It Was a Very Good Decade

To choose one’s victims, to prepare one’s plans minutely, to slake an implacable vengeance, and then to go to bed – there is nothing sweeter in the world.
–Uncle Joe

There are moments when one can recline with the satisfaction of knowing it has all converged. When the view pans from seemingly disparate threads to reveal a resplendent whole. This is one of those moments. When immigration, integration, feminism, liberalism, ethnic cleansing, miscegenation, indoctrination, and massive inter-group wealth transfers combine into one beautiful metric. View it with the joyful tears of malevolence: the number of white children in America is cratering.





That’s a very large number in the first graphic. Maintain one similar for a few additional generations and liberalism will perish serene in its achievement. In other times and places this would be properly observed as a national emergency. It would be reflected upon by highest office and remediated with no spared expense. If occurring to another race, it would be a cause for mobilization to rectify. But as stands, it is simply cause for crowing.

So bear that crowing in mind when next you suffer the disingenuous denial of any ludicrous “anti-white conspiracy.” It’s not a conspiracy. It’s open. It’s occurring. It’s celebrated. Do you think warfare only takes place under the arc of mortar shells?

Some items of completely unrelated interest:

Microsoft vows to hire no more white men.

Another white Bosnian attacked in STL.

A man named Lowenstein demands UN sanctions against Oz for not submerging her people quickly enough.

$182 million taxpayer dollars doesn’t lodge nearly as many Amerind aliens as it used to.

And lastly, go form your families on this graph.



40 thoughts on “It Was a Very Good Decade

  1. Kak,

    An associate of mine asked if it were true that jewish men allowed their womyn to walk all over them. I answered a hearty yes, especially in regards to the american cohort.

    I am curious as to your opinion on the source of the jews gender and political dysfunction.

    Yours, Cad

    • That surprises me, I thought it would be opposite, I thought the Jews were a very traditionalist people, and paying attention to how they are told they must be. For example, the Talmud Laws of Menstruation. Many modern people would consider that very misogynist, and “backward”. (We have the same in our culture – menstruating women should not go in the Church). Have you ever heared of the menstrual slap? Many in Greek culture observe that tradition, and I believe it is actually coming from the Jews. Many parts of the Greek culture in regards to how women are supposed to be behave would be thought as backward to many westerners, I think, and I thought the Jews were the same.

      That is why I am very surprised that you say the jewish men allow their women to “walk all over them”. I am intrigued. Could you elaborate?

      • Interesting…I am surprised you are surprised!

        1. Most American jews vote for the Democratic Party, which is feminist.
        2. I have noticed a substantial difference between American and Israeli/old country jews. Israeli jews are much more macho on average.
        3. Every girl in the US I have dated has stated that I “don’t come off like a normal ‘nice’ jewish boy.” There is a stereotype which is warranted in the US that jewish men will do anything for their women. The idea of a modern jewish american man slapping his daughter or being anything other than subservient to his wife is an alien concept in many quarters.
        4. Elite US universities which are heavily leftist are disproportionately attended by jews. The flagship US jewish university is Brandeis, which is overrun with social justice warriors, muslims, wealthy chinese, and feminists.
        5. Modern US jews view the talmud like liberals view the constitution: a hurdle to social justice to be interpreted as needed, not strictly followed.

      • dastardlyrake, thank you. That is fascinating. Are you a Jew? I am sorry I do not know much about the American Jews, (I am Greek Cypriot).

        From what you are saying, it sounds like something happens to the Jews once they are in America to turn them in to leftists. My opinion of Jews here is quite the opposite to what you are describing.

        For example, just some weeks ago I was traveling to Gatwick airport, and I saw a group of Jews wearing all black, and the men with braids at the front of their hair with the women and children walking behind them. That is always how I recognise a Jew, I really would not have idea that a man is a Jew if he were wearing gentile clothing. They look like conservative people who stick together and stay to their own culture. It seems Jews in America are totally different.

        “The idea of a modern jewish american man slapping his daughter or being anything other than subservient to his wife is an alien concept in many quarters.”

        The menstrual slap, is a slap you get from your father or mother when you get your first period. It is basicaly to slap “sense” in to a girl who is now fertile, warning her to not bring shame to the family. (By becoming pregnant out of wed lock). Others in my culture say it is to bring the redness to a woman’s face so she will know the sting of shame if she brings shame to her family. You can read about it here.
        Many in villages here, do this in our culture, (I will not do it to my future daughters), but it is coming from Jewish culture. And I always thought, that is a little barbaric and misogynist.. and that the Jewish culture must be that way.

        I suppose American Jews are very different to real Jews, if they do not actually believe in the Jewish Law or follow the culture.

      • “Modern US jews view the talmud like liberals view the constitution: a hurdle to social justice to be interpreted as needed, not strictly followed.”

        So surely, they are not really Jews any more? If I did not believe in Christ anymore, I will not still be Christian just because I am born to Christians, yes? If they do not believe in the Jewish Law.. they become just regular Atheists of Ashkenazi/sephardic/whatever descent, yes? I would not call a Greek Atheist a “Orthodox” person. Why are Jews, always Jews even when they do not believe in the Law?

      • “Why are jews still jews when they don’t believe in the law?”

        For the same reason socialist americans still call themselves americans: they enjoy the scenery, are masters at linguistic obfuscation and delusionment, and believe that what they are doing is pragmatic and best for everyone.

