I’m Not Gay No More!

I recall exclaiming those words as if it were yesterday.

But first, do you realize how alien is this means of communication to our innate psychology? We share deeply held positions of advocacy–often personal, often passionate–with what we assume are kindred human beings, and not some AI Turing Tests. Yet we are evolved for personal interaction. We are wired to incorporate the extensive array of meta-communications that are incumbent to any physical dialogue. Because communication in proximity is exactly what we are designed to conduct.

In comparison, the cobweb is nourishment by synthetic protein paste–we can technically process the ingredients, though lose much in digestion. And like the sensations from phantom limbs, our minds seek to accommodate the absence by infill. We need this data stream to form a holistic communication package. Thus we subconsciously form impressions of those with whom we electronically interact.

Without conscious thought we form images of appearance, age, dress, and mannerisms–all from nothing more than the arrangement of hate-filled text. Certainly my mind does. Every person who has commented here with sufficient persistence has generated some vague mental imagery. I’ll tell any who are curious of theirs–if you can handle the truth. Though, of course, with so little upon which to premise these impressions, they tend to spray wildly off target from reality. Much like a marksman hip-firing his rifle from 100 yards rather than aiming down the sight.

And with that preamble concluded, I will wager that very few of you realized how very gay I am. And that is because your mental impressions are sometimes not at all inaccurate. Though still if I had once been gay, I would be no longer. And the reason for this return migration to normalcy is because I would have travelled to a black religious revival, where a sonorous, resplendent African witch doctor would re-orient my sexuality on the spot. And the most pleasant aspect of all is that the SJW anti-Christian, pro-homo cacophony would suddenly be stilled into bitter tongue-biting silence. Do you really want to criticize this…bigots?

And just as I did so long ago, in a period of life I like to call last Thursday, this young man speaks verbatim of his sexual salvation.

I am delivert!
I don’t like men…no more!
I said I like women.
I’m not gay!
I would not date a man!
I would not care a purse!
I would not put on makeup!
I wull! I will!
A women.

And as quickly as Anderson Cooper can rupture a hemorrhoid, he transitions from homo to hetero. That’s all it required. So while the left expends a portion of its bountiful venom sacs in excoriating conversion therapy techniques, we can plainly see that this particular version is indisputably successful. Or perhaps the SJWs would like to whitesplain to these parishioners that they, and the ameliorated subject of their ministrations, are culturally and intellectually deficient pseudo-savages who may as well be yammering at the baobab tree for what good it will do. Either that is the case or the American-African conversion therapy we have just witnessed is actually a demonstrable success. One of the two is the answer. And “Fckh8” isn’t a choice.

* Video found at a place of indescribable evil.


16 thoughts on “I’m Not Gay No More!

      • It is ironic because when I wrote last comment some hours ago, I was thinking to myself – I wonder how he looks. 🙂 .
        I pictured him as a upper class American in his 60’s, smart and enjoys fine wines. Probably handsome, with grey hair. Married with no children.

        I have also “pictured” anti gnostic and a few of the others who comment here. It is quite fun. 🙂 .

      • And this specific brand of Christianity makes me cringe. :/ . God have mercy. I trust that their intention is well but it really does make mockery of true Christianity.

    • Obviously the programming regimen is demonstrably successful in most subjects. So anyone reading a site like this in their tender 20s is an iconoclast. That’s a given. Relatedly, I’d guess you’re also quiet and intense with a very small circle of friends. Neat, in-shape, and not a player of the Kim Kardashian mobile game.

  1. Witch Doctors and Savages…… this is what we in the South deal with on a daily basis. They sit on our city councils, they’re the chiefs of our police and fire departments, they’re the mayors of our cities.Yet whites can do nothing but sit back and watch as these vile, obscene and ignorant savages destroy our culture and society.

    • I grew up in a very white area up north. Of course, thanks to indoctrination in school, I believed that blacks were kindly, downtrodden angels without wings, whose every pathology was due to white racism and the legacy of slavery. Then I moved to a majority black city and started to have daily interactions with them. I began to question my beliefs. I joined the military, and had to work under, and supervise, blacks. My doubts grew. When I moved to the south and saw black culture in all its glory. I finally came to the conclusion that Jim Crow existed for a very good reason.

      For what its worth, on behalf of my ancestors, I am sorry.

      • Your apology is accepted and very much appreciated. However, you’re no more responsible for the actions of your ancestor’s invasion of the South than I am for mine owning slaves. I hope we’ve learned from their mistakes, my ancestor’s mistake was bringing them here in the first place and yours was freeing them to rob, rape and murder their former masters. The Great Emancipator held some very interesting opinions concerning the Negro which are rarely discussed in today’s PC schools.

        “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races – that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people….”

        “I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I, as much as any other man, am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.”

        Abraham Lincoln

      • Wealthy businessmen imported slaves for cheap labor to benefit The Economy (their own).

        Because every generation is smarter than those that preceded it, every lesson must be relearned by those that follow.

  2. “I said I like women.

    Well, I can certainly agree with the sentiment, if not precisely with the manner in which it was articulated. I well recall having a similar epiphany when I was about thirteen. I think that seeing Raquel Welch in “Kansas City Bomber” had something to do with it.

  3. Can you feel the lord inside you sister!?

    NAIROBI, Kenya (CBSDC/AP) – A local pastor has ordered all women who attend service at Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church to refrain from wearing undergarments while attending so that they can more easily receive the spirit of Jesus Christ.

    The Kenyan Daily Post is reporting that a pastor identified only as “Reverend Njohi” claimed bras and underwear are not godly. Additionally, the paper says Njohi wants women who attend service at the church to be “free,” and that there would be consequences for those who do not comply.

    According to the UK Metro, most women did, in fact, show up at the church, located in the eastern suburb of Dandora, the following Sunday without any undergarments on under their clothing.

    Welcome to our blog of The Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church. Free yourselves while reading girls.

    • Perhaps we should hope that more Negroes choose a homosexual lifestyle. There are two potential benefits from this……… firstly, there will less of them born for us to support and secondly, many will be removed from the gene pool by natural selection………AIDS. The only disadvantage would be the exorbitant cost of healthcare which the “gubment” will foist upon the white taxpayer. However, the cost of healthcare would be a small price to pay to rid ourselves of these parasites.

      • I’m pretty sure that blacks are more “r-selecting,” so it would not be accurate to project Hollywood’s homosexual archetype onto them as a group: they simply can’t pull it off. They will put their breeding fluid into as many holes as possible as often as possible. Whites evolved for future time orientation to prepare for winter and raise children to toil the farm in old age. Blacks, like mosquitoes, need to be ready to reproduce in a flurry so that when a big fat bloody host arrives, they can feast on the largesse.

  4. Religion can be a powerful validation of opinion. Not to get too ‘meta’ about faith, just remarking that spiritual belief goes a long way toward disproving your lying eyes. I’d like to see a similar service with whites where they proclaim a dumpy virgin beta to be gay, by the glory of God, then have a bunch of pew-sitters join him in celebratory jig at the prospect of his lost involuntary celibacy. Just shout whatever you want, then pretend God agrees with you.

    Check out this guy’s unwavering belief!

  5. There’s a good chance he’ll renege on his “not gay no more” promise if he ever finds himself sharing a prison cell with a white weakling half his size. Don’t speak to soon, as they say in Ferguson.

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