, but exactly–zero. We call this statistical anomaly: Coincidence. This is very disconcerting, because each of these couples are outspoken in, not only their anti-racism but also, the integrity and erudition of the liberal education establishment. An establishment that, with great vigor and unanimity of opinion, advances the thesis that racial diversity is critical to obtaining a meaningful education. Is it possible that these parents have managed to not yet be advised of this settled position? I can’t imagine them not heeding it if they had.

I doubt there is any reader dispute as to either the consensus of firmament opinion, or the intensity of its expression. Racial diversity is so critical in fact that the U.S. Constitution’s solemn assurance of equality required surgical evisceration to make room. Diversity is a “compelling state interest,” after all. At least one recently discovered. Just, umm, make it ‘narrowly tailored,’ ok guys? The rubes are watching. Yes, a few of us at any rate.

Though if you require convincing of just how much young pupils benefit from diversity, here’s a sample of innumerable authoritative statements.

Benefits of diversity in education.
It helps prepare your child.
Diversity benefits all students.

I could paste these links until you scanned right past the thousandth one. The point is that this is science as settled as Changing Global Warm. Diversity in education benefits everyone. And thus it is bizarre to note the lengths to which parents will politely and quietly go to avoid it. Parents (here and increasingly in blighted Europe) pay huge premiums for neighborhoods with “good schools.” When moving is infeasible, they beggar themselves to even greater extents with private schools. They rail against bussing, and will even surrender their homes at a loss when diversity becomes too acute. It’s really quite unexplainable, and a phenomenon that should be ripe for scholarly exploration. People intentionally fleeing from an acknowledged benefit. Liberals fleeing, no less. It’s almost as if they’re only pretending to believe.

Though sometimes when a liberal realizes his principles have been starkly set against his interests, it will trigger an indecorous flailing somewhat akin to the actions of a cornered goose. It is in these moments when they often lunge for the obvious escape route. Our school DOES have diversity, can’t you see? And that is when one will gaze downward to note a mop of straight black hair over two epicanthic folds. Ahh yes, so you do after all.

This, of course, leaving only one group bare in its shameful bigotry: the poor and middle-class whites who cannot afford escape from the Fergusons and La Razas. It is their impotent complaints over dissolving social capital and predations to cherished offspring that sends “good school” liberals into rapturous marathons of moral masturbation. They’re racist, and I’m not…ohhhhhh yes!

Though in the after-glow one would think they might succumb to circumspection long enough to wonder why a treat so delicious has to be shoved down the throat. Maybe then they could answer…

good school


10 thoughts on “Down Your Throat With a Plunger: That’s How Good It Is

  1. It’s the key question I keep hoping someone will put to the pro-diversity types:

    If diversity is so great, why does it have to be imposed?

    • Their answer is the same in regards to other coercive measures like health reform: because Americans are ignorant ideologues who do not act in their best interest and need a good nudge. Take your medicine.

      Spoke with a very liberal man the other day who earns his income tax free salary in New Hampshire and bought a new house right over the border in low property tax Massachusetts. Very proud and no cognitive dissonance.

  2. My sister lives in a place, which is only 65% white. (It was a normal working class neighborhood before where my brother in law lived when he was younger). They have had to move there for a bigger home that is affordable right now with the new addition to the family. Coincidentally?, this area is also high crime and certainly not a place I would like to walk at night.

    Anyway – the neighbors, a somalian couple with 2 children were talking to us about a recent crime in the neighborhood when I visited, (2 men exchanging drugs in day light outside of my sister’s front room window), and said that they do not worry about where they live, because they intend to send their children to a “Muslim” school. Yes seriously. So basicaly, even those who are the minority want to stay to their minority. They clearly do not want diversity in their schools, if they prefer to send their children to schools with exclusively Muslim children.

    They stick together, they probably think the whites will pollute their children, ironicaly. Just as, even the white liberals who are voting liberal and to bring all of the immigrants in to Europe, also naturally want to live in areas among their own – and send their children to school with those of their own kind.

    The fact is, that as much as people have tried to say diversity is good, they still naturally seperate. That is why you have ghettos of all the Pakistanis, ghettos of gypsies, ghettos of blacks etc. These also tend to be high crime areas. If diversity was going to work in a grande scale, it would mean that we would all intergrate, but that has not happened yet. Why? Because the white liberals do not want to live in those areas, and the ethnic minorities also want to stay among their own. If it were a condition for those voting liberal who want practically open borders, that they go to live in a ghetto, and send their children to schools with those children, they would probably think harder about their vote. Instead, it is the hard working, working class people who have to live in communities, in their own countries, where they are a minority, and their children are minorities in schools.

    • But overall – I do not feel the ethnic minorities/ immigrants can be blamed. If for some bizarre reason, you and I decided to move to Africa, would we live in a African neighborhood, or in a European community there, if give the choice? Of course we would choose that which is familiar to us. We would feel more safe with, what is familiar. That is what these immigrants are doing, they are staying with their own, a completely natural decision.

      The problem is, the ones on their high horse (the liberals) want to say it is ok, diversity is good, but you poor people who can not afford our rich white only areas, you go to live in the diversity, not us. You, school your children with them. It is hypocrisy.

      • No, it’s not hypocrisy, any more than it is hypocrisy when a soldier in a war trains his weapons on the enemy soldier and not on himself.

        That’s what it is. It’s war.

      • If these minorities like to stay among their own so much then why don’t they stay in their own countries?

  3. Diversity is intrinsically good.

    So my mom told me as a kid. My parents were true believers so I went to a 50% mud school. And all the whites there were liberals.

    I remember telling my parents before I became political “blacks and Mexicans are more racist than anyone” This was shrugged off.

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