      • Mostly curious what your experience is hanging around the far right. Your people have destroyed western society and are slowly killing us (whites). You must have some cognitive dissonance as they say. The Jews are the left.

        If I was a Jew…things would be simple for me, I’d move to Israel and join the IDF.

      • I am genetically only half a jew. My jewish grandfather was quite patriotic and in today’s world would be considered conservative. My non jewish grandfather was very far right and was the first person to speak to me about fundamentalist islam.

        I became right wing during college and started a right wing student organization on a very left wing campus. I debated even the mainstream conservative student organizations because once I was on the right it became obvious what a farce the softball conservatives were.

        I have no cognitive dissonance because I don’t agree with the brunt of what american jews believe in or do.

        I have met many israeli jews who are vocal advocates of the US and who are more conservative than many conservative native born Americans like Mccain’s daughter. Where I grew up there is a solid cohort of conservative jews as well…vietnam veterans and fathers of jewish marines.

        As for the IDF…if I were to join a military it would be in the US.

    • DR, I don’t know enough about jewish sexual relations to comment. And as for political dysfunction, they’ve amassed enormous power in the West, extraordinarily so relative to numbers. It’s the sort of dysfunction I wish our movement was saddled by.

    • It became necessary to destroy the town in order to save it…white genocide will save America…

      People learn nothing from old lies. You can keep recycling the same one and get away with it. provided it’s in a liberal cause this time round.

  2. Re. the minority percent of child population map: at least it gives us a clue about where *not* to raise a white family in 21st Century America. If you live in Hawaii, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia or Maryland, all states where white children are already a minority, then it’s probably time to move.

    The best way to reject mass immigration, multiculturalism and a majority-minority population is to move to where they ain’t. White kids still make up more than 75% of the under-18 population in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Kentucky, West Virginia, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

    Of course this is not a permanent solution because the black and brown tidal wave continues to wash over more and more states. But it can buy today’s white families some valuable time; time to turn the immigration taps off once and for all and/or start plotting secession strategies for the few remaining whitopian states.

    I’m not very confident of either of those scenarios ever coming to pass, but there’s always the possibility that at least parts of White America can be salvaged. If not, then what? Mass migration to Eastern Europe? Patagonia? Or — really thinking outside the box here — terraforming Antarctica? Honky homeland on the moon? Whitemanistan on Mars? I give up…

    • I don’t think flight is the answer, unless as a temporary measure, while awaiting to take back one’s country. Europe probably looks good to Americans, but its people are being replaced, like their cousins in the New World – and much faster. Nearly two centuries into its existence as a republic, the US was still 90 per cent white. But the powers that be have decided that neither Americans nor Europeans may have their own homelands, and they’re being replaced at much the same rate in both places over the last few decades.

  3. Check out how white Europe is compared to the United States:

    Every single European country is more than 80% white (except for tiny Cyprus–waves to Agapoula), and the vast majority are more than 90% white. I think that the author probably undercounted gypsies somewhat, and while Albanian and Bosnian Muslims may be white they are certainly problematic. Other than those minor quibbles I think his numbers are spot on.

    A possible future white refuge could be a 14 nation bloc in Eastern Europe: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus. This huge area (not much smaller than the US east of the Mississippi) has about 170 million people, at least 97% of whom are white and less than 1% Muslim. Plus there are almost no Jews left there. It’s perfect!

    But will they take us all in? Aye, there’s the rub.

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  5. This may seem like a stupid question, and maybe it has to do with the fact that I am young and inexperienced. I have a low end, menial job at a supermarket. Does that count in the labor force participation rate?

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  7. You’re going to run from that?
    If you’re going to run from that there’s no safe place on earth for you.
    Really…just kill yourselves. And no..don’t have children.

    Yes I’m white, male and not even racist. But you’re going to run FROM THAT?
    Don’t Run. Die. You’re weak, and poisoning our blood.

    OTOH you could stand and fight. It’s easier than you think, and certainly easier than crawling from hole to hole.

    I’ve lived in Europe [MIL]. If you become refugees to Europe and are among the fortunate few allowed in, if Europe somehow rights herself your children will be dumpster diving and whoring for scraps of food. They’re not American on the subject of charity or strangers. White won’t get you jack shit.

  8. My comments will be awaiting moderation until the crack of doom.

    OR could form into small groups of trusted MEN for your own defense.
    And you could develop a 1 word vocabulary: NO. You only have to say it once [it’s polite]. Then stand and back it up.
    Get your own Gang, and call it the new politics. Because it is.

    Because there is no running for Americans. There’s no place for us to go.

  9. By the way – this is a debt driven resource war for control of America’s resources. They are running out of time, money and must take resources of America under total control to survive. By debt I mean actual debt of $205T [CBO/AFS 2013] and Derivatives of $691T [DTCC 6/14]. That’s why they need us gone, we’re in the way. If they didn’t hate us racially they’d have to learn to.

    If it encourages you – they’ve completely lost the trust and any vestigial loyalty of their armed forces, police, veterans, intelligence community. All the dramas surrounding them are their retarded way of trying to assert control – by witch-hunting and investigating, getting letters of consent from local departments, etc.

    And the non-overthinking members of the American majority are arming at arms race speed.

    I think if you ask around and reach out you’ll find out there are still men about.

